Top 5 Used Car Inspection Tips and Tricks

If you are looking to buy a used car and want to make sure it doesn’t have a bad engine or transmission or any other major issues and what to know how you can inspect for these issues you are in luck, because in this video I am going to explain to you how you can inspect a cars engine, transmission, tires, fault codes with or without a check engine light, previous body or frame damage and much more.


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蓝宝基尼 兰博基尼

The 14th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition(Auto Shanghai 2011)

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Thane : RTO Not Giving New Auto Permit To Old Atu Rikshaw Driver

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پراید در اصل در شرکت مزدا ژاپن با نام مزدا ۱۲۱ طراحی و تولید شد و تولید آن در ۱۹۸۶ تا ۱۹۹۳ ادامه داشت. در آمریکای شمالی این خودرو توسط شرکت فورد با نام فورد فستیوا فروش رفت. این مدل همچنین از ۱۹۸۷ تا ۲۰۰۰ در شرکت کیا موتورز کره جنوبی تولید می‌شد و در سال ۲۰۰۱ خط تولید آن به سایپا منتقل شد.

The Ford Festiva is a subcompact car that was marketed by the Ford Motor Company between 1986 and 2002. Built by Mazda in Japan and Kia Motors in South Korea, the Festiva was sold in Japan, the Americas, and Australasia. The name "Festiva" is derived from the Spanish word for "festive".
Designed by Mazda using the DA platform and B series inline-four engines, the Festiva continued the trend of Fords built and designed by Mazda for the Asia-Pacific market such as the Laser and Telstar. It is not to be confused with the Ford Fiesta sold in Europe and North America.
South Korean first generation sales began in 1986 under the name Kia Pride, assembled by Kia under license. Australasia and Europe received the first version between 1987 and 1991 as the "Mazda 121". After 1991, Australasian sales occurred under the "Ford Festiva" name, while European sales continued under the name "Kia Pride". Kia ended production of the Pride in 2000, although SAIPA of Iran has produced this model in various forms since 2001. This ongoing production has been in parallel to the second generation Festiva introduced in 1993, sold as the Ford Aspire in North America and Kia Avella in South Korea and other markets. Although these second generations models were withdrawn in 2000, a third generation was sold between 1996 and 2002 in Japan as a badge engineered version of the Mazda Demio.
Contents [hide]
1 First generation (WA; 1986–1993)
1.1 Mazda 121
1.2 Kia Pride
2 Second generation (WB, WD, WF; 1993–1996)
2.1 Ford Aspire
2.2 Kia Avella
3 Third generation (1996–2002)
4 References
5 External links
[edit]First generation (WA; 1986–1993)

First generation

ManufacturerMazda (1986–1990)
Kia Motors (1986–2000)
Arab American Vehicles (1998)
SAIPA (2001–present)
Also calledKia Pride
Mazda 121
1993–present (ongoing)
AssemblySouth Korea: Sohari Plant, Gwangmyeong (Kia); Gwangju Plant, Gwangju (Kia)
China: Jiangsu (Dongfeng Yueda)
Egypt: Cairo[1]
Iran: Tehran (Pars Khodro)[2]
Japan: (Mazda)
Taiwan: (Ford Lio Ho)[3]
Venezuela: Valencia (Ford Motor de Venezuela)
Body style2-door pickup (SAIPA)
3-door hatchback
4-door sedan
5-door hatchback
5-door liftback (SAIPA)
5-door wagon
PlatformMazda DA platform
Engine1,138 cc Mazda B1 I4
1,290 cc Mazda BJ I4[4]
1,324 cc Mazda B3 I4
Transmission3-speed Jatco 3N71 automatic
4-speed manual
5-speed manual
The first generation Ford Festiva was designed by Mazda in Japan at the request of parent company Ford.[5][6] The Mazda-designed and built three-door hatchback was launched in Japan in 1986 under the name "Ford Festiva".[7][8] Festiva utilized the front-wheel drive layout, and its mechanicals consisted of rack and pinion steering, independent front suspension with struts, coil springs and sway bar, and a torsion beam rear suspension.[5][9] The Festiva …

Bugatti Greenwich & Miller Motorcars – Supercar Gathering – Bugatti Chiron Debut

Bugatti Greenwich, a division of Miller Motorcars held an exclusive supercar gathering to debut the highly anticipated Bugatti Chiron. In attendance were Bugatti Veyron Chassis 001 as well as three other Veyron 16.4 coupes. Additionally three Porsche 918’s, Ferrari LaFerrari, Ferrari F40, three Pagani Huayra’s, two McLaren’s P1, RUF CTR3, Lamborghini Aventador SV’s and many other special cars made an appearance. Bugatti Greenwich was the top service center for Bugatti worldwide in 2014 & 2015 and is privileged to be a Bugatti Service Partner of Excellence, one of 5 locations around the world.