Volkswagen Sedric (self-driving car) global debut at the Geneva Auto Show

The Volkswagen Group redefines individual mobility.

The company is the first automobile manufacturer to present an integrated mobility concept for mobility of thefuturein road traffic, including a Concept Car developed from scratch for autonomous driving.

Sedric (self-driving car) provides a concrete insight into this innovative form of individual mobility that can be used by everyone, but which can nevertheless be geared to personal needs and aspirations – available at the touch of a button, easy, sustainable, convenient, and safe. The first Concept Car from the Volkswagen Group is a cross-brand ideas platform. The Volkswagen Group is using Sedric to highlight the major importance of fully automated driving in the future strategy of the company.

The Volkswagen Group has always democratized individual mobility in many countries of the world with its brands. The company will also make advanced technology and safety available for all with its new mobility concept. The Concept … Read More