Grazia | 2015 Mercedes Sprinter Conversion by Lexani Motorcars

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Can’t decide between a bench and a bed in your Sprinter? No problem, Lexani Motorcars’ latest Sprinter, the Grazia, has both–and a closet.


Tribute To Harley Earl

Tribute To Harley Earl

One of his crowning achievments…. the 1957 Cadillac convertible.

from Wikipedia:
"He is remembered as the first styling chief in the US automobile industry, the originator of clay modeling of automotive designs, the wraparound windshield, the hardtop sedan, factory two-tone paint, and tail-fins. He said in 1954, "My primary purpose …

Adjusting Your Car Headlights – You Can Do it in 7 Easy Steps

You don’t have to bring your car to a repair shop every time you need to adjust your ford car headlights. You will just spend money doing that. The truth is you can do this task on your own. Some little knowledge about adjusting car headlights will be of help …

Scrap Mechanic | ГИДРА ИЗ ГТА 5!

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Обзор свежих построек из workshop’a за неделю! Самолет “Гидра” из гта 5, автобус, аттракцион, паровоз и другое!

Scrap Mechanic это креативный симулятор-песочница, в котором вы можете строить различные механизмы: машины, ракеты, самолеты, вездеходы, роботов и т.д.

Самолет Гидра:
Автобус (Bus):

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used cars (29)

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