Ferrari LaFerrari – 2015

Ferrari LaFerrari - 2015

Type F150
Chassis n° ZFF76ZHB000206834

With a limited edition of just 499 cars, Ferrari’s technological tour de force was first introduced in 2013. Powered by a 950 bhp hybrid V12, the LaFerrari has a top speed of over 217 mph and can travel from 0-62 mph in less than 3 seconds.

London Concours 2018
Class : Hyperfast
Honourable Artillery Company
England – United Kingdom
June 2018

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Crossley Shelsley – Saloon Car

Crossley Shelsley – Saloon Car

Crossley cars first competed in the Shelsley Walsh hill climb in 1910 and won it in 1912 – a sports version of the standard car, also called a Shelsley, with increased performance was sold from 1913; in May 1928 T. D. Wishart designed the Crossley 15.7 horsepower (12.7 kilowatt) 1,990-cc car; it had a top speed of 70 miles per hour (113 kilometers per hour) and fuel consumption of 25 miles per gallon (8.9 kilometers per liter): this car was made in 1929 for sale as a family car; it cost £495, about the same as the price of a semi-detached house in suburban Manchester

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Austin Metropolitan

Austin Metropolitan

1957 Austin Metropolitan at the 2011 Cromford Steam Fair.

A brief history of the Metropolitan

In 1950, the Nash Motor Corporation, one of the leading independent US auto manufacturers, decided to test public reaction to a new small car they were considering putting into production. This was a revolutionary concept in those days of big gas guzzlers.

They issued a questionnaire pamphlet called a "surview" showing pictures of a prototype concept car, based on a design by independent auto designer William Flajole, with a reply-paid envelope for people to return their opinion on the car. Quite an innovative strategy for the time.

The reaction to the surview convinced Nash that there was a market for a new small car. Since no US auto factory had the tooling or experience to build cars of this size, it was decided to produce the car in Europe. The Austin Motor Company was at that time the largest car manufacturer outside the US, and was an obvious choice, in view of their reputation for quality build and engineering.

Following various design modifications, the first Metropolitans rolled off the Longbridge production line in October 1953, and went on sale in the US in the spring of 1954. Early versions were fitted with the 1200cc Austin Somerset engines and are now easily recognisable by a "floating bar" grille, and monotone body colours for body and roof. None of these early cars were released on the home (UK) market – the entire production until 1957 was for export only.

By the time the first Metropolitans arrived in America, Nash had merged with another independent auto maker, Hudson. Metropolitans were badged as either Nashes or Hudsons, depending upon which dealer sold them.

When the Metropolitan was released on the home UK market, in 1957, it had already earned millions of vital dollars for the British car industry, and was reputed to be second only to the Volkswagen Beetle in terms of volume car imports to the States at that time. The engine had been upgraded to the proven BMC "B" series 1500cc unit used in a wide variety of other BMC cars, which had a power output of around 55bhp, giving quite a lively performance in such a light-bodied car. The car was not known as a Nash in the UK though it is sometimes wrongly referred to as such. UK-supplied cars are correctly described as Austin Metropolitans, though they join the ranks of a minute number of cars produced in the world which do not bear a manufacturer’s badge.

From 1957 on, all cars were duo-toned with white, with the main body colour ( red, green, yellow and later black) separated by a stepped stainless steel moulding. The Metropolitan was to stay in production until 1961 with only minor changes in 1959 to accommodate an opening boot lid, one-piece rear window and quarter lights in the doors.

Today the Metropolitan is a rare sight on British roads, although they continue to be plentiful in North America, the …

1982 CWR 8Y Talbot Lotus Sunbeam

1982 CWR 8Y Talbot Lotus Sunbeam

1982 CWR 8Y Talbot Lotus Sunbeam. The Talbot Sunbeam Lotus was based on the Sunbeam 1.6 GLS, but fitted with stiffer suspension, larger anti-roll bar and tougher gearbox casings. The drivetrain comprised an enlarged 2172 cc version of Lotus 2-litre, 16V slant four engine (the Sunbeam version being type 911, similar to Lotus 912), along with a ZF gearbox, both mounted in the car at Ludham airfield close to the Lotus facility in Hethel, Norfolk, where the almost-complete cars were shipped from Linwood. Final inspection, in turn, took place in Stoke, Coventry.

