Next-Gen LEAF, Super Fast Charging, Record Breaking EV– TEN Future Car News 5/19/2017

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Weekly show about future cars and future car technology. This week news about: Teaser – Nissan teases next-generation LEAF pic ahead of launch later this year (
Dropping Diesel – Crediting Tesla, Volvo said current diesel engines will be its last, and will focus on electric vehicles from now on. (
Tunneled – Elon Musk releases teaser video of Boring Company sled on prototype track (
Single Seat – Electra Meccanica readying itself for launch in a few weeks (
Super-Fast – StoreDot demonstrates super-fast electric vehicle battery charging technology (
Unexciting? – Toyota CEO says shift to EVs will cost money and may lack excitement (
Ousted – Elon Musk fires head of Grohmann Engineering over concerns relating to the company’s legacy clients (
Sibling Rivalry – … Read More