NEW AUTO TRAPPER! MAx level auto Trapper Vs Mothership Vs Arena closer (

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Do you like the auto trapper new updated trapper tanks? MAx level auto trapper Trapper Vs Mothership Vs Arena closer (
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I played with all the new updated tanks in with the new Trapper tanks on mothership Mode vs the Immortal Arena closer with some awesome Motership Battle and auto Trapping the Arena closer and Mothership. The new update brought 5 new trapping tanks to allow more teamplay in Gameplay with the max level auto Trapper new tank Update and some effective traps on Domination.

This new update also brought the new tag game mode in A brand new gamemode tag! Tag Mode NEW EPIC GAMEMODE! Full informations + Best Tanks IN IT | Auto Trapper ( HOW TO GET NEW TRAPPER AUTO TANK ?? DIEP.IO

This new Tank is Really good and new best tank for teamplay. This is one of my favorite to defend the mothership Also I like the Necromancer, Overlord and Invincible Tank Stalker is fun to troll with. After the new update they added in 5 new tanks that branches of the sniper. team dm became an entire spawn wall brand New Update with No More Spawn Camping/Trapping and 5 new amazing tanks is the Best Update Ever. They also buffed a few tanks like the necromancer and nerfed the overlord. Please don’t use hack or mods you can get banned. I hope you enjoyed. Please watch my other videos for some Trolling and Funny moments 🙂 Thanks for all the Love and Support 😀

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The average age of a vehicle on U.S. roads today is a record 11.4 years

The average age of a vehicle on U.S. roads today is a record 11.4 years

People have been replacing cars and trucks they kept through the recession and the slow recovery. The average age of a vehicle on U.S. roads today is a record 11.4 years.

Chrysler finished 2013 with a 9 percent sales increase, posting its best annual numbers in six years as the auto industry’s recovery hit full stride. The company said Friday that it sold just over 1.8 million cars and trucks last year, up from 1.65 million a year earlier, led by record global sales of Jeep brand vehicles. The strong numbers from Chrysler are a sign that automakers closed out 2013 on a good note. Industry analysts estimate sales rose around 8 percent last year, to roughly 15.6 million. That would be the best year since 2007, when automakers used big discounts to sell 16.1 million vehicles. But the hearty growth rate is expected to slow in 2014. Auto sales have risen by more than a million vehicles per year since 2009, when just 10.4 million cars and trucks sold. But some analysts expect growth to slow to as little as 400,000 this year, with total sales around 16 million. That should be good news for shoppers: automakers likely will offer deals to protect or increase market share. For December, most analysts are predicting that Americans bought around 1.4 million new cars and trucks, the fourth-best month of the year, as consumers took advantage of year-end closeouts, low interest rates and sweet lease deals.

Chrysler sales gained 6 percent last month, with truck sales rising 15 percent and car sales down 17 percent. December is normally a strong month for truck sales nationwide. Jeep brand sales, led by the new Cherokee small SUV, rose 34 percent for the month. Chrysler sold just over 15,000 Cherokees in its second full month on the market. Jeep sales rose 34 percent in December and 3 percent for the year. Final numbers aren’t in, but Chrysler says Jeep sales worldwide in 2013 will surpass the 2012 record of 701,626.

Chrysler sold just over 161,000 cars and trucks in December, up from about 152,000 a year ago. Chrysler’s Jeep brand finished 2013 up 3 percent with more than 490,000 sales for the year. Jeep sales worldwide set a new record. Industry analysts expect a total US sales gain of about 4 percent in December and an annual gain of around 8 percent. Chrysler’s sales rose 9 percent for the year. But the industry growth rate is expected to slow in 2014 to around 3 percent.


Chrysler Group said its December sales were up 6% to 161,007 for the best December since 2007, the gain coming on the strength of its Jeep and Ram brands.

It was the automaker’s 45th consecutive month of year-over-year increases.

For all 2013, the maker hit 1,800,368, up 9% from 2012.

"A string of successful new product launches and updates has kept Chrysler Group on the upswing for nearly four years. The Jeep and Ram brands are leading …

Negotiate Like a Professional

Negotiating can be done in a professional manner that can increase customer satisfaction while helping to protect both parties’ interests.

Let’s first look at some of the problems that give negotiating a bad name and then look at the solutions. A lack of training in negotiating in the automotive industry has put sales people at a disadvantage. Usually, a sales person is taught how to negotiate in a learn-as-you-go method. Although all learning must be accomplished by doing, some preparation has to be done to make the learning experience more effective. All sales people and managers should go through a course on basic and advanced negotiating. Assuming that sales managers can automatically teach your sales people to negotiate professionally is asking for trouble. How did the managers learn to negotiate?

