Tri Chevy Association July 2013 meeting
Saturday, July 13, 2013
1:00 Tour / 2:30 Meeting
Hot Rod Barn, 6245 Seneca Rd., Morris, Illinois
815-941-9551 www.thehotrodbarn.com

The Hot Rod Barn is your one-stop shop for all your automotive needs. With their
22,000 square foot facility, it can offer the full range of custom automotive services
from simple detailing to frame off restorations.
There is no job that The Hot Rod Barn can’t handle, including concept and design,
painting, graphics, chassis and suspension fabrication, media blasting, machine
work, and installation of performance parts and accessories.
The Hot Rod Barn’s fully equipped shops, knowledgeable technicians and skilled
staff can handle any project you bring to us, from restoring classic cars, high
performance race cars, street machines, vintage classics, performance cars,
motorcycles, hot rods, and much more. Anything from complete rebuilds to minor
repair jobs. We keep an inventory of all of the top parts from the best
manufacturers in the business.
Thanks to Bruce Hetfleisch for setting up this meeting.
After the meeting we will caravan to Morris for their July cruise night.


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