Championnat Européen de DRIFT – Bordeaux Mérignac Gironde 13 et 14 septembre 2014 – BMW M3 – Moteur Engine Puissance Power Car Speed Vitesse Explorer Explore Circuit Champion – Picture Image Photography King of Europe KOE

Championnat Européen de DRIFT - Bordeaux Mérignac Gironde 13 et 14 septembre 2014 - BMW M3 - Moteur Engine Puissance Power Car Speed Vitesse Explorer Explore Circuit Champion - Picture Image Photography King of Europe KOE
Bordeaux race track makes its return on the calendar with a very nice and curvy layout. France is a big motorsport nation and with this event running just 1 week before the final, it means all the best drivers will be in attendance on this demanding circuit.…

La M3 e30 en compétition
BMW M3 E30 en course.
BMW M3 E30 en DTM (ici lors du Essen Motor Show 2011).

Parmi les nombreux préparateurs qui la développèrent et l’engagèrent, l’équipe britannique PRODRIVE de David Richards, connu son heure de gloire avec cette voiture.

Elle gagna à 4 reprises la fameuse course d’endurance des 24 Heures de Spa (1987, 1988, 1990 et 1992).

En rallyes, elle remporta la première manche du championnat du monde à laquelle elle participa : le Tour de Corse 1987, entre les mains du français Bernard Béguin (avec plus de deux minutes d’avance sur son compatriote Yves Loubet). Avec la M3, Béguin fut vice-champion de France des rallyes en 1987 et 1988.

Toujours en rallye, citons aussi :

ses deux titres en Championnat de Belgique des rallyes (BRC): en 1988 avec Patrick Snijers, vice-champion d’Europe la même année et 1989 grâce à Marc Duez. ;

ses deux titres en Championnat de France des rallyes (CFR) : en 1989 et 1990 pour François Chatriot.

Courses sur glace : les deux victoires aux 24 heures sur glace de Chamonix en 1991 et 1992 avec Marcel Tarrès (2), Christian Debias (1) et B. Béguin (1) et les trois autres victoires de M. Tarrès -seul cette fois- à la Ronde de Serre Chevalier en 1991, 1992 (version 4×4) et 1993 (4×4) dans le cadre du Trophée Andros.

Au final, la M3 e30 remporta 16 victoires en CFR entre 1987 et 1990, 7 en BRC ,et 9 en ERC avec des pilotes français (6 avec des belges). Dans la foulée Pascal Thomasse obtint deux podiums en Championnat de France D2, en 1990 et 1994.

Elle était déclinée tant en version "Groupe N" qu’en "Groupe A".

Elle est à l’heure actuelle toujours utilisée par de nombreux pilotes amateurs, partout en Europe (entre’autres en Coupe de France des rallyes, où elle s’est imposée sans discontinuer entre 1990 et 1995, puis en 1998 (E30 et E36): Hugues Delage obtint les coupes 1990, 1993 et 1994, et Dominique de Meyer celle de l’année 1991 et la finale de 1995 (Christophe Lapierre vainqueur de la coupe 1992, et Patrick Rouillard de celle 1998 pour la dernière fois de l’évolution M3); au Liban Nabil Karam s’est imposé en 1991).

En Championnat d’Europe de course de côte, elle a remporté le titre de Catégorie I à cinq reprises consécutives avec Francis Dosières entre 1989 et 1993 (voiture homologuée Gr.A); s’en suivirent de nombreux autres titres toujours de Catégorie I pour les versions ultérieures de la M3 Gr.A, avec le tchèque Otakar Krámský (1995, 1997 et 1998), le croate Niko Pulić (1999, 2000 et 2001), le tchèque Robert Šenkýř (2003 et 2004) et l’allemand Jörg Weidinger (2005 et 2006), …

Sales Scripts Success Secret For Selling Automobiles

Sales scripts work. Plain and simple. And they are especially effective in automobile sales. Strange as it may be, salespeople in general have pretty bad press. Add automobile sales people into the mix, then you’ve probably got one of the worst preconceived notions of a salesperson that you ever could have. Why? That’s because the stereotype of an automobile salesman is a fast talking, high pressure person, out to make a fast buck, and probably selling something dodgy in the process.

