ES Transport – 47052

ES Transport - 47052

Note to whom it may concern: As a member of the Philippine Bus Enthusiasts Society (PhilBES) and its junior and affiliate group, the Philippine Bus Photographers Association (PBPA), both of which are communities/groups of bus and coach enthusiasts and amateur photographers, that focus on bus companies’ history, technical specifications of vehicles, and other related subject matter, that is based in the Philippines, I would like inform you that the number plate of the bus on this photo has been blurred out to prevent it being used as evidence by any agencies, whether be it privately-owned or government-owned, to apprehend the said vehicle or the operating company of the vehicle on the photo at times when the said vehicle may be involved in any motoring mishap, incident, or accident. This is to prevent the involvement of myself, and/or any members of the groups stated to any such cases or the hassles and possible dangers presented with being involved at such cases. I would also like to stress out that I am NOT a part nor am I affiliated or connected in any way with any bus companies inside or outside the country. At times when you may experience any of employees of the operating company of the bus on the photo behave in an offensive manner; such that of reckless driving, lack of manners towards the passengers, incorrect and excessive charging of fare, and any other offenses they may commit, I do advise you report them to their respective managements for further action.

However, despite the limitation I stated earlier about the use of my photos, any person is free to download and use any of my photos to any general or civilian use such as advertisement and other promotional use, school works, or personal interests about the subject.

Shot Location: EDSA-Cubao cor. New York Ave. (Pablo P. Reyes, Sr. Street), Quezon City, Philippines
Date Taken: May 19, 2012

Basic Details:
Fleet Number: 47052
Classification: Air-Conditioned Provincial Operation Bus
Seating Configuration: 2×2 Seats
Seating Capacity: 49 Passengers

Coachbuilder: Xiamen Golden Dragon Bus Company, Ltd. (Golden Dragon)
Body Model: Golden Dragon XML6129E5G "Grand Cruiser"
Air-Conditioning Unit: Dependent Overhead Unit

Chassis Manufacturer: Forta Automobile Industry Company, Ltd.
Chassis Model: Forta FZ6120G5
Layout: Rear-Mounted Engine Rear-Wheel Drive (4×2 RR layout)
Suspension: Leaf Springs Suspension

Engine Manufacturer: China Yuchai International, Ltd.
Engine Model: Yuchai YC6G270-20 (G46MB)
Cylinder Displacement: 476.061 cu. inches (7,803 cc / 7.8 Liters)
Cylinder Configuration: Straight-6
Engine Aspiration: Turbocharged and Intercooled
Max. Power Output: 266 bhp (270 PS – metric hp / 199 kW) @ 2,400 rpm
Peak Torque Output: 796 lb.ft (1,080 N.m / 110 kg.m) @ 1,400 – 1,600 rpm

Type: Manual Transmission
Gears: 6-Speed Forward, 1-Speed Reverse

* The specifications may be subjected for verification and may be changed without prior notice…

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Automotive News World Congress 2012: Sergio Marchionne, Part I

Chrysler Group CEO Sergio Marchionne gave the keynote talk Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2012, at the Automotive News World Congress conference. This is part one of his talk.


Paul Del Grande Auto Parts

Paul Del Grande Auto Parts

Campbell, CA

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Tips on Cleaning Car Interiors

Aside from looking great, having clean interiors can create a healthy environment for car. It will be safer when your parents or friends ride with you. Even if we clean ourselves everyday, if our surroundings are unclean, it will pose a risk on our health. Since we ride our cars to work, to the grocery or even to the mall, it is important that we keep it clean. The interior is the most critical area because it is where we sit through the ride.


Take out your floor mats and vacuum the seats as well as the carpets. With the proper attachments, you can reach around the pedals, under the seats and even the sections between the central console and the front seats. It will make it easier to see out dirt stuck in the farthest corners.

You can utilize a soft brush attachment for doors and dashboards. Be extra carful on the vents, sticking parts and knobs. You can also use this same attachment when vacuuming your seats. Since leather seats are fragile, make sure you do not accidently scratch them with your vacuum hose.

Cleaning Door and Fabric Seat Upholstery

There are numerous kinds of upholstery cleaning agents available in the market. You can decide on what you prefer for your car upholstery. Although there are cleaning agents that make a lot of promises, your best bet is to go with a trusted brand that the major uses.

Turtle Wax's spray cleaners are good. You can use it to even spray on your door and seat upholstery then rub it vigorously. After this, use a dry cloth to wipe it off thoroughly.

You can also use a laundry detergent for alternatives. Combine it with some water then dip a clean cloth in it. Make sure you squeeze it well but it is still barely moist when you use it. Work harder on the dirty sections. Once you are finished, dry it out using a dry soft and clean cloth.

Make sure you do not get water inside your car because it can get into the electrical components, resulting to problems. Aside from this, if the water gets into your seats or under your carpet, it can lead to stains, corrosion and mold smell.

Cleaning the Carpet

Similar to the method you used on cleaning your upholstery and seats, you can clean your carpets the same way. First, even spray your carpet with some care cleaner and rub it vigorously. Use a dry cloth when wiping it. Laundry detergents also work well with carpets. Make sure you do not soak your carpet in water; it will lead to corrosion and mold smell. Finally, dry out your carpet.

Cleaning and Polishing the Dashboard

To clean the central console, dashboard and other plastic parts, you can just use a barely moist cloth. Utilize only small amounts of laundry detergent when removing stains. Then dry it with a dry, soft and clean cloth.
You can make it shiny by spraying plastic …

Automobile Industry Cycle for Architecture

Graduation Project “Big-Bang Mushroom” Named after the concept design of the project, I dismantling the idea of the big-bang theory, as for the mushroom I took the concept design from the nuclear bomb shape mushroom, I feed back the design of the lay out on the main building and the Factory, The cycle of the automotive assembly line around the building was anti clockwise, In shape of the mushroom which explode and bang the automobiles around the world, Atoms and protons is far away from the explode being united to make Tuning center, Area used (378000 M^2), Project Contains (Automobile Assembling Factory – Showrooms – Museum – Youth Zone – Tuning Workshop – Track for Test drive and Racing)
Video Edited By Ebrahem Al.Tamimy using Movie-Maker, Special Thanks For Mercedes-Benz Commercials On YOU-TUBE That Shows us Real meaning of Automobiles Elegance, Comfort, Technology, Safety and Quality. From 1886 Till Today.
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