Automotive Technician, Notre Dame Campus, March 2008

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Vinsetta Garage – Berkley MI

Vinsetta Garage - Berkley MI

Located in Berkley, a suburb of Detroit, this garage opened in 1919. You are guaranteed to see classic cars pulling in and out of there every day of the year. located on busy Woodward Avenue. I had to get another shot of this building as it is the first time I have ever seen it without a car parked out front cluttering the shot!

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A sad story relating to my 1989 Mercury Topaz vehicle

A sad story regarding my 1989 Mercury Topaz car

Previous 7 days, I drove my vehicle to a neighborhood vehicle mend store in Whitehorse to see if any repairs can be built to stop an oil leak beneath the motor. I shell out a large amount of my time driving on the highways every single summer and the oil leak beneath the motor experienced gotten worse for the last 4 months. I preferred to see if any minor repairs could be accomplished to stop the oil leak just before it grew to become a fire hazard. I instructed the mechanics that I would not fork out additional than $one thousand for the repairs due to the fact my old vehicle is approximately 20 years old and is most likely much less than $one thousand. I was hoping that there would not be any main repairs desired to stop the oil leak.

A several hrs afterwards, I obtained some negative information. The mechanic phoned me and claimed that main repairs will be demanded to stop the oil leak for the reason that there had been oil leaks almost everywhere beneath the motor. The overall motor would have to have to be taken off and reinstalled in order to mend the oil leaks. The main repairs on the motor would price tag in excess of $one thousand dollars (Canadian). I instructed the mechanic that I will not go in advance with the main repairs and I would select up my vehicle from the mend store. When I picked up my vehicle, the mechanic instructed me that there is no demand for inspecting the oil leak beneath the motor. I felt content that I did not have to fork out the mechanic, but at the exact time I felt really sad.

Considering that the price tag of the main repairs on the motor is a large amount additional than the price tag of my old vehicle, my 1989 Mercury Topaz is pretty considerably a publish-off. Of class, I was not content with the negative information. In simple fact, I was really sad for the reason that I experienced owned my old vehicle for the last eight years. My vehicle was an complete joy to generate for the reason that it experienced never ever broken down every single time I drove it and failed to have much too quite a few mechanical troubles. I then experienced to make the agonizing choice to get rid of my old vehicle and obtain yet another manufacturer new vehicle for myself. I was hoping to preserve my old vehicle for two additional years, but the huge oil leak put an unpredicted finish to that system really immediately.

Sighhhhh……..I will seriously skip driving this old vehicle. 🙁

Photograph taken in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada on August 4, 2008.

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