• Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet (1181 GT) Pinin Farina Series I. CONCOURS_0153 copy

• Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet (1181 GT) Pinin Farina Series I. CONCOURS_0153 copy

Ferrari 250 GT Pinin Farina Cabriolet

• Photo © by Artamia. Concours d’Elegance Cars Show & Christi Auction. Pebble Beach,
CA. Monterey Bay Peninsula. USA. Pebble Beach Resort, Golf Course and Co.
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• Ferrari’s first road cars were little more than thinly disguised racing cars, built to custom order for the world’s richest enthusiasts. The cars left the Maranello based factory to be bodied by one of the many Italian coach builders with often very beautiful open and fixed head bodies. While these road going Ferraris were among the finest machines available, for Enzo Ferrari they were little more than a means to finance his racing. The increasing popularity of the production based ‘Gran Turismo’ racing saw Ferrari take a renewed interest in road cars. At the 1956 Geneva Motor Show the first purpose built Ferrari road car was introduced, dubbed the 250 GT and bodied by Pinin Farina. The production cars were built by Mario Boano, who closely followed Pinin Farina’s original design. Around 70 virtually identical examples were produced, making the 250 GT Boano the first Ferrari built in a series.

• Interesting that Boano himself also showed a Ferrari 250 GT based machine on that same 1956 Geneva Motor Show. No doubt inspired by the American designs of the day, Boano had crafted a very extravagant Cabriolet body for the 2600 mm chassis. The most noticeable styling influence from across the Atlantic were the fins that ran along the side of the car. It was also distinct in the prominent use of chrome. It was shown twice more and then sold to an American collector, who owns it to this day. Even though it was the only 250 GT fitted with an open body by Boano, it sparked an interest in a ‘Cabriolet’ production car. Pinin Farina was commissioned with the design and construction of the car. Official known as the ‘Spyder 2-Posti’ the first prototype was ready in time for the 1957 Geneva Motor Show. A further three prototypes were constructed before the design was finalized. This was used for the subsequent 36 ‘250 GT Cabriolets’, although it must be said that no two cars were completely identical.

• In good Ferrari tradition the chassis of the 250 GT production cars was closely related to that of the competition cars. Similar to all of the company’s sports car chassis of the day, it was constructed around two large tubular rails with plenty of cross members for rigidity. Suspension was by double wishbones with coil springs at the front and a live axle with semi-elliptic leaf springs at the back. Like most Italian manufacturers Ferrari continued to use the tried and trusted finned drum brakes long after the British had showed their advantages on road and track. Several of the 250 GT Cabriolets later received disc brakes, including the first prototype, which was sold to factory driver Peter Collins. Retrieved from a Jaguar D-Type the same set was later used by the factory for testing purposes …

Bentley S1 Continental Park Ward Fixed-Head Coupé 1957

Bentley S1 Continental Park Ward Fixed-Head Coupé 1957

Bentley ranks amongst the famous makes in history. Founded by W.O.Bentley in 1919, his cars were most successful in racing, having won the 24 Hours of Le Mans no less than 5 times. The Great Depression and the fading support by its financier Woolf Barnato led to the end of the W.O. period in 1931, when the company was taken over by its rival Rolls-Royce and production moved to Derby. After World War II, the Rolls-Royce plant was moved from Derby to Crewe. Although in the process of industrialisation, Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars were made in the new "Standard Steel" version (car totally built in house including coachwork), the more luxurious "Coachbuilt" version was still available to special offer. For the "Coachbuilt" version, the manufacturer built the "rolling chassis" but then commissioned the coachwork to an authorised coachbuilder, allowing the customer to choose from a variety of different coachwork designs.
From 1950 until 1959, all Bentley cars featured the 6-cylinder engine legendary from the Thirties, gradually upgraded to 4.5 litre, and 4.9 litre after 1959. No other engine offers the silence, smoothness and total absence of any vibration like the Bentley 6-cylinder engine. The subsequent Bentley V8 engine after 1959 was clearly stronger, but not nearly as refined.
Only Bentley (not Rolls-Royce) cars were optionally available with the "Continental" option, an upgrade featuring a more sporty suspension, a higher rear axle ratio and a rev counter instrument, suitable for long distance high-speed cruising. This "Continental" option made these large and elegant Bentley cars surprisingly sporty and nimble to drive. On the coachwork side, one particular model is a milestone in the history of Postwar Bentley cars – the S1 Continental Park Ward Coupé. For reasons never quite understood, the S1 Continental Park Ward handles infinitely better than its contemporaries by H.J.Mulliner, James Young, etc, which must have to do with the way that the bodies are attached to the chassis. Another quality makes the S1 Continental Park Ward unique – its outstanding coachwork design which is elegant yet very sporty.
This particular car, the S1 Continental Park Ward Fixed-Head Coupé chassis N°BC38LCH is very special for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is one of only 33 cars built with left hand drive (of which only some 10 examples were made with the small rear quarter window). Secondly, it was totally restored by foremost expert P. & A. Wood from 2005 until 2009, including a number of special upgrades such as secondary fuel pump system, auxiliary fan system and fully integrated air conditioning. No other Fifties grand touring coupé car offer performances and comfort quite like this car.

