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73 Chevrolet Caprice (Bethlehem Police Car) (1994) (2)

73 Chevrolet Caprice (Bethlehem Police Car) (1994) (2)

Chevrolet Caprice (1991-96) Engine 5700cc V8
CHEVROLET SET[email protected]/sets/72157623638181561…
The fourth geneeration Caprice, introduced in 1991 was completely restyled, replacing the third generations rectilinear design with rounded, more aerodynamic sheetmetal. While the body and interior were all new, excluding the Anti-Lock Braking System — the chassis and powertrain were carried over from April 1990.and several major components (including the floor pan) are entirely interchangeable between 1977 and 1996.
The new styling received a luke warm reception, which hit sales figures. For 1993 there were some revisions, the most obvious being the removal of the skirted rear wheel wells on the Sedans while the Estates retained their skirted wheels
n 1994 the Caprice received the new-generation GM engines, including an optional detuned version of the Corvette’s LT1 350 cu in engie of 260bhp.
The standard engine in all sedans, including the 9C1 police cars, was the 200 hp L99 263 (4.3 … Read More

Designated Third Party (D3P) – The Key to SEC Audit Success and Increasing Customer Confidence

Hands down, this is most confusing aspect of data compliance. Yet failing to assign a D3P can result in SEC audit failure or cause serious damage to a firms reputation.

For small broker-dealer firms with limited time and budgets, finding the best partner to assist them with their D3P needs can be a daunting task. They need to choose a provider that can help them achieve these requirements effectively – choosing the wrong D3P can cause unnecessary burden and quickly increase the overall cost of data compliance.

Answering the Big Questions about the Designated Third Party (D3P):

1. What is the broker-dealer’s responsibility in choosing a data compliance partner as their D3P?
• It is critical that the broker-dealer establish a relationship with a third party that has the ability to provide the SEC (or other securities regulators) with independent access to their retained electronic records and information.

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