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BMW 2002 Turbo

BMW 2002 Turbo

One of my fav classic cars,, BMW 2002.

The 2002 is one of BMW’s most famous automobile models. A two-door sedan based on the four-door 1600, it cemented the company’s reputation for compact sporting sedans. The 2002 was the forerunner of the BMW 3 Series and an inspiration for the new 1 Series Coupe. It was produced from 1968 to 1976.

A three-door model, the 2002 Touring, was also available. The Touring was not a full station wagon, and may resemble a modern hatchback. BMW would not offer a Touring model again until the late 1980s, with the 3 Series.

The 1500 had already begun BMW’s reputation for sports sedans, but the 2002 may be considered its ultimate incarnation. With its 1990 cc engine, it produced 120 bhp (88 kW) in the 2002ti, and 130 bhp (96 kW) in the high-performance 2002tii. The 2002tii had a top speed of 185 km/h (115 mph).

The 2002 Turbo (production 1,672) was launched at the 1973 Frankfurt Motor Show. It was the company’s first turbocharged production car.[citation needed] Power was raised to 170 hp (125 kW) at 5,800 rpm, with 240 Nm (177 ft¬∑lbf) of torque. Unlike Saab and Porsche, companies which also made some of the first turbocharged production cars around this time, BMW has made little use of turbocharging in its gasoline engines since – with the exception of the M102 engine installed in the ’79-’86 BMW 745i. This trend has broken in 2006 with the introduction of the award-winning BMW N54 twin turbo engine in the 335i. Notably, BMW also introduced a twin turbo diesel engine in 2005 initially for the e60 5 Series, named 535d, it was also made available later in the e90 3 Series range. Both petrol and diesel units have won awards and received high approval from critics.

A cabriolet version was produced in small numbers. These were produced by Baur of Germany, which to this day as IVM Automotive, continues to convert BMWs.

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Trump’s Auto Tariffs Could Put Canada’s Auto Industry at Risk

Jun.12 — President Donald Trump has raised concerns that he could follow through on threats to impose auto tariffs on Canada. The move could potentially devastate the nation’s car industry while also leading to higher prices in the U.S. Bloomberg’s Sarah McGregor reports on “Bloomberg Markets.”


Villeneuve Type 34S Pacifica

Villeneuve Type 34S Pacifica

Manufacturer: Villeneuve
Nationality: French
First assembled: June 3, 2135
Birthplace: Molshiem, France
Engine: 4.1 L Supercharged V8
HP: 510
0-60: 5.3 seconds
Top Speed: 246.70 MPH

French automaker Villeneuve’s modern incarnation is that of a luxury manufacturer with a racing pedigree. Villeneuve’s history dates back to nearly a century as a bespoke automaker pushing the boundries of design. The Villeneuve company was started by Pierre Villeneuve, the youngest son of the Villenueve family and the latest edition in a long line of artists. His father, a sculpture. His mother, a Jewelry designer. His brothers and sisters all had their hands in art as well, even ranging to literary arts. Pierre took it to another level; however. He was born a gearhead, and in 2109, his a family name became what would soon be one of the most premier and legendary names in modern automotive history. Though his start was in racing, the design of his cars caught the attention of the wealthy, and soon Bespoke roadcars for billionaires to royalty started to roll out of the Villeneuve design studio. Possibly the most famous of his tailor-made machines has to be the Type 34S Pacifica. The retro style which was famous at the time was said to stand above anything in the world at the time, and was made from the finest materials found. Despite it’s luxurious aim, the 34S was in truth a sportscar at heart, with a mean supercharged V8 under the curvy hood. Pierre was known to have a soft spot for old American muscle what with his collection of American iron, and wanted to make a nod to one of his automotive pleasures. With only 4 ever made it’s unlikely one with ever see a 34S Pacifica, but the V8 will for sure make it likely to hear one. One Type 34S Pacifica was discovered in 2208, untouched in a palace garage in Belgium for 50 years. After a cleanup it was sold at auction for a staggering $16 million.

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Suzuki Automobile Development | Anechoic chamber testing

Anechoic chambers are designed to shut out and absorb electromagnetic waves. Tests in Suzuki are carried out to check if unwanted noises are emitted by vehicles and their parts, and also that malfunctions do not occur when irradiated with strong electromagnetic waves.