The Big News In Sports Cars

The Big News In Sports Cars

Minolta X-700
Albinar ADG 28mm f/2.8
Lomography 100 (Kodak)

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All Night Auto Parts

All Night Auto Parts

Elm St. Dallas Texas, 2012.

They still use the big books to look up the parts for your car.

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1970 MG MGB GT

1970 MG MGB GT

Certainly one of the more popular versions of the MGB, and my favourite version of them all, the MGB GT gave the plucky British sports car a hard top for those who didn’t live in the south of France and didn’t like the idea of rain filling up the footwell.

The MGB GT was first built in 1965, sporting a revolutionary ‘Greenhouse’ cabin designed by Pininfarina, and featured a very swish looking hatchback and fastback rear. The car was perfect for the American market too as the threat of banning convertible cars loomed over world motor manufacturers, but the GT didn’t survive there long and was removed from the market in 1974.

From the GT though many different variations came into being under British Leyland. In 1967 the MGC was built, a short lived venture that included the fitting of a much larger BMC engine, but this resulted in weighing down the front suspension and creating a large bulge in the bonnet.

This was replaced in 1973 by the MGB GT V8, a reworked version fitted with the famous Rover V8 engine, but this too didn’t last long and construction was killed off in 1976.

However, the original MGB GT continued to soldier on until the end of the MGB line in 1980, and today holds quite a fond fanbase as simple, fun motoring.

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tri gott auto parts

tri gott auto parts

best viewed LARGE

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Auto Parts Sign

Auto Parts Sign

All images have been taken with iPhone

I have been taking pictures sense I was a 12 year old kid.

Love Old Metal Signs and people watching.
When all my Instant Film ran out, I bought my Aunts original used iPhone and it has not left my palm sense.

Always on the look out for Interesting people and Old Metal Signs to point the iPhone at.

There is nothing like bright Colors stuck on a wall. This sign caught my eye with it’s red on blue plastic letters.
While I was snapping photos a person approached me with all the usual questions. Was shocked when he invited me across the street to take some photos of an old Pegasus gas sign that hung on his remodeled Auto Repair shop for several decades.

That is the second time this week I have been given an opportunity to see unusual things in hard to go to places.

My name is Tiberious Johanson and I take picture with my iPhone.

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