Cheap Entry Level High Quality Subwoofer – JL Audio 8W0-4 Review

Most consumers are not fanatics. This means that you’re probably looking for a product that gets you by with value, quality, and performance. You may not necessarily require your product to be the best of the best or the highest performing one on the market. If you’re a car audio fan but not necessarily an enthusiast, you probably want a subwoofer that could produce bass, enough to make your car rumble or enhance the deep low level frequencies of your sound system.

If this is you, then the JL Audio 8W0-4 is your subwoofer of choice. It’s an 8″ subwoofer that packs quite a punch. It is capable of putting out 150 watts of maximum power and 75 watts of RMS continuous power. At first sight, the 8″ may not be the most intimidating subwoofer cosmetically, however, it could indeed produce excellent quality bass outputs thanks to its design.

The woofer is composed of a polypropylene cone with a sealed polypropylene dust cap, a standard car subwoofer and speaker cone composition that ensures rigidity as well as consistency in any ambient environment. The cone is surrounded by a large foam edge that allows the subwoofer to maintain excellent centering while performing at high excursions. Underneath the cone lies the wide progressive roll flat spider that allows the 8W0-4 to ensure a superior mechanical control and placement.

For structural integrity support, the JL Audio 8W0-4 features a vented reinforcement collar, or VRC which acts like a pillar under a bridge acting as support while absorbing performance-related energy. The last feature that must be pointed out is the 6-layer voice coil wiring on a former that is known in the car industry world as Kapton. The result of this feature is the ability for the subwoofer to handle massive thermal energy without losing performance or damaging itself during the energy transfer.

Another nice thing about the 8W0-4 is the fact that its compact size does not typically require a sealed box volume larger than 0.375 cubic feet or a ported box volume larger than 0.75 cubic feet. This means that the JL Car Audio8W0-4 is excellent for small space installations like compact cars or hatchbacks.

With features like this and its incredibly affordable low price at less than $40, how could any car audio beginners pass up a car subwoofer deal like this?…

What’s My Car Worth? Using Kellys Blue Book to Determine the Value of Your Car

As the saying goes, your car is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Nevertheless you still want to get the highest amount that you can for your used car. So the trick here is to determine how to make your car more attractive to buyers and to  know the baseline amount that cars similar to yours are selling for in your local market. The best place to start your search for tips and car values is Kellys Blue Book for cars.

Kellys Blue Book for cars is a renowned automotive industry standard car appraisal guide that provides step by step guides that will help you sell your car but also gives you the “Private Party” value of your car. And the Blue Book for cars is easy to use. At the Kellys Blue Book website click the tab for used cars, then under  KBB Values type in your car’s year, make and model or simply choose the specified data from the drop down menu that appears once you click the down arrow beside the required data box. For example, if you want to sell a 2005 Ford Focus, choose 2005 from the year box, Ford from the make box and Focus from the model box.

After pressing the GO button, you will be redirected to the  Value page where you have to choose the “Private Party” Value. The Private Party Value aims to provide you with the fair market price others would be willing to pay. Then select your car’s trim or version by clicking the list that appears. For example, if your trim is Focus ZX4 S Sedan 4D, click that and go to the KBB Equipment page where you choose your car’s specific details, including transmission and mileage, and accessories. Don’t be overwhelmed with the number of selections, the standard items included on your model are already checked on the  page, you just have to revise or add more equipment as needed by simply clicking the appropriate selections. After making the appropriate selections, the final Kellys Blue Book page will appear. You have to select your car’s overall condition – whether excellent, good, fair or poor. The description on each characteristic is described in the Kellys Blue Book page so you’re not confused. But if you still can’t decide, there is always the KBB condition quiz to further help you in your choice. But beware! Be truthful and remain as unbiased as possible when making your choices on this KBB page. Don’t let your sentimental attachment to your car cloud your choice. If you do, you will get an incorrect blue book for cars appraisal value. When you’re done, you will see the KBB Private Party Value for your specific car’s condition. You can further confirm your car’s value by comparing it with other similar cars in the market by browsing through  Local Listing Search. This will show you available similar cars available in your area. Once you become satisfied that you know your car’s blue book value, you …