High Velocity Express Diesel Railcar (shovel nose) nicknamed “The Arrow”, Chilean Railways

High Speed Express Diesel Railcar (shovel nose) nicknamed

Dicha denominación se originaba en sus unidades streamlined antecesoras, utilizadas primitivamente en Alemania, operadas allá como unidades de cercanía entre Berlín y Hamburgo.

Originalmente, estas veloces y aerodinámicas unidades a diésel, estaban conformadas de three coches –incluyendo los 2 coches extremos, con cabina–.
Su capacidad, period de 124 pasajeros cómodamente sentados y a una velocidad crucero de 130-140 Kph, velocidad bastante alta para los convoyes hasta en aquel tiempo vistos y operados en Chile.
Posteriormente, antes de su abandono, uno de los coches extremos, fue modificado quedando sólo como coche-cola, por ende… con escasas o casi nulas posibilidades de revertir el convoy completo, de modo ágil y rápido.

En Chile, sus pioneros servicios los hicieron en el corredor Santiago-Puerto Montt.

Un dato anecdótico, sabido por algunos, pero que nunca estará demás refrescarlo :
Todos los “Flechas”, unos cuantos Automotores del tipo “AM” y materiales para la electrificación de Santiago al Sur a principio de la década del ’50 , fueron cancelados por parte de Chile a Alemania… con lentejas, para alimentar a las tropas alemanas.
Un sistema de pago, diremos…algo curioso, poco recurring y… “pintoresco”.

Futuramente, más product e información inédita, sobre estas unidades diesel streamlined shovelnose.

Fotografía década del ’60.
Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile.

Una vista del inside de una de sus three secciones….. www.flickr.com/pics/[email protected]/8308508475/


With notice it was noticed in Chile the successes obtained by the railroads German in the laters many years world-wide the financial crisis, predominantly in the creation of new fast providers involving the metropolitan areas of higher relevance.
These providers, taken treatment of by automotive of electrical diesel traction, managed to arrive at a higher diploma of efficiency following a period of take a look at that lined the route Berlin – Hamburg as of 1930 what it even gave the title them of “Automotive teach type Hamburg” or “Traveling Hamburger”.

Lastly in 1938 professionals could manifest by settled the earlier experiments as much as financiers and he was purchased to the German industry represented in Chile by the Ferrostaal corporation the manufacture of 6 diesel trains –electric powered motor coaches– of two cars, on watch specific, modified type Hamburg, every a single for 124 passengers of initially course.
Two motors Person of 600HP, every a single had to print to the convoy a terminal velocity of 130 Km/h. The electrical part of traction came from corporation AEG.

Lastly, in 1946, the pens of the steam ship “Rosalino Pilo” loaded those people red-silverplate wagons that shortly had to be the delight of Chilean rails but Chile not still remaining the fuel scarcity, so that only with the commencing of the itinerary of summer 1947/48 commencing could be provided the typical assistance fast Santiago –Port Montt and Santiago-Concepción– with a few frequencies semalanes in wintertime and 6 in summer. Number of many years the technologies lasted the lifestyle utility of the Arrow of the South already had innovative, his decreased capacity of passengers resulted in a minimal financial procedure and, clear lack of spare components, did required to resort a lot more of after, to the inventive expertise of the mantención personnel. From 1954 part of the providers taken treatment of by the automotive kinds of the Hamburg type they started to be taken treatment of by new trains dragged by locomotives diesel of type seven.000 ( chilean former course 16.000), although red-silver plated, the prides of the Chilean rail, have been relegated to secondary providers as some frequencies involving Santiago and Talca until finally the branch to Cartagena had the honor to see in and a other prospect a single of those people trains that had caused perception of expectancy involving the travelling general public.
A lot more than a single fixed a single of the unit kinds entirely categorized by the administration of the Railroads of the Condition like type AM-100, to give it again to the assistance. But every little thing was in vain, in 1960 decreed the intention of which proudly they had been known as “Arrow of the South”.
Absence of vital spare components for his mantention, and cease operational price tag In 1988, in a take a look at to the Arsenal San Eugene, have been great drawers with a legend in German who no one recognized.
Soon after cleansing the drawers of a major accumulated earth layer all through decades of storage, they appeared complete spare components, motors, conditioned air commandos, gear and a lot more and a lot more components and items pertaining to already the exiled “Arrows” in South the also much afternoon.

D. A. & C.A.C.

The AM103 was designed subsequent principals produced in Germany by Person in 1930 which designed the world’s initially streamlined teach set It ran involving Berlin and Hamburg and was dubbed “The Hamburger Express”
Also exist a history of these models steamlined, they would centered on the style notion and incredibly typical period of the 40’s, thee american “Comets”
As you can see from the generate-up, the AM103 was not a huge good results.

National Geographic Team

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