UTV Parts and Accessories

Dragonfire has been part of and has won just about every forum of UTV racing in North America. With that growing UTV racing popularity, more riders are requesting and requiring race level equipment to not only enhance the ride’s performance but also to outfit the ride in style and provide added functionality and safety as they upgrade the appearance and function of your UTV.

Dragonfire Racing is an important staple in the side by side UTV parts and accessories market and is the most trusted name in the racing and motor sports business that can be depended on to offer the best and highest quality products. They have set the bar for innovation, quality, usability, and superior performance. The latest technology in the hands of their team of expert engineers drives their creativity in research, development, and fabrication so that they can exceed all the expectations of their customers.

DragonFire has everything for side by sides including steering wheels, seats, doors, harnesses, bumpers, exhausts, and more.

Below are just a few interesting examples of their products:

H-Style SFI Certified 5 Point Race Harness

The SFI foundation is a non-profit organization which was established to issue and administer racing equipment standards. Many racing organizations require SFI-certified belts in order for UTVs to race in their series. With this new harness, you will be ready to go race. Some of the features are that they are fully adjustable to fit any size rider, have a sternum clip that keeps shoulder straps in place and comfortable, they have shoulder pads with memory foam padding that are sewn in, and more.

Universal Door Bag

Most UTVs have no place to store items such as phones, cameras, and keys. This Door Bag is designed to keep all belongings safe and in a location that can be reached when buckled in. The triangular shape provides a fit on nearly any door, and adjustable straps position the bag to a spot you prefer. Composed of semi-waterproof ballistic nylon material, there are three compartments including an inner compartment with a key ring, it has multiple adjustments, a carrying handle, and a quick-disconnect mounting system.

Polaris General Cargo Roof Rack

This will hold up to 150 pounds of cargo and has integrated tie down loops. It is pre-assembled, is an easy installation with provided clamps and all necessary hardware. There is no drilling, cutting, or welding required.

Where to find these exceptional items

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