Centennial College: Automotive Service Technician – Apprenticeship Program

Centennial College‚Äôs mission is to directly connect students to jobs, and its Apprenticeship programs are some of the most direct ways to accomplish this. One such program is Centennial College’s Automotive Service Technician Apprenticeship program, where students both learn in the classroom and work in an auto repair shop to …

How to Put a V8 Motor in a Corvair

Sometimes a challenge is just that and no more. Not practical maybe but fun nonetheless. I owned at the time, a small shop repair shop where I would tinker with cars and motorcycles and make a few dollars as well. One afternoon during a bull session with some buddies, one …

used cars (10)

used cars (10)

used cars
lincoln navigator
hyundai elantra
ford f-150
honda civic-sedan
dodge nitro

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