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Alpine (French pronunciation: ​[alpin]) was a French producer of racing and sports activities cars that used rear-mounted Renault engines.
Jean Rédélé (1922 – 2007), the founder of Alpine, was at first a Dieppe garage proprietor, who began to obtain significant level of competition results in a single of the couple of French cars manufactured just after Environment War two. The enterprise was bought in 1978 by Renault.

Historical past

Early days
Employing Renault 4CVs, Rédélé received course wins in a amount of big situations, which includes the Mille Miglia and Coupe des Alpes. As his working experience with the very little 4CV created up, he incorporated lots of modifications, which includes for case in point, specific five-speed equipment packing containers replacing the primary three-speed unit. To present a lighter car he created a amount of specific variations with light-weight aluminium bodies: he drove in these at Le Mans and Sebring with some results in the early nineteen fifties.

Encouraged by the advancement of these cars and consequent buyer demand, he launched the Société Anonyme des Cars Alpine in 1954. The firm was named Alpine after his Coupe des Alpes successes. He did not realise that around in England the previous 12 months, Sunbeam experienced introduced a sports activities coupe derived from the Sunbeam Talbot and known as the Sunbeam Alpine. This naming trouble was to cause issues for Alpine during its record.

Mentor Alpine A106 Mille Milles 1955 (To start with alpine).

In 1955, he labored with the Chappe brothers to be among the pioneers of vehicle glass fibre design and manufactured a modest coupe, based mostly on 4CV mechanicals and known as the Alpine A106. It used the system chassis of the primary Renault 4CV. The A106 achieved a amount of successes via the nineteen fifties and was joined by a lower and trendy cabriolet. Styling for this car was contracted to the Italian designer Giovanni Michelotti. Below the glassfibre physique was a pretty rigid chassis based mostly on a central tubular spine which was to be the hallmark of all Alpines created.

Alpine A110 Berlinette (1962-1967).

Alpine then took the Michelotti cabriolet design and style and created a two+two shut coupe (or ‘berlinette’) physique for it: this became the Alpine A108, now featuring the Dauphine Gordini 845 cc engine, which on afterwards versions was bored out to give a capability of 904 cc or (subsequently) 998 cc.[one] The A108 was created involving 1958 and 1963.


In 1962, the A108 started to be manufactured also in Brazil, by Willys-Overland. It was the Willys Interlagos (berlineta, coupé and convertible).

Willys Interlagos Berlineta, the Brazilian A108
By now the car’s mechanicals ended up commencing to show their age in Europe. Alpine ended up presently doing work carefully with Renault and when the Renault R8 saloon was introduced in 1962. Alpine redeveloped their chassis and made a amount of slight physique alterations to enable the use of R8 mechanicals.

This new car …