Autos ( cars ) in Shanghai

Autos ( cars ) in Shanghai

ein neues album [ autos in shanghai ]startet heute.
was fuer autos kaufen sich die leute in shanghai ?
worauf legen sie wert ?
welche autos moegen sie nicht ?
today a new set was created. its show cars in shanghai.

what kind of cars do people in shanghai drive ?
what kind of cars they like and / or dislike ?

我爱中国 / Ich liebe China / I love China
加油中国 /China gebe niemals auf , geh voran /Go go China

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Pontiac Firebird Stre-tched – Ottawa 07 14

Pontiac Firebird Stre-tched -   Ottawa 07 14

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Taxi Mania

Taxi Mania

…I was panning taxis as a wandered down Broadway between 125th and 108th street. I took these on two separate days, but neither day had too much sun. Out of the mass of taxi pans I like this one the best. It gives some sense of the the crowded city and the Crown Victoria is crisp. I will try to take some of these in more crowded areas of the city like Times Square…stay tuned 🙂

the rest is me ranting on about taxi choice and regulation in the taxi industry…


I like the comment below. First, there are lots of cabs here so posting lots is fitting. Also it reflects the changing vehicle choice. In 2006 90% of cabs were Ford Crown Victorias. This car is based on a 1979 design, sports an inefficient V8 engine and handles like a boat. I was surprised that Toyota Sienna minivans have captured (in 2006) 10% of the market. Now I think they have an even larger share (there are also several Honda Odesseys).

However, bigger changes are coming. By 2013 all NYC cabs need to get better than 30 mpg. That means hybrids and hybrids are especially economical in city traffic. So the last two pans are hybrids; a Toyota Highlander and a Ford Escape. I’ve also spotted a Toyota Prius.

…New York city is full of taxis. There are just about 13000 medallion cabs in all. They are all yellow (well a orange-like yellow). Ever wonder why? Bascially the industry is heavily regulated. The government restricts the numbers of medallions (cabs that can circulate). As a consequence medallions are extremely valuable.

Restricting competition (cabs charge the same rates and there is essentially only one company) helps drivers right? Acutally it doesn’t. There is a large supply of drivers (they compete and drive down cabbie wages) so the guys that benefit from the government regulation are the medallion owners. Consumers are the main losers.

I said heavily regulated. The government specifies the cars that can be used, the types of floor mats you can have, how old the car can be (not over 4 years – so most taxis are run 24-7), how much legroom the cab must have, whether the cab has a CC machine, a GPS etc. etc. Why this need to overregulate the cab industry? Is NYC a special case? No Arlington, Virginia has figured out that it needs exactly 666 cabs. How did this number come up? From a Soviet-style central planner no doubt. Even Madison is in on the game (and Madison actually has a competent local government). They restrict entry to only 3 companies. These companies in return charge significantly higher fares than NYC cabbies. Why? Go figure. Cartels are good for business.

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London Cadillac in Black and White

London Cadillac in Black and White

Please don’t use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. © All rights reserved </b

Cadillac is currently the second oldest American automobile manufacturer behind fellow GM marque Buick and is among the oldest automobile brands in the world. Depending on how one chooses to measure, Cadillac is arguably older than Buick. Cadillac was founded in 1902 by Henry Leland,[5] a master mechanic and entrepreneur, who named the company after his ancestor, Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, sieur de Cadillac, the founder of the city of Detroit. The company’s crest is based on a coat of arms that Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac had created at the time of his marriage in Quebec in 1687. General Motors purchased the company in 1909 and within six years, Cadillac had laid the foundation for the modern mass production of automobiles by demonstrating the complete interchangeability of its precision parts while simultaneously establishing itself as America’s premier luxury car. Cadillac introduced technological advances, including full electrical systems, the clashless manual transmission and the steel roof. The brand developed three engines, one of which (the V8 engine) set the standard for the American automotive industry. Cadillac is the first American car to win the prestigious Dewar Trophy from the Royal Automobile Club of England, having successfully demonstrated the interchangeability of its component parts during a reliability test in 1908; this spawned the firm’s slogan "Standard of the World." It won that trophy a second time, in 1912, for incorporating electric starting and lighting in a production automobile.

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