MT Autonews: Proton Persona has ASEAN NCAP 5 stars

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Proton Persona has ASEAN NCAP 5 stars

Understanding that buyers now expect high standards of safety, Proton has engineered its latest models to be able to score top marks in crash tests. According to ASEAN NCAP, the new Persona sedan rates the full 5 stars for Adult Occupant Protection based on the results of the Iriz which was tested earlier. The basic structure is the same so the level of protection should be similarly high.


New BMW 330e Plug-in Hybrid

BMW Malaysia has added another model to its locally-assembled range. This is the 330e Plug-in Hybrid and it is the 12th model in the company’s portfolio of models assembled at its facility in Kedah. Maximum output is 252 bhp with peak torque of 420 Nm while combined fuel consumption is claimed to be 47.6 kms/litre. Being assembled locally and with financial incentives from the National Automotive Policy reduces the retail price by RM120,000 to RM248,800.


Improved new Ford Transit Van

The Transit is one of the best-selling vans in the world, sold on 6 continents and over 110 markets worldwide. It was the first model chosen by Ford to resume local assembly Malaysia in 2014 after a lapse of 6 years. Its high roof and spacious interior as well as a high level of safety equipment make it a popular model with government agencies and the latest one has further improvements.


First images of next Kia Rio

An all-new Kia Rio will be unveiled at the Paris Motorshow at the end of September, taking the Korean carmaker’s bestselling global model into its fourth generation since being launched in 2000. The progressive new exterior and interior design was led by Kia’s design centres in Germany and California, in close collaboration with the company’s main design centre in Korea.


Locally-assembled Mercedes SUV

Mercedes-Benz vehicles have been assembled in Malaysia since the 1960s but the GLC 250 will be the first SUV that the company is assembling in this country. Assembled at the Mercedes-Benz production facility within the DRB-HICOM manufacturing complex in Pekan, Pahang, it is expected to have a pricetag of RM325,888.




At Dooley and Sons, they let the quality of their custom hot rods do the talking. Founded in 1961 by Dooley Cameron in Levelland, Texas, they approach each day by striving to improve upon what was done the day before. Over five decades later, they are privileged to work with customers that share their vision for constantly pushing the envelope of custom hot rod design. From stock restorations to Pro Touring musclecars to custom street rods and trucks, they see each new project as an opportunity to incorporate new ideas and inspiration into the broad variety of custom hot rods that they build.
Although upholstery work has always been Dooley Cameron’s first passion, his knack for custom fabrication and show-quality bodywork enabled him to build turnkey hot rods in which to showcase his custom interiors. As the years went by, his sons Jeff and Tom started working at the shop after school, learning the tricks of the trade from their craftsman father. Jeff took a keen interest in paint and body work, while Tom gravitated toward sheetmetal fabrication. In 1983, Dooley’s Custom Upholstery became Dooley and Son’s Hot Rod Shop. The Cameron family left the dusty plains of West Texas behind and relocated to the piney woods of Magnolia, Texas in 2004.
Today, what started out as small one-man operation has grown far beyond what the Cameron family ever imagined. Stretched out over 15 acres, our 20,000 square-foot facility houses a custom sheetmetal fabrication, upholstery, chassis fabrication, paint and body, exhaust fabrication, and a final assembly departments all under one roof. This arrangement enables them to maintain stringent quality control standards by closely monitoring each car through every phase of the build. During the construction phase, project cars can easily move between each department to undergo minor design changes as necessary, resulting in a remarkably well-integrated package from top to bottom. See:

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Evolution of Business in the United States

 I. Introduction

The history of modern American economy traces its roots in the 16th century when migrants from Europe came to settle in the country. At that time, the nation was inhabited by Native Americans — indigenous peoples who were recognized according to tribes. Prior to the arrival of European settlers, tribes traded among themselves.

When the Europeans came they established economic interaction with the natives through the barter or trading of commodities. Such interaction increased tremendously over time – thus becoming the cornerstones of commerce and the foundation of a nation. From the early trading systems, business in America progressed to more complicated and more comprehensive levels. Tracing these roots, from the early barter practices through the Industrial Revolution up until the Internet Revolution can help us better appreciate why America is the most powerful economy in the world today.

II. Bartering

The beginnings of business in America are closely intertwined with the early practice of barter. In its early history, the United States was a collection of colonies where the absence of a common currency led to the use of all sorts of substitutes, e.g. tobacco and wampum, as money.

Barter took many forms then. Among these were the potlatch ceremonies of Native Americans that had economic functions entwined with social and ceremonial significance. A potlatch is usually a ceremony involving music, dance, and spiritual rituals. The host gives away his resources gathered for the event, which in turn the guests give in return when they hold their own potlatches.

