The Ford Fiesta Entices Buyers Who Might Otherwise Focus on Previously Owned Cars

Many first-time buyers still opt for previously owned cars and trucks, and that can certainly be advisable. Thanks to the impressive reliability so typical of vehicles turned out in the last couple of decades, many pre-owned cars deliver a great deal of value to their owners. For those looking to make a first new-vehicle purchase, plenty of cost-effective and affordable options await. A quick look at the prices of cars aimed at budget-focused buyers will make it clear that value is far from being the sole domain of used vehicles.

Ford’s highly regarded Fiesta, for example, makes this point plainly in a number of different configurations. As a compact hatchback that provides a good deal of interior space in every trim, the Fiesta is a practical choice for many younger buyers and small families. It also comes in well below several obvious competitors in terms of price point, whether by beating out in its similarly upgraded form options like the Volkswagen Polo GTI or doing the same to the Suzuki Swift Sport in its most basic configuration.

The naturally aspirated 1.6-liter engine that powers the base model of the Fiesta will not necessarily set any driver’s pulse racing, but neither does it leave the car lagging behind others of its class. The upgraded versions of the Fiesta that adds a turbocharger to that engine turn out to be quite a bit more exciting, while still remaining affordable enough that the addition does not feel like an excessive or pointless indulgence.

Every version of the Fiesta also handles well, with many reviewers praising it as a close cousin to Ford’s legendary Focus in this respect. That is true both of driving under prime conditions at the local racetrack and with navigating slick, rain-soaked roads, a fact that adds another dimension to the upgraded Fiesta’s successful fusion of practicality and performance.

As a result of these accomplishments and many others, the various versions of the Fiesta have a lot to offer to buyers who might otherwise incline toward purchasing a previously owned vehicle of a different class. With Ford doing such an excellent job of making this case, even buyers who seek the most value for their investments will want to have a look.