The History of the Automobile


I made this video for my grade 10 business ISU (basically end-of-the-semester project) a long time ago.

Feel free to notify me if any of the information is invalid.

This video should not be used as research for your own project; you’re better off finding a more credible source. This is for entertainment purposes.

Thanks for watching!

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Popular Cost Effective Alternatives to Metal Stamping

In the context of metal forming, the process of metal stamping comprises of several different press forming operations such as punching, bending, flanging, coining, blanking etc. For a sheet or tube of metal to be made useful, it needs to be formed. These processes have been in use for several decades and have evolved with the emergence of newer techniques over the years. Despite this, there are certain drawbacks associated with stamping that tend to delay or adversely affect commercial or industrial projects.

For instance, the biggest challenge is investment in tooling systems. The entire set-up requires a significant capital investment, the cost of which is passed on directly to customers. Another aspect to consider would be production volume. Most companies that cater to industrial players often find it difficult to cater to small production volumes. Even if they do agree to deliver a limited batch, the cost per part … Read More