TopGear 2002 Season 1 (Episode 6): Renault AVANTIME on the Cool Wall: Jeremy Clarkson places the Renault AVANTIME on the very edge of the Sub-Zero section!
TopGear 2008 Season 12 (Episode 3) a used AVANTIME was recognized by the presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May as one of the few cars that they all three liked.

This is my 2002 Renault AVANTIME 2.0 16V TURBO ‘NOIR NOCTURNE’ photographed on our driveway.

No other car in the world has these ingenious doors and I’m sure this feature will be one of the most remembered features of this AVANTGARDE LOOKING FUTURE CLASSIC.
Detail ingenious doors:…

Renault suffered from over-capacity at their factories, and rather than letting people off, they wanted to take over the manufacture of the hugely successful Espace. So, they made the agreement with Matra that if Matra was given the task of developing this new high-spec topmodel, Renault could bring the Espace production in-house. Since Renault don’t have the knowhow and expertise to produce cars like Matra do, they had to redesign the Espace, making it the conventional steel car we see marketed as "Espace IV". Matra took on the task and they came up with a series of design-ideas, all based on the "Espace III".

The Geneva motor show in March 1999 saw the unveiling of a new Renault concept car – where it was called a "Coupéspace" – which leads the way in opening up a long forgotten niche – that of a luxurious Grand Tourer Coupé with space for four adults to relax in comfort.
Poster AVANTIME 1999:

In the 1920’s and ’30’s Renault’s main products were luxurious sports models like the 1929 eight-cylinder Reinastella and 1930 Nervastella, driven by Royalty and Europe’s aristocracy. The AVANTIME takes some inspiration from these powerful Grand Tourers, built to cover large distances in great comfort and style, whilst focusing firmly on the future. The AVANTIME, illustrates in a forthright manner Renault’s ability to shape the future of the motor car. The manufacturer is convinced that there is room in the market for a new breed of coupe, targeted at a customer group seeking the visual distinction, rarity and driving enjoyment of a coupe with the luxury of space and comfort found in a large car or monospace, all wrapped up in a vehicle which is technologically advanced and forward looking. Styled by Patrick Le Quément, the AVANTIME was intended to combine the space of an MPV with four-place pillarless qualities of a coupé. Regarding the styling, Thierry Metroz, design project manager, said, "We wanted someone walking around the car to be continually astonished."

You sit high up, with glass all around you. The AVANTIME has no B-pillars – one thing that certainly delayed the project was getting the pillar-less design safety-approved – which adds a roadster feel to it, with windows down.
It was named the AVANTIME, which is not pronounced fully in French, but a combination ‘AVANT’ as in …

1968 Dodge Charger R/T – The Trio (In Good Business)

1968 Dodge Charger R/T - The Trio (In Good Company)

There was a 4 calendar year time period from 1986 through 1990 when these 3 cars saved every single other firm, tucked absent in a non-descript storage building around an industrial place in Yakima, WA.

This grainy, awful (and priceless) image tells the tale about how the Charger, a 1969 ½ 440 6-Pack Super Bee, and a 1967 440 4-speed Plymouth GTX had been in storage with each other when I went again to college many miles absent.

Early in 1983 I persuaded my dad we required a family job that we could turn wrenches with each other on and potentially turn a profit at the conclude. I uncovered a 1967 Plymouth GTX in “rough” problem and immediately after 2 yrs of sweat, cash, and exertion, it turned out awesome.

Very unexpectedly, I uncovered an previous drag racer with a stable 1969 ½ 440 6-Pack Super Bee (ran 11’s) in 1985 and with some luck persuaded him to sell it to us. An additional calendar year later with much more sweat, much more dollars and much more exertion, it also turned out awesome.

This remarkable Trio remained with each other, dusty and frozen in time, until early 1991 when each the Super Bee and GTX had been marketed.

I typically imagine of the heady times when I owned, at minimum partially, 4 traditional muscle mass cars, (my day by day driver was a 1969 G.T.O.) but some of my fondest recollections are of the times my dad and I expended with each other restoring the GTX and Super Bee.

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