Windows into the past [Explored 7/11/2018]

Windows into the past [Explored 7/11/2018]

Carbide Willson ruins – Happy Window Wednesday!

“Carbide” ruins, Gatineau Park, Chelsea, QC.

“Thomas Leopold Willson (1860–1915) was an inquisitive, adaptable, Canadian inventor. He experimented with a range of industrial and chemical processes, including a lighting system that failed to find a market and electro-thermal reductions of metallic oxides, which did result in marketing success. Willson is best known for his commercial process of making calcium carbide and using it to generate acetylene fuel. Although another inventor in France also made calcium carbide in the same year (1892), Willson’s technique was cheaper. Willson’s technique led to the formation of what became Union Carbide, which is now owned by Dow Chemical.

In 1895, Willson developed a carbide industry on the Welland Canal in southern Ontario, expanding with plants in Ottawa, and in Shawinigan, Quebec. Acetylene lighting became the standard for lighting on streets, in buildings, and in car headlamps and marine signals, making “Carbide” Willson a successful industrialist. His Ottawa-located International Marine Signal Building—the manufacturing site of acetylene-fired marine buoys and lighthouse beacons—was reputed to be the longest building in the British Empire.

Willson fulfilled his industrialist role socially, as well. He settled in Ottawa in 1901 with a home on Metcalfe Street and a summer house on Meech Lake in Gatineau. Willson was a member of several social clubs and hosted many political and social events. He also loved new and grand schemes. He was the first automobile owner in Ottawa and included laboratories in his home and his summer house. Willson’s wide-ranging experiments resulted in over 70 patents and earned Willson a University of Toronto prize for his discoveries. Willson also applied his innovative ideas in a number of industries: carbide, pulp and paper, railways, dams, and fertilizers.

One of Willson’s innovations involved the production of a nitrogen-based solid that could be ground up and used as fertilizer. Willson believed that the process could revolutionize agriculture and in 1912, set out to establish a small fertilizer plant at Meech Lake. His project was financially backed by Interstate Chemical, an American fertilizer company, and James Buchanan Duke, the American tobacco and textile millionaire known for his financial support of what became Duke University.

Willson’s factory surpassed expectations, but Willson’s inventiveness was not matched with financial acumen. With so many projects, Willson was financially stretched. He missed a payment to Duke, who then seized Willson’s Meech Lake factory. Duke wasn’t interested in maintaining the factory and let it fall into ruin. Willson died a short time later, suffering a heart attack in 1915 while in New York attempting to raise money for industrial plans in Newfoundland and Labrador.”

Source: Dawn Oosterhoff (2016). Carbide Willson Ruins, Gatineau Park. Available at:

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Seven Questions To Ask At Top Automobile Industry | top automobile industry

Seven Questions To Ask At Top Automobile Industry | top automobile industry

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Automotive Annoy Bazaar Share, Size, Trends, And Business Opportunity Assay Address 2018 accommodate celebrated data, with anticipation abstracts to 2023.

Auto Industry Publishes Best Practices for Cybersecurity – top automobile industry | top automobile industry

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Pune, India — (SBWIRE) — 11/01/2018 — Automotive Annoy Bazaar 2018

Automotive Annoy Bazaar Share, Size, Trends, And Business Opportunity Assay Address 2018 accommodate celebrated data, with anticipation abstracts to 2023. Automotive Annoy Bazaar address is accessible for approaching action development, and to apperceive about Bazaar Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, And All-around bazaar size, share, Growth, Trends, key players anticipation to 2023

Global Automotive Annoy Bazaar Advice Address by Type (Radial, Bias/ Cross Ply), By Section Width, By End Bazaar (OEM’s, Aftermarket), By Application (Passenger Cars, Bartering Vehicle) and By Arena – All-around Anticipation To 2023

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The Key Players of Automotive Annoy Bazaar Are:

Continental AG (Germany), Cooper & Elastic Company (U.S.), Hankook Co. Ltd. (South Korea), Goodyear & Elastic Company (U.S.), Michelin Group(France), Pirelli & C. S.p.A.(Italy), Sumitomo Elastic Industries, Ltd (Japan), Bridgestone Corporation (japan), Toyo Annoy & Elastic Co., Ltd. (Japan), Yokohama Elastic Co. Ltd.(Japan) and others.

Market Scenario

Automotive tires are acclimated to awning the rim of the caster for attention it and arresting the tactic force amid the alley apparent and the vehicle. Tires are bogus with rubber, which provides adjustable accoutrement to the rim of the wheel, appropriately helps in abbreviation accordance from agent machinery. The appeal for tires is anon accompanying to the access in appeal of automobiles.

The access in sales of commuter and bartering cartage is anon impacting the advance of the automotive annoy market. Manufacturers are adopting low Rolling Resistance (LRR) and self-inflating technology due to the accretion acquaintance for ammunition saving, which is anon impacting the advance of the automotive annoy market. The added agency which drive the appeal of auto annoy bazaar are the accretion appeal of barter for bigger breadth and backbone which are provided by the adorable tires. The growing appeal for eco-friendly tires with the access in acquaintance for ambiance is additionally fuelling the appeal of the automotive annoy market.

List of Top 23 Automobile Companies in India – top automobile industry | top automobile industry

Regional Assay of Automotive annoy market

Asia-Pacific is accepted to boss the all-around automotive annoy bazaar due the rapidly accretion calm burning and the availability of bargain activity in the region. Due to the ascent appeal in rural areas, India is the fastest growing country in the region, in commuter cars segment. This contributes to the advance of the Asia-pacific arena in automotive annoy market. Europe arena is the additional accomplished in the all-around automotive annoy market. This appeal is apprenticed by the booming action account cartage which crave aerial affection automotive tires.

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The address for Automotive Annoy Bazaar of Bazaar Assay Approaching comprises of all-encompassing primary assay forth …

2014-12-30 1233 Indy Auto Show 2015 NISSAN group

2014-12-30 1233 Indy Auto Show 2015 NISSAN group

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Greasy Mechanic

Greasy Mechanic

"I’m working hard this Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend.." ~Tomitheos

Self Portrait

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NT C-460 Front

NT C-460 Front

Mechelonic Welders has made the NT C-460 for all types of Automobile industry

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