In the car sales arena, sales scripts receive little training and are hardly ever used. Objective studies that have been carried out recently into a salesperson`s patter, regardless of the industry, reveals that a more easygoing, genuinely helpful approach wins more sales than the high pressure approach. So using sales scripts, no matter what niche of the market you are in, could well help increase your sales.

Consider this, naturally gifted automobile sales people are rare. The ones who do have the natural talent for sales tend to be fast talkers who rely on their confident delivery to rush people headlong into a decision. But making a sale doesn’t have to be done this way. As the study suggests, a consultative approach is proven to yield better results. Because this new consultation approach is unfamiliar to most sales hardened car sales people, sales scripts help guide the interaction and steady the pace.

Sales scripts work for automobile sales people in the same way that film scripts work for actors. They are used to maintain excitement, energy, and enthusiasm in the dialogue. More importantly, scripts guide the actors throughout the production. Similarly, sales scripts guide the sales professional maintaining the focus on the prospect and vehicle.

Sales scripting is not a new idea. It was first researched back in 1938 when Elmer Wheeler researched over 105,000 words and phrases over a 10 year period. He published his findings in the book “Tested Sentences That Sell“. He concluded that “There are no magic words that sell, but there is word magic.” Wheeler advocated that using tested “word magic” can significantly increase sales.

Sales scripts are becoming more widely used across a larger cross-section of sales markets, and some leading automobile dealerships are beginning to look at the benefits of employing this sales methodology. In the past, automobile salespeople have been accused of being over aggressive. For example, as soon as you arrive at the store you often get a sales person tagging onto you very quickly, asking you what it is you’re looking for. This can immediately put you on the defensive. You feel under pressure and usually respond with something like “Just browsing”, or you might even leave the store. Whereas it is nice to be recognized when you do arrive, you don’t want to feel that you are being pushed into anything, and this is exactly where sales scripts can really help to change how a sales person interacts with the prospect.

A …

KPMG: Global Automotive Executive Survey 2015

The Global Automotive Executive Survey is KPMG International’s annual assessment of the current state and future prospects of the worldwide automotive industry. In this year’s survey, 200 senior executives from the world’s leading automotive companies were interviewed, including automakers, suppliers, dealers, financial services providers, rental companies and mobility solution providers.




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Explanation of Modern Sensors Used on Modern Vehicles

Explanation of modern sensors used on modern vehicles

The days of old are gone where a vehicle has a simple 4 stroke combustion engine in it and no regard for the environmental impact it had on the planet. All modern vehicles rely on a computerised system to make sure your vehicles perform as efficiently and environmentally friendly as possible.

I will try to cover and explain as many of the current sensors and their functions. There may be other specific sensors in production but the ones i will cover here are basically standard on all modern cars and light trucks.

First and foremost in the line up would be the ECU also known as either an Engine Control Unit or Electronic Control Unit. This item does exactly as it is named, it controls all of the vehicles engine electronic sensors and tells other parts of the engine how much to compensate for certain circumstances in order to make the engine as efficient as possible. In some cases the ECU also controls many if not all of the interior electric components as well. As long as the ECU is working properly it can read millions of values per second sent to it by the sensors on the vehicle, it then adjusts other electronic parts to compensate and make the vehicle run correctly.

Next we will touch on the Lambda sensors, otherwise known as Oxygen sensors or O2 sensors for short. These sensors are located in the exhaust system itself. The sensor portion itself is located directly in the stream of the exhaust gasses and its sole purpose is to rear the exhaust gas composition and report it back to the ECU. If a lambda sensor tells the ECU then the vehicle is running a bit too lean, the ECU then compensates by allowing more fuel into the engine to richer the mixture, the reverse stands true if the vehicle is running rich to begin with.

The next pair of sensors we will talk about is the MAP or Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor/ MAF Mass Air Flow sensor, the reason we are covering these together is because a vehicle will be equipped with either one or the other, not both. The MAP sensor provides information to the ECU that calculates air density and flow rate, this helps the ECU to figure out if it needs to add more fuel or less to provide optimal combustion. The MAF sensor reads changes in air density as it enters the engine allowing the ECU to determine if more or less fuel is needed for optimum combustion.

The knock sensor is another important sensor on the engine. It’s only function is to listen to the engine and report to the ECU if there is any detonation in the cylinders of the engine. If detonation is present then the ECU varies the ignition spark time either forwards or backwards to compensate and provide optimum combustion.

The coolant temperature sensor is an often overlooked but important sensor in …