Ford…sold for $264,000

Ford...sold for $264,000

The Model A of 1903

The first Ford Motor Company product was called, not surprisingly, the Model A. It was powered by an opposed two-cylinder engine that displaced 100 cubic inches and was stated to develop eight horsepower. Built on a wheelbase of only 72 inches, it weighed roughly 1,250 pounds, depending upon the body fitted. Its light weight made the most of the engine’s eight horsepower, and importantly, an ordinary man could cover more ground in a day with a Model A Ford than with a horse and buggy. More importantly, the Ford didn’t need to be fed on days it wasn’t being used nor have its stall mucked out!

Ford filled his manufacturing pipeline with product in early-1903, making more than a few running changes in the Model A’s design along the way, a pattern that would be repeated many times. Yet, while cash was going out to pay vendors and employees, shipments hadn’t started and income wasn’t coming in to replenish the coffers. In early July of 1903, Ford’s cash balance was just $223.65 and it was doubtful if payroll could be fulfilled long enough to complete the existing works-in-progress. Henry Ford and James Couzens had bet the company on having product ready and customers signed up at exactly the moment the cash ran out. That day was Monday, July 13th, 1903, when the first three orders were received by the Ford Motor Company for Model A Fords.

Dr. E. Pfennig sent his full payment, Indiana Automobile Company sent a $300 deposit, and on July 13, 1903, Herbert L. McNary sent a $170 deposit against an $880 order for a Model A with a tonneau body and $30 of options. Those three buyers’ $1,320 kept the Ford Motor Company in business. They were the core of a commercial snowball that began rolling that day. In the next fifteen months, 1,700 Model A Fords would roll out of the Mack Avenue plant. It was the start of the Ford success that would change the history of the automobile and, with it, the history and makeup of our world, more comprehensively and quickly than any single invention before or since.

Ford Motor Company, no doubt with Henry Ford and James Couzens physically lending a hand, loaded up those three cars. There was, apparently, no sequence to the numbers of the cars on the Mack Avenue plant floor. Ford’s cars were built in batches in one large assembly room. Parts were attached to the different chassis, and as they were finished in no particular order, the cars were test driven before inevitably being brought in for improvements and fine-tuning. The cars were, therefore, not built in sequential order by chassis number but, for all intents and purposes, together. Based on this construction pattern, The Henry Ford Curator Bob Casey has confirmed that there is no way of knowing precisely which of the three cars was completed first.

What is known is that Dr. Pfennig got #11, Indiana Automobile got #9, …

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Import Auto Parts

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The Most EXPENSIVE CARS In The World 2018 (TOP 10)

Meet the top 10 most expensive cars in the world (2017 and 2018). These cars are luxurious, fast and built with advanced technology, so, if you want to have one of these, prepare some millions of dollars.

Originally it was conceived by the Swedish brand to be a three-unit limited edition, but as the cover of the car complicated its manufacture, it was reduced to two. And it is because the company created plating called Koenigseg diamond fabric, which involves coating the carbon fiber of the frame with diamond dust.

The German brand Maybach created this car in 2013 inspired by the luxury cars of the thirties. Its twelve-cylinder twin-turbo engine gives it 700 horsepower which would allow it to lift 29 hippos. Its speed is 218.1 miles per hour, and it can accelerate from zero to sixty miles in just 4.4 seconds. The car is 19.6 feet long, and weighs 4982.4 pounds. That is five polar bears! There is only one unit of this car and the rapper Birdman bought it at a price of 7.8 million dollars.

This model was created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Lamborghini Company. It has the aerodynamic efficiency of a race car, which guarantees stability in the sharpest curves.

The propaganda tells that Marek Reichmann designer of Aston Martin and Adrian Newey, technical director of the races of Red Bull met in a pub to design a car that would go on sale in 2018.

It is the improved version of the McLaren P1 GTR. It must be said that contrary to what the name indicates, this car was not designed by McLaren but by Lanzante Motorsports. The goal was to turn the previous car into a work of art and they started by removing that questionable yellow color and replacing it with black.

The McLaren brand wanted to offer the best track car for non-professional riders. That’s why they created this sports car that has an impressive eight-cylinder bi-turbo engine, which can reach up to 1000 horsepower, accelerates from zero to sixty miles in 2.4 seconds.

Bugatti, the automotive company belonging to the Volkswagen group, has managed to design a car so powerful that, despite its high price, rumors say that they end up losing money with its manufacture.

The Lebanese company W Motors has wanted to take all the luxury of the Arab sheikhs to its maximum splendor and manufactured a luxurious car to Dubai, the over-the-top- oil capital.

This Ferrari was created to worship Sergio Pininfarina, an Italian car designer. It is a roadster, that is, a car that only has two seats. It inherited the form of the Ferrari 458 Spider, but with differences such as the lack of roof and an interesting design where the handles of the doors, the rear view mirrors and the edges …

used cars (27)

used cars (27)

used cars
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