The Sunbeam Lotus was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in April 1979, but the road-going version of the rally car was not actually ready for deliveries to the public until after the rebranding, and thus became the Talbot Sunbeam Lotus. At first these were produced mostly in black and silver, although later models came in a turquoise and silver (or black) scheme. The car saw not only enthusiastic press reviews, but also much success in the World Rally Championship – in 1980, Henri Toivonen won the 29th Lombard RAC Rally in one, and in 1981 the Sunbeam Lotus brought the entire Manufacturer Championship to Talbot.

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Albany Nanotech Albany NY New York Aerial photos photographer SUNY University TAC Tour Andover Controls Dallas Boston Andover Massachusetts Texas Carrollton West crosby Road 75006 Scheider Electric BIOTECH EMPAC RPI TROY AMD advanced Micro Devices Malta

Albany Nanotech Albany NY New York Aerial photos photographer SUNY University TAC Tour Andover Controls Dallas Boston Andover Massachusetts Texas Carrollton West crosby Road 75006 Scheider Electric BIOTECH EMPAC RPI TROY AMD advanced Micro Devices Malta Albany Nanotech Fuller Road Albany NY CEG Center for economic growth Tech Valley TAC Tour Andover Controls 1650 west Crosby Road Carrolton Texas Schneider electric 43-45 boulevard Franklin Roosevelt 92500 Rueil-Malmaison-France Key Bank AMD Advanced Micro devices Sunnyvale Ca. California aerial photos photographer Andover Massachusetts Ma. aerial photos Tepperman Ray associates Andover massachusetts Nanotech Clean Rooms
Albany Nanotech Albany Nanotech Albany Nanotech Albany nanotech Albany Nanotech Albany Nanotech AMD AMD AMD AMD AMD AMD Advanced Micro devices Advanced micro devices Advanced micro devices New York new york New york new York New York aerial photos architectural photos The College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering of the University at Albany is the first college in the world dedicated to research, development, education, and deployment in the emerging disciplines of nanoscience, nanoengineering, nanobioscience, and nanoeconomics. CNSE’s Albany NanoTech Complex – a $4.5 billion megaplex that has attracted over 250 global corporate partners – is the most advanced research complex at any university in the world.
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GW Hatchet: Philippe Chow: Engineering a passion for music

Nanotechnology Now: UAlbany NanoCollege Hosts K-12 Students from Throughout Tech Valley for NanoCareer Day

AZoNano: NanoCollege Professor Receives Award for Excellence in Research from University at Albany

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UAlbany NanoCollege Hosts K-12 Students from Throughout Tech Valley for NanoCareer Day

UAlbany NanoCollege Professor Serge Oktyabrsky Receives the UAlbany Award for Excellence in Research

UAlbany NanoCollege and City School District of Albany Present Nanotechnology Explorations for Educators

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News > Nanowerk Research and General News >
Posted: May 28, 2009
Job fair to Help M+W Zander fill 40 project management positions in new chip facility
(Nanowerk News) The College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering ("CNSE") of the University at Albany today announced plans to host a Job Fair to assist M+W Zander in building its project management team to support the construction of GlobalFoundries’ computer chip manufacturing facility in Malta.
The Job Fair, to be held on Wednesday, June 10 from 5 to 8 p.m. at CNSE’s Albany NanoTech Complex, will help recruit candidates for 40 high-tech design and construction management positions, including electrical and mechanical designers, engineers and estimators; construction and design project managers and coordinators; architectural project managers, planners and interns; and, accounting, purchasing, document control and administrative personnel. The positions carry salaries that range from $40,000 to more than $100,000 annually.
Officials from M+W Zander will be on hand to accept resumes and conduct initial interviews on site, with representatives of CNSE also providing assistance at the event. This marks the fifth high-tech job fair to be held at CNSE in just the past three years, with previous events in May 2006, January 2007, September 2007 and October 2008.
Candidates interested in attending and interviewing at the …