Statistics Of Automobile Industry In India | Hyderabad | V6 News

Due to the economic hike experienced by the Automobile industry in India between 2014 and 2016, the establishment succeeded to achieve certain targets and the implement the requisite policies. According to the experts, Automobile sectot is contributing all amounting greater than 10 percent of the national GDP to the national economy.

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Grand Theft Auto Glasgae Style

Grand Theft Auto Glasgae Style

As posted before here on Flickr ( we were burgled last weekend while we slept in our beds. The thieves broke in and stole a few small items(a kindle, an iPod and my Manfrotto tripod with star-gazing binoculars mounted on it) but also pinched our keys and drove off with both of our cars. The main car was a family Vauxhall Zafira 7-seater spattered in crisp crumbs and dried milk stains. The other was my clapped out 13yr old Skoda Fabia with 90,000miles on the clock sqealing brakes and a rakish dent in the front wing! Even the police looked embarassed for us stating "They’ve not exactly been stolen ‘to order’! " I still find it amusing that they would pinch the Skoda! It’s hardly ‘Vin Diesel’ is it? Coincidentally 3nights earlier I happened to take the only photos of that car that I ever took while I was up … Read More

Is It Better to Play With Automatic Shuffler or Hand Shuffle?

I can tell you that if given the choice of playing at a casino with an automatic shuffler or one that does not is a no brainer for me. I am going to choose the one with the automatic shuffler every time. The one major exception would be the WSOP in Las Vegas. During the WSOP they have hundreds of tables going at the same time at the Rio and I’m sure it’s just not cost effective to put a shuffler in everyone of those tables. You really see the difference in the speed of the game when the dealer is doing the shuffling as opposed to the automatic shuffler.

Cash Games vs. Tournies

Most casinos on the strip in Las Vegas all have the automatic shuffler for cash games. It is in the casino’s best interest to invest in the machine because it pays for itself in the long … Read More