NASCAR Heat Evolution Federated Auto Parts 400 as Denny Hamlin

Denny Hamlin at Richmond!

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I was provided a copy from Dusenberry Martin Racing.


12.h. 1970 Holden Monaro HT GTS 350ci Coupe

12.h. 1970 Holden Monaro HT GTS 350ci Coupe

2014 Gore Aussie Muscle Mania Car Show (12-4-14)

Celebrating the 350 part #1: Chevrolet 350 V8

THE POWERPLANT (Part 1 of 2)

One of the great paradoxes of automotive history is that while the Ford Motor Company was the first mass manufacturer to produce affordable V8-powered cars, it is the Chevrolet small-block V8 that has gone on to become the most famous and loved of all eight-cylinder engines.

In naming the 10 best engines in history, Ward’s AutoWorld found a place for the Ford side-valve flathead V8 but the only postwar V8 from Detroit to get a spot was the Chevrolet 350 cubic-inch unit.

The postwar boom in the US created a huge proliferation of new models and, by the mid-1960s, what became known as the horsepower race. In our current era where the same basic engine might be found in Peugeots, Citroëns and the Australian Ford Territory, it is difficult to grasp the fact that General Motors was so rich that most of its divisions had a unique range of V8s and in multiple variants.

When the Chevrolet Division introduced the 350ci V8, Buick had a 340 (as well as its 300, 400 and 430), Oldsmobile had a 330 (plus its own 400 and a 425), Chevy’s closest sibling Pontiac had a 326 (and yet another 400 and its 428) while GM’s flagship brand Cadillac had a solitary 429.

None of these engines could match the production life of the Chevy 350 which made its debut in the 1967 Camaro 350SS, tasked with the challenge of stealing sales from the phenomenally successful Mustang.

Although replaced by the Generation II LT and Generation III LS engines in the 1990s, it was not discontinued until 2003. And it remains in production in Mexico as a crate unit for Chevrolet Performance.

To understand the significance of the 350 it is necessary to look at the history of Chevy’s small-block V8.

High-compression V8 engines had been a key element in GM’s postwar plan. Alfred P. Sloan Jr, who effectively ran the corporation from 1923 (as President) to 1956 when he finally retired as Chairman of the Board, wrote in My Years with General Motors: “At the close of World War II we made the projection that for an indefinite period the principal attractions of the product would be appearance, automatic transmissions and high-compression engines, in that order; and that has been the case.”

While Cadillac had always been GM’s top brand, Oldsmobile was usually the one where new engineering was first applied. So it made sense for the high-compression V8 engines to make their 1948 debut in both marques for model year 1949. The chief designer of the Cadillac engine was Ed Cole (see below).

In 1952 Cole was transferred to Chevrolet Division where the engineers were already at work on a new high-compression V8 intended for the Corvette. The view at the time was that without a powerful V8 engine the model would have to be discontinued as the ‘stove-bolt’ 165hp straight-six …

Used Car Inspection Tips – How To Buy And Sell Cars for Profit

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Used Car Inspection Tips

When buying a used car, a vehicle inspection is an important part of the buying process

It can seem confusing at first. Most likely because you just don’t know what you look out for. This post really goes out to anybody inspecting a car.

You can be a guy who is planing on flipping a car or just a stay at home mom looking to buy a new used car. The video above will run through the main points on what to look for when buying a used car.

The more you do these the easier they will be come in performing.
What To Look For on The Body When Inspecting a Used Car

Body color paint match (do the panels match or do you see significant color difference?)

Do the body panels align up flush? Are they uneven?

Do your doors, hood and trunk open and close easily without sagging or forced to close shut?

Is your frame crinkled anywhere? do you see any paint cracking or chipped on the frame?

Did you check your trunk floor pan for rear damage?
Check the windshield, any small cracks? (forgot to mention this in the video)

Engine Inspection

Are all of the fluids filled?

Do you notice any leaks besides the Air Conditioning water that’s coming from condensation (which is normal)?

How does your oil look? Is it milky looking? Is it very dark and mucky?
Do you have enough water in your radiator? Do you see oil spots in it? Does it look milky?

Did you check your transmission fluid? It should have a reddish tint to the transmission oil.

Do you see a lot of metallic filings in your trans fluid? Not a bad thing, but an indicator that you need to really take it for a good test drive to make sure that the car is shifting okay.

Be sure to run it through all gears. All you may have to do is change your filter and oil. The same goes with engine oil. If you don’t see any blue/white smoke from the tailpipe, your in good shape.

Interior Inspection

Check all electrical buttons. Be sure to check all the doors and buttons.
Check all lights in the car, engine lights in dash, dome lights, high and low beam, signals and hazards.

Turn your AC on and run through all levels. Check your radio, electric antenna if equipped.

Check The Seats, to they all adjust ok?

Check for flooding ( forgot to mention this in the video) do you smell mildew? how is the carpet? is it damp in areas?

Check the overall condition of the gas, clutch and brake pedals. Are they worn or do they look normal?

CarFax and Basic Paper Work Inspection

I didn’t cover this in the video. I plan on making a video exclusively …

Scrap Auto Parts Statue

Scrap Auto Parts Statue

Outside Ralph’s Auto Parts on Route 54

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TOP 7 Steps – PRE-APPROVED CAR LOANS! – AUTO FINANCING “13 Car Buying Mistakes” – Best Vehicle Rates

SUBSCRIBE HERE!! From the author of “How to Beat the Car Dealer Finance Office” and “Car Scam of the Decade,” Kevin Hunter presents the importance of getting pre-approved on a car loan before car shopping. Watch this Interview with loan officer Amanda Owen from Mint Valley Credit Union and TBFS Host Kevin Hunter, Author of “13 Car Buying Mistakes.” Top 7 things to know on how to get pre-approved on a car loan before car shopping.
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Whether you have good credit or bad credit, always start with your own bank or credit union first!
Amanda Owen from Mint Valley Credit Union, located in Longview Washington discusses the top seven (7) considerations you will need to make when you’re car shopping. They include the following:
1. Know your Budget
2. Know your Credit Score – How to get a FREE CREDIT REPORT!
3. Documents needed: Drivers License, Proof of Insurance, Pay Stubs, Debt Obligations, and References.
4. Co-Signer: Identify a good co-signer of your credit has been hurt lately, or if you have bad credit. This will save you money on interest rates, and make it possible to get a car loan.
5. GET PRE-APPROVED! This move can save you hundreds and thousands of dollars because the office a car dealer makes most of their money in happens to be with their loan officer!
6. Know WHAT kind of car or truck you want, and know what the approximate market value is. Car buyers who are informed make smarter decisions and are much better negotiators.
7. Know your Trade-in value. You can call dealers to get an approximate value on your trade before you ever set foot on a car lot.

Amanda Owen from Mint Valley Credit Union was our special guest for this interview. A special thanks to Amanda and to Mint Valley Credit Union for allowing Amanda to participate and share this important information with car buyers! Many car shoppers have no idea where to turn when it’s time to buy a car. They worry about credit scores, or wonder if they have good credit or bad credit. How do you know? This simple advice video shares with you the steps you’ll take to get a pre-approval on a car loan, allowing you to car shop with confidence.

Why is a pre-approval so important? It’s simple: If you are no longer worried about what type of financing you can get approved for, you can put your attention to negotiating the best possible car deal for you. Once you have a price for your new car and your trade-in established, you don’t have to worry about the unnecessary hassle the dealer will put you through in the finance office. Did you know that approximately 50% of all dealer profits are made after the sale of the car? That’s right! It happens right in the finance office, and unprepared car buyers get taken advantage …