Riley ELF MK II 1963 (0514)

Riley ELF MK II 1963 (0514)

Producer: Riley Motors Restricted / British Motor Corporation Restricted (BMC), Longbridge – British isles
Style: ELF MK II
Engine: 998cc straight-4 (by Cooper)
Electrical power: forty one bhp / five.250 rpm
Speed: 122 km/h
Production time: 1962 – 1966
Production outlet: 17,816
Control fat: 670 kg

– It can be a variant of the authentic Mini, designated by Leonard Lord as project ADO15 (Amalgamated Drawing Business office project number 15).
– The Riley ELF, as perfectly as the Wolseley Hornet stablemate, have been concurrently released in 1961.
– Created as much more luxurious variations of the Mini (a higher quality of interior trim and much more external chrome), equally the ELF and the Hornet experienced more time, a little finned rear wings, distinct fronts and much larger boots that gave the cars a much more classic three-box structure.
– The interior has a entire-width wood veneer dashboard.
– It has a four-pace handbook gearbox (flooring lever), frontwheel drive, one particular SU carburettor and drum brakes (twin major brake shoes on entrance).
– In Could 1965 an Computerized transmission was released.
– The ELF and Hornet have been the very first “Mini’s” to aspect roll-up home windows (1966), face-degree air flow, remote gearchange linkage and deleted external doorway hinges (1966).
– As in early pre-war models, the ELF was the sporty model.
– The noticeable variation between the Elf and the Hornet is the entrance grille.
The Hornet has a badge at the top rated on the grille, which is illuminated with the lights. The Elf does not have this illuminated badge.
– Sir Alec Issigonis, the designer of the authentic Mini, was “not amused”. He imagined it was awful.
– There have been three collection between 1961 and 1969:
* MK I: 1961-1962 / 848cc / three,522 ELFs / three,166 Hornets
* MK II: 1962-1966 / 998cc / 17,816 ELFs / sixteen,785 Hornets
* MK III: 1966-1969 / 998cc / 9,574 ELFs / eight,504 Hornets
* 30,912 ELFs in full
* 28,455 Hornets in full

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Ford Product T Touring Sort T1 1912 (8059)

Ford Model T Touring Type T1 1912 (8059)

Manufacturer: Ford Motor Enterprise, Dearborn, Michigan – U.S.A.
Sort: Product T Touring Sort T1
Manufacturing time: 1908 – 1914
Manufacturing outlet: fifty,598 (1912: all Touring styles)
Manufacturing outlet: 68,773 (1912: all styles)
Manufacturing outlet: 506,225 (1908-1914: all Typ T1 styles)
Manufacturing outlet: fifteen,458,781 (1908-1927: all styles)
Motor: 2896cc straight-4 aspect valves flathead, L-block, L-head
Power: twenty bhp / one.600 rpm
Drivetrain: rear wheels
Velocity: 68 km/h
Suppress fat: 710 kg
Wheelbase: one hundred inch
Chassis: direct frame created of riveted U-steel profiles on a wooden skeleton with individual metallic planking system
Steering: planetary epicyclic gear
Gearbox: handbook two-speed planetary device with a magneto positioned in front of the flywheel (this magneto supplied ignition current generated in a established of stationary coils)
Clutch: a number of dry plate disc
Carburettor: Ford
Fuel tank: 38 liter (case gas method: gravity type, no pump)
Electric method: six Volts
Ignition method: solitary trembler coil
Brakes front: non
Brakes rear: hand-operated mechanical drums
Brakes: exterior braking on the driveshaft
Suspension front: beam axle, cross two drive rods, transversely mounted semi-elliptical springs
Suspension rear: beam axle, two cast housing halves which accommodate the differential gear and the two travel shafts, cross two drive rods, transverse leaf springs
Rear axle: live semi-floating type
Differential: shaft
Wheels: wooden Artillery type
Tires front: 30 x 3 pneumatic clincher type
Tires raer: 30 x 3½ pneumatic clincher type
Selections: “Rocky Mountain Brakes” (exterior band brakes only on the rear axle), balloon tires with steel wires reinforcing the tire bead (from 1925), steel welded-spoke wheels readily available in 1926 and 1927

– On Oct one, 1908, the firm released the prosperous Ford Product T (also regarded as Tin Lizzie, Tin Lizzy, T‑Model Ford, Product T or T), intended by Childe Harold Wills, Joseph A. Galamb and Eugene Farkas.
– At initial assembled in Piquette plant and from 1910 in the Highland Park plant.
– It was Fords initial mass generation car or truck (as a substitute of person hand crafting). The chassis was drawn by personnel on a carriage trough the factory. Later, the sleds have been replaced by carts on rails and mechanically drawn (“electrical lines”).
– This was not the initial generation line with entirely interchangeable areas ever (that was Olds Motor Operates, Lansing, Michigan – Usa with the Product R Curved Sprint), but it was the initial time an whole plant labored with this method.
– The bodies have been nevertheless from other suppliers right up until 1919, notably OJ Beaudette and Kelsey.
– It was Americas initial automobile with normal left hand steering, though driving on the suitable was “the suitable way”.
– The Ts in-line motor was the initial motor with a removable cylinder head.
– The parking brake operates on the tie rods to the drum brakes on the rear axle.
– The Product T’s built prior to 1919 have been supplied with non-demountable wheels. This intended that if a flat tire occurred, the tire experienced to be eliminated from the rim and a …

IFA F9 1954 (1483)

