Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile – the “Concept IAA” – Mercedes-Benz original

The Mercedes-Benz “Concept IAA” – Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile – is two cars in one: an aerodynamics world champion with a Cd value of 0.19 and a four-door coupé embodying irresistible design. The study, which is celebrating its world premiere at the Frankfurt International Motor Show, switches automatically from design mode to aerodynamic mode when the vehicle reaches a speed of 80 km/h, whereby numerous aerodynamics measures alter the shape of the vehicle. Inside, the “Concept IAA” continues the design line of the S-Class and S-Class Coupé, offers new touch-based functions and provides an idea of what the interior of a business saloon might look like in the near future. Find out more about the “Concept IAA” on

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1982 Rolls Royce Camargue

1982 Rolls Royce Camargue

What you’re looking at here is the Rolls Royce Camargue, very much the Rolls Royce that time forgot. What can you even say about it? It’s one of the most iconic automotive failures in history, and certainly a car that Rolls Royce fans are always very quick to wince at when I mention it at RREC conventions.

So where did this curious car come from? To truly understand this mighty machine you need to go back to 1969, where a massive change in the image and style of the world was starting to hold sway. In the world of autos, the curvature of the 1950’s and early 60’s was giving way to the angles of the 1970’s, the decade that gave us the ‘Wedge’ sportsers and boxy saloon cars.

Rolls Royce, who at this point were building three cars, the Phantom VI, the Silver Shadow, and the Silver Shadow Two-Door … Read More

Advantages of Buying Used Ford Fiesta Cars

Consider buying a second hand Ford car? Tired with your old ride and wants to shift to a performance level vehicle? Are you somehow limiting your budget but would still want to go for Ford? These are probably few of the questions you might get yourself thinking. If you prefer a vehicle equipped with the latest features then you might want to consider getting a used Ford Fiesta car.

There are several benefits a used Ford car can offer you. One of which is the convenience of getting it from any dealer. Most of these used cars are made available in automobile stores, online dealers and Ford direct markets.

Second advantage is its affordability. As compared to other brands, Ford cars are more reasonable. Their prices are within everybody’s means and can be considered an economical investment. Worry not because there are several dealers that offer loan schemes allowing customer … Read More