Chassis : N°BC38LCH
Engine : N°BC37C
Engine Specification : 6-cylinder with 4887 cc
Equipment : Small rear quarter window, fully integrated air conditioning system

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fifty nine Bentley Continental R (1991-03)

59 Bentley Continental R (1991-03)

Bentley Continental R (1991-03) Engine 6750cc V8 Turbo
Registration Number RRG one
BENTLEY Established
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The Bentley Continental R is a massive, extremely exclusive, luxurious coupé created by Bentley from 1991 to 2003. It was the initially Bentley to characteristic a overall body not shared with a Rolls-Royce model due to the fact the S3 of 1965, the initially to use the GM 4L80-E transmission, and the quickest, most pricey, and most potent Bentley of its day. It was also the most pricey manufacturing motor vehicle in the world at start. The concept which afterwards grew to become the Continental R was displayed at the 1984 Geneva Motor Exhibit
he car’s overall body was styled by John Heffernan and Ken Greenley, who experienced operate the automotive design and style school at the Royal College of Artwork, collectively with Graham Hull, who headed up the in-house design and style workforce for Rolls Royce and Bentley. The inside was completely Graham Hull’s do the job.
The Continental R also featured roof-cut door frames, to allow a lot easier accessibility with a delicate spoiler at the rear.
At start the Continental R was run by a 6.seventy five L Garrett-turbocharged engine from the Bentley Turbo R with an output of 325bhp mated to the new four-speed GM 4L80-E automated transmission and featured self levelling hydraulic suspension, ventilated disc brakes at the front, with twin calipers. Engine management by means of the MK-Motronic digital fuel injection with absolutely mapped ignition handle method. At start, major speed was a hundred forty five mph and the motor vehicle was priced at £178,000.
1994 model yr saw a amount of revisions to the engine, which includes revisions to the cylinder heads courtesy of Cosworth (another enterprise inside the Vickers group, the alloy wheels were also greater to 17 inch.
1996 saw some of the most substantial adjustments in the cars manufacturing operate notably the inclusion of the liquid cooled chargecooler as common, along with improved engine management, Zytek EMS3, which intended advancement in throttle response, advancement in fuel efficiency and digitally managed turbo above-raise. It also intended an enhance in ability output, figures which Rolls Royce now formally produced, for the initially time, as 385 bhp The 1996 model yr also saw revised 17″ alloy wheels and steering wheel tilt adjustment for the initially time. This was electrically adjustable and so could now be established as section of the seat and wing mirror memory positions. Digital Traction Guidance Process started to look on the afterwards 1996 model yr cars.
For 1998 saw electronic traction assistance method and some cosmetic adjustments with output remaining as before. Beauty revisions included fitting the similar front seats as fitted to the Bentley Azure, which were lifted from the BMW eight collection (trimmed by Rolls Royce), showcasing an built-in seat belt. Other revisions included small mesh vents beneath the headlights, laser-cut mesh radiator grill as common, revised alloy wheels and insignificant adjustments to front and rear bumpers.
Underneath German ownership (1999–2003), quite …

Overall performance Level Up With Bentley Aftermarket Components

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