IFA F9 1954 (1483)

Producer: Industrieverband Fahrzeugbau Zwickau (IFA) / V.E.B, Zwickau / A.W.E. Eisenach – East Germany (DDR / GDR)
Kind: F9
Engine: 901cc straight-three two-stroke motor
Ability: 28 bhp / three.600 rpm
Pace: 110 km/h
Production time: 1949 – 1956
Production outlet: forty,663
Curb bodyweight: 860 kg

– Following WW II the East Germans (Russian profession zone) identified a ’39 prototype (with a new straight-three / two-stroke motor in the former DKW factories and offered that auto as the F8 at the 1948 Leipziger Messe.
– Much more than a yr later the F9 was offered.
– The initially one,880 units were created in Zwickau, at the former AUDI-factories. The later cars (1953) in Eisenach (A.W.E., interior designation EMW 309).
– From 1951 a Convertible (one,330 units) was offered, a Kombi from 1953-1956 (three,005 units), just a couple of Cabrio-Limousine (1953 fastened sides and retractable roof) and even some Select-Ups (Lieferwagen).
– This F9 with the straight-three motor did appear a few years before in output than its western counterpart, the DKW F91 (896cc straight-three 1953-1955).
– The F9 was a preferred auto and was exported a lot.
– It has front wheel travel (like the pre-war DKW), a BVF H32/ carburettor and a four-speed guide gearbox.
– The radiator was mounted behind the motor (give up uncommon for a drinking water-cooled motor), just like the (later) DKW F91.
– The front suspension has delta wishbones, transverse leaf spring higher than hydraulic piston shock absorbers, whilst the rear suspension has a rigid tubular axle, trailing arms, transverse leaf spring higher than hydraulic piston shock absorbers.
– The equipment lever was mounted into the dashboard.
– The later ’54 types had extra energy (thirty bhp / three.800 rpm), significant windshield with out middle bar, significant panoramic rear window (also with out bar), a forty Liter gas tank in the back and a modified ignition process and cylinder head.
– The IFA F9 was the last to be created cars in the GDR with suicide doors.
– In 1955 the Wartburg 311 was offered as its successor, based on the F9, with its motor and chassis, but it had a new four-door body.

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Borgward Isabella Coupé 1961 (8308)

Borgward Isabella Coupé 1961 (8308)

Manufacturer: Carl FW Borgward GmbH, Bremen-Sebaldsbrück – Germany
Form: Isabella Coupé
Motor: 1493cc straight-4
Electric power: 75 bhp / 5.two hundred rpm
Velocity: 148 km/h
Manufacturing time: 1957 – 1961
Manufacturing outlet: 9,537
Suppress pounds: 1060 kg

– Responding to a income drop of just about a 3rd in 1955 and 1956, Carl Borgward decided to generate a extra lovely Isabella with a shortened roof line, now referred to as the Isabella (TS) Coupé.
– 4 hand constructed prototypes were nicely obtained by the press.
– Borgward gave one particular of these prototypes to his spouse, Elisabeth, who would continue on to travel it into the eighties.
– Several publications touted the Isabella Coupe as one particular of Germany’s most lovely cars.
– In Germany a two doorway auto was normal, whilst in other countries the 4 doorway cars were normal.
– The TS versions become the extra powerful engine (85bhp) with a Solex 32 PAITA carburettor.
– The Isabella has a self supporting human body with a absolutely synchronized 4-velocity gearbox (operated with a hydraulic clutch) and rear wheel travel.
– The entrance wheels are suspended by unequal length double wishbones with coil springs and stabilizer (like the racing auto Borgward RS).
– At the rear Isabella has a swing axle with coil springs and drive rods.
– On request, the TS coupe was available with (in that time) the preferred tail fins provided therein, in comparison to the collection model, larger sized tail lights.
– Because Borgward abruptly arrived into money hassle (1961), creation stopped in that year. The creation was marketed to the Fabrica Nacional de Automoviles SA Monterrey (Mexico). They produced from 1967 until eventually its individual bankruptcy in 1970 the Borgward P100, referred to as in Mexico the Borgward 230.

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Buick Series forty Particular Sedan 1958 (7616)

Buick Series 40 Special Sedan 1958 (7616)

Company: Typical Motors, Buick Motor Division, Flint, Michigan – Usa
Style: Series forty Particular Sedan
Engine: 5965cc V-8 “Fireball”
Power: 247 bhp / four.four hundred rpm
Speed: a hundred and seventy km/h
Manufacturing time: 1958
Manufacturing outlet: forty eight,238
Suppress weight: 2030 kg

– The ’58 types are the past of the Series forty (a new sequence naming scheme was released in 1959) and the to start with calendar year with twin headlights, but with no the ventiports at the facet.
– The grille design was called “Trend Aire Dynastar Grille” and was composed of a hundred and sixty chromium cubes.
– The vehicle experienced a whole of about 120 kg of chromium, the major total of chrome/metal on a vehicle in the overall automobile historical past.
– The ’58 types are generally recognizable by its “cubes front”, a circular ornament with a “V” (symbolizing V8) put on the front and in the heart of the hood.
– Dual horizontal moldings ran together each and every facet of the car, from front to again.
– An selection was the finned aluminum front drum brakes which gave the Buick the very best halting power of any American vehicle at that time.
– An additional selection were being the dual exhaust pipes.
– In North-The usa a three-velocity handbook gearbox was normal, but the export types experienced a three-velocity Dynaflow computerized gearbox.

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