Sales people should be taught the expected procedures. I like to call these routing procedures. Routing procedures will define everyone’s responsibilities, from the moment a customer is greeted until they are delivered, including the necessary paperwork and who initiates what. Included in the routing procedures are items known as, black and white items. Black and white items are the things that should never vary at your dealership. These items are to be defined by your top management and can include such things as not quoting discounted prices on the lot or never low-balling on price.

Another source of problems in negotiating is the misuse of traditional negotiating techniques. The “higher authority technique” is a technique of always deferring to a higher authority for a decision. The technique is a solid negotiation tactic that has been run into the ground by automotive people. Having your sales people run to the manager more than once or twice in negotiations is a crime. Not giving the sales person any latitude or decision-making capability in negotiations leads to the yo-yo effect that creates mistrust in the sales person and customer.

When is the last time a sales person in your dealership was taught what to do when a customer asks for a lower down payment, lower payment, higher trade values or a reduction of the sales price. Most veteran sales people in dealerships all over the country could not verbally and written give you at least three or four steps to each one of the above objections without having to think or blink. How many objections in negotiation are there? Most objections fall into only a few categories. Have your sales people role played recently on those objections and the potential answer to them? Example: “Mr. Customer, we would be happy to lower your monthly budget $50 a month. Did you want to go 60 months instead of 48, or put $1,500 more cash investment, or look at the car with about $50 a month less in equipment, or look at a lease/Smart Buy program? Which would be best for you?” Whether you like my words or there are some others you prefer is not as important as having a way to handle the …

Aston Martin Vulcan viewing at Miller Motorcars

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Last weekend Miller Motorcars had a very special Aston Martin on display for only two days. This is the new race car called the Vulcan which is powered by a 7.0L 800hp V12 engine! Since it was Saturday and the weather was very nice for December there was an abundance of exotic cars driving around town and coming to check out the Aston Martin Vulcan.


12.v. 1970 Holden Monaro HT GTS 350ci Coupe

12.v. 1970 Holden Monaro HT GTS 350ci Coupe

2014 Gore Aussie Muscle Mania Car Show (12-4-14)

THE POWER PLANT (Part 2 of 2)

When the 350ci Donk made its way into GM’s local product, Holden’s heavyweights were covering up a massive secret. Here’s what they didn’t want a soul to know…

Australia was one of the first markets outside the US to be offered the new 350ci (5.7-litre) version of the Chevrolet small block. Holden’s prestige dealers were advertising the new Chevrolet Camaro SS 350 extensively in the first half of 1967, two years ahead of the first Monaro powered by a 350.

A full page Preston Motors advertisement in a Melbourne Motor Show supplement in early 1967 described the new Camaro as “undoubtedly Chevrolet’s greatest achievement”. Featured on the same page were an imported 1966 Buick Riviera, locally assembled 1966 Chevrolet Impala Hardtop, Holden HR Special and Vauxhall Viva Deluxe.

The latest 1967 Camaro was the main feature of the ad, with two photos and both with RHD, topped with the claim: “the Car of the Year has arrived… the swift, sleek Chevrolet Camaro”.

This was no idle beat-up for a one-off motor show appearance. Another Melbourne Holden dealer Bill Patterson Motors presented the same car offering two specifications: “210 h.p. V8, 295 h.p. V8”.

A factory spec sheet confirms that the 210hp V8 was the Camaro’s 327ci (5.4-litre) entry level V8, the two-barrel version of the locally assembled Chevrolet Impala’s 327. The 295hp version was the RPO L48 option as fitted to the SS 350 which also featured the concealed headlight SS grille, special bonnet with intake grids, front bumble bee stripes and special D70-14 red wall tyres. Disc brakes, normally an option, were listed as standard on both models.

Fast forward to October 1967, the issue date of the Motor Manual which featured a striking RHD Camaro SS 350 on its cover in metallic blue with black vinyl roof, five spoke imitation mag wheel covers, bumper over riders and full chrome highlights around the wheel arches and sills. The interior was also dramatic by 1967 standards with its alloy spoked, fake woodrim steering wheel and pleated bucket seats.

Registered JTA 265, it hit Australian roads as early as April 1967. Underbonnet photos revealed a mirror RHD swap with its dual master cylinder and integrated power booster on the correct side. It was a world away from the sloppy local Mustang conversions offered in Ford dealers in the lead-up to the XR Falcon release. The Camaro’s swoopy hidden-headlight look was the talk of Australia for that year.

Stifled by the two-speed Powerglide, it was still a rocket with a 15.8 second standing quarter and a top speed of 116mph (187km/h). Tester Chris de Fraga was suitably impressed. Camaro prices were always listed POA but the test quoted a $7600 figure, about the same as an E-type or $2000 more than the local Chevrolet Impala. In the US, the test Camaro SS 350 and an Impala 4-Door Hardtop cost around $US2800.

Because very few Australians could line …