Junkyard Buggati Chiron Rescue – Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 | Ep. 17

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Here is part two to the pretty sweet Chiron build. I think it come out incredible. I really loved the finished look of it and happy I can add it to the garage list!

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California License Plates 1905-1913

California License Plates 1905-1913

The State of California began requiring owners to register their vehicles in 1905. Doing so simplified law enforcement and generated revenue that could be used to improve road conditions and almost 5,000 registration numbers were issued that first year. To register a vehicle, the owner sent a request to Sacramento and paid a one dollar fee then waited for the state to send back a metal tag with a unique number. It then became the owner’s responsibility to make (or have made) a license plate bearing the number to mount on their vehicle. Most plates were handcrafted out of readily available materials such as leather or wood. Others were professionally made by specialized firms. California’s only requirement was that the plate be black and white. There were no restrictions on size or placement.

1905 (top) – Passenger vehicle / Nickel plated brass
Before California began issuing license plates, each individual … Read More