Automobile Chassis and Suspension – Part 1 – Magic Marks

This video explain the whole concept of automobile chassis and suspension and also explain the types of chasis in first part of video. The Video content is a copyright of Dragonfly Masterclass, an education company providing animated & visual based courseware to engineering institutions.

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Ford Model A Type 82B Closed Cab Pick-Up 1930 (8265)

Ford Model A Type 82B Closed Cab Pick-Up 1930 (8265)

Manufacturer: Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, Michigan – U.S.A.
Type: Model A Type 82B Closed Cab Pick-Up Truck
Engine: 3236cc straight-4
Power: 39 bhp / 2.200 rpm
Speed: 97 km/h
Production time: 1927 – 1932
Production output: 4,849,340 (all A’s)
Curb weight: 1020 kg
Load capacity: 675 kg

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CDI Ignition and Motorcycle Parts: What You Need To Know

Understanding the basic parts and components of your motorcycle is vital to help the owner take proper care of it and ensure that their bike is working efficiently at all times. CDI ignition, motorcycle stator, and any other motorcycle parts might appear too complex for beginners. Take the time to …