Certain SUV Models Do an Excellent Job of Providing a Lot of Space at a Low Price

Buying a spacious sport utility vehicle does not need to mean spending a lot of money. While manufacturers still fill the high end of the market with plenty of luxurious SUVs that cost a pretty penny, value oriented buyers have some excellent options to choose from today, as well. Formerly, that might have meant having to sacrifice on interior space, lessening the appeal for many of those with families to transport around. Today’s top value suvs, though, often provide enough room for six or more adult occupants to stretch out comfortably alongside cargo of other kinds.

One of the most highly regarded representatives of this class is definitely the Kia Sorrento. Kia got its start as a global manufacturer by emphasizing value above all else, and its successes over the years have helped it climb steadily up the scale. While Kia does not yet address the very top of the market the way that a number of other SUV manufacturers do, it still makes a strong case for value in everything it does.

The Sorrento makes it clear that an SUV can combine spaciousness with a price tag that many buyers will be able to justify. With seven seats in its standard configuration, the Sorrento comes with a diesel engine that is tuned to move all that mass. At the same time, the power plant remains calm even when the Sorrento is fully loaded down, a true testament to the skills and dedication of Kia’s engineers.

The Sorrento is also an amiable, welcoming form of transportation in other respects. While certain other value-focused SUV models cut corners a bit by sacrificing on the quality of interior materials, the Sorrento sometimes feels like more of a competitor to luxury-class vehicles. Although closer inspection might reveal that the Sorrento’s appointments are not always as elegant as those of certain much more expensive SUVs, the everyday impression is a positive one.

Thanks to achievements like these and many others, a great many buyers find the Sorrento to be an excellent way to combine SUV value with the space that so many crave. While small issues like a lack of towing capacity might bother some shoppers, most will find these trade offs to be very much worth making.