Forza Horizon 3 FULL GAME | Forza Horizon 3 New Cars and Gameplay

Thank you to Xbox for this Forza Horizon 3 game code. In this stream I will be showing off the latest cars, Forza Horizon 3 gameplay and certain parts of the story. I of course can’t show everything until release date but let’s have some fun together!

I will give my review at the end.


Knight Industries Three Thousand

Knight Industries Three Thousand

Meet K.I.T.T. or the Knight Industries Three Thousand. KITT is based on a thrid generation Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. It was so cool to see one in real life. It looked great; the interior was made to look like the Michael Knight’s car as well! 😀

I’ve shot this at the Nationaal Oldtimer Festival 2013 on Circuit Park Zandvoort. Hundreds of classic cars from all kinds of marques showed up. There were classic races on the track, free tracktime for anyone who wanted a go, a huge Porsche Paddock, various Bulls in honour of Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary year and a demonstration by Indian Pete and his Peterbilt Jettruck (2 Phantom F4 turbine engines developing a whopping 12000 HP).

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Important Things That All Drivers Should Know About The Care And Maintenance Of Tires

Although they are often overlooked, your tires are among the most important features on your car. Good tires can mean faster acceleration, shorter stopping distances and better performance and handling overall. These products can also play a major role in determining both driver and passenger safety. The tips that follow will help you take good care of your tires and extend their longevity.

It is important to always have four tires that are exactly the same in size and weight. So, if you have replaced one or two tires at different time and have not got the exact same specifications all the way around your vehicle, you should take care of this right away. Doing so will improve overall safety and it will also ensure that your tires wear evenly all the way around. When you can, always try to have all four tires replaced at once rather than one at a time.

Make sure that you are getting your tires rotated regularly. If you are not, then these are not wearing evenly and you are not getting maximum value from your investment in these products. Your mechanic can help you get a manageable schedule in place for this essential and highly beneficial form of maintenance.

If your treads are starting to wear low, go ahead and pay for replacements rather than putting this off. Otherwise, you run the risk of having a blowout or a flat at the worst possible time. It is always best to have proper fitting and high quality tires in place as this will ensure that you are able to stop quickly and take fat and evasive action whenever you need to.

When getting your oil changed, have a mechanic check to see that each tire has been properly inflated. You can also bring your own gauge and ask this professional to show you how to check air pressure levels on your own. These should never be over or under-inflated. When you go to get fuel, take a minute to check them, especially if you plan to travel any significant distance.

Think about investing in better rims. Believe it or not, these can also play a role in determining overall handling, acceleration times and stopping distances. For instance, an alloy rim will e much lighter than a steel design and can therefore lead to better performance in these areas overall. New rims will also give your vehicle a much more appealing look overall and some can even add to the resale value of your auto as well. …

10 of the Fastest American-Made Cars

This video features 10 of the Fastest American-Made Cars. If you wanna know which are Fastest American-Made Cars watch this video and if you like the video hit the like button.

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Shelby Mustang GT350R

Shelby GT350R

Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

Corvette Z06

Dodge challenger hellcat

BASS 770

Cadillac CTS-V


Charger hellcat

Dodge SRT Viper

Hennessey Venom GT


Mercedes bicolore

Mercedes bicolore

Festival automobile de Mulhouse

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