Braman Motorcars Magazine Cover Photo Behind the Scenes

Check out the exclusive behind the scenes look from the Braman Motorcars magazine cover shoot in beautiful Palm Beach, FL. You’ll be dazzled by the stunningly beautiful landscape, and even more beautiful Celine Pelofi, Braman’s very own brand ambassador – but don’t take your eyes off these luxury cars for …

Seat Belts – Safety, Regulations, and Controversy

Saving Lives

Seatbelts are one of the most common mechanisms used to protect drivers and passengers in the case of an automobile collision. Fortunately for drivers, statistics show that, despite being reliably 'low-tech,' seatbelts are a very effective layer of protection, saving an estimated 9,500 lives every year. On the …

used cars (56)

used cars (56)

used cars
lincoln navigator
hyundai elantra
ford f-150
honda civic-sedan
dodge nitro

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