Barter also took the form of traditional native currencies such as furs and wampum which were essential for frontier trading with the indigenous population. Wampum, made out of the shells of a type of clam, was best known form of money among Native Americans. Wampum’s use as money came as a result of its desirability for ornamentation purposes.

Among the early documented use of wampum points to 1664 when colonist Peter Stuyvesant arranged a loan in wampum for the payment of the wages of workers constructing the New York citadel (page 458). Other commodities that were commonly traded included tobacco, rice, indigo, wheat, maize, etc.

III.  From the Industrial Revolution to the Production Era

As colonies and settlements grew, industries became more developed. The introduction and use of machineries in production ushered in the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution changed the ways by how American businesses produced their goods. The introduction of much new technological advancement led to greater and faster production of goods. The onset of greater productivity led to unprecedented economic growth to a budding nation. The Industrial Revolution basically changed the country from a mainly agricultural society to one that in which industry and manufacturing was in control.

The biggest advancement in technology was the use of steam power. This revolutionized industries like textiles and manufacturing. Also, the invention of the telegraph made communication much faster. The onset of the production era signaled the end of the industrial revolution. The new era saw many companies …

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7:45 Nissan 300ZX
9:36 Chevy Blazer
10:48 Mercedes Benz
12:00 Pontiac Grand AM
14:12 Mazda
15:20 BMW Convertible
28:51 Ford Crown Vic Cop Car
34:00 Talking with other Dealers
43:20 Bidding on Mustang

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CHANGAN Automobile

CHANGAN Automobile

Changan Automobile, founded in 1862, is the pioneer of China’s modern industry. It is affiliated to China South Industries Group Corporation, among the first camp of Chinese automotive industry. It has existing assets 68 billion yuan, nearly 50,000 employees.
Changan Automobile has six large bases in Chongqing, Beijing, Jiangsu, Hebei, Zhejiang and Jiangxi and 15 vehicle and engine factories, making an annual capacity of 2 million vehicles and 2 million engines. Over the years, Changan Automobile has been among the Top 500 industrial enterprises, Top 100 manufacturing companies and Top 20 listed companies in China, and the Top 50 industrial enterprises in Chongqing Municipality.
Changan Automobile has always adhered to the core values of "technological innovation and eternal love" and the brand philosophy "to be a world-renowned brand and create values", dedicated to scientific and technological innovation to lead car civilization and striving to provide customers with amazing and moving products and services. After years of development, Changan Automobile has formed a wide range of product lineages at different levels such as sedan, micro car, bus, truck, SUV and MPV and an engine platform with displacement ranging from 0.8L to 2.5L. Up to now, Changan Automobile has successfully launched a series of classic own brand models such as EADO, CX30, CX20, Yuexiang, Benben and Honor, widely sought after by markets and consumers. In 2010, Changan Automobile¡¯s own-brand production ranked No.13 in the world, No.1 in China. In 2011 Changan Automobile¡¯s brand value reached 30.515 billion yuan, among the top 10 most valuable brands in China.
Changan Automobile adheres to the path of development of "taking the initiative in independent innovation". Changan Automobile has established a R&D pattern covering Chongqing, Shanghai, Beijing, Harbin, Jiangxi, Turin, Italy, Yokohama, Nottingham and Detroit; developed Changan Automobile Product Development Process (CA-PDS), which obtains the first prize in management innovation competition; currently has more than 6,000 professional personnel, more than 200 senior experts, more than 300 foreign personnel and 10 selected into the national "Recruitment Program of Global Experts". Changan Automobile¡¯s R&D strength ranks the first in China’s automobile industry.
Changan Automobile adheres to "green, technology and responsibility" as its mission to develop new energy vehicles. Changan Automotive as the first in China launches the first industrialized hybrid car, which becomes the only car of demonstration run of Government Offices Administration of the State Council. In 2009, Changan’s pure electric vehicle was successfully off the line. In 2012, Changan E30 pure electric car as the first among Chinese electric cars completed the first charged crash safety test and achieved five-star safety standards, setting a new industry benchmark. Changan Automobile is walking in the forefront of the country in R&D, industrialization and demonstration runs of new energy vehicles. Changan Automobile has established strategic partnership with Suzuki, Ford and Mazda, setting up Changan Suzuki, Changan Ford Mazda Automobile and Changan Ford Mazda Engine and other joint ventures and owning Mondeo, Focus, Fiesta, Mazda, Tianyu, Swift, the new Alto and other merchandise.
With a mission to "lead automotive civilization …