Scrap Mechanic #20 – Stacja benzynowa, silniki i więcej

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Rogue Assailant Wolf

Rogue Assailant Wolf

Manufacturer: Rogue Automotive
Nationality: American
First assembled: TBA 2215
Birthplace: Lemont, Illinois
Engine: 3.4 L Twin-Turbocharged I4
HP: 460 BHP
0-60: 3.6 seconds
Top speed: 220.30 MPH

The Rogue Assailant is produced mainly just to reel in some cash to keep Rogue running, but don’t let that fool you. The Assailant has proven itself to be a great performer for it’s class, and overall a great car. It can be both a performance car with it’s turbocharged I4, but also a comfortable daily driver with it’s space and adjustable ride. Speaking of space, the Assailant even has a wagon variant for those who need some extra room in the back but don’t want something big like an SUV or a truck. The thing with Rogue however is that it’s a performance company first and formost, and every car they’ve ever put out has some type of performance variant. One such was rumored for the Assailant as soon as it was unveiled. Many thought it would bear the FCGT designation, which is generally reserved for Rogue’s top of the line sportscars. When the 2214 American West Coast Auto Show came around, those rumors were proven somewhat true. First off the unveiling of the Rogue Assailant WTC, A Touring Car variant of the Assailant and it’s entry into motorsports. Second was the high Performance variant everyone was waiting for, but it wasn’t black with red accents, the typical FCGT colors. Instead, it was a shining pearl white. This was the Rogue Assailant Wolf. The "Wolf" moniker comes from Rogue’s company emblem, which is represented by a snarling wolf. According to Rogue, the Assailant Wolf would be the start of a new line, combining hardcore performance with luxury, unlike their FCGT series which is complete hardcore track-oriented performance. The Assailant Wolf is obviously highly modified from the original Assailant, with alterations in aesthetics, including a bigger, non-retractable spoiler. The Wolf isn’t just a bodykit, though. Under the hood lies the same engine, the 3.4 Liter I4, only instead of one turbo, there’s a second. This boosts the power to 460 BHP. This results in a 0-60 of 3.6 seconds, basically one second less than the standard Assailant. Top speed is also up to 220 MPH. Speed isn’t all the Wolf has. The magnetic suspension, brakes, tires, shocks, and wheels were either modified by of provided by Fear Motorsports, Rogue’s in-house racing division. Even with all this performance, Rogue keeps it’s promise of providing luxury as well. Unlike FCGT cars where everything inside would be gutted, there’s still comfortable seats to fit five, a large trunk, radio, GPS, cupholders, seat warmers, electric windows, a luxury setting for the ride, cruise control, every creature comfort needed for a smooth and luxurious drive. Even with all this, the Assailant s still arguably a breadgetter, because one can have this by 2215 for a price of around $65,000+.

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1936 – 1942 Mercedes-Benz 170 V Cabriolet A and 1938 Horch 853 Cabriolet A

1936 - 1942 Mercedes-Benz 170 V Cabriolet A and 1938 Horch 853 Cabriolet A

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The Mercedes-Benz W136 was Mercedes-Benz’s line of four-cylinder automobiles from the mid-1930s into the 1950s. The car was first presented in public in February 1936, although by that time production had already been under way for a couple of months. Between 1936 and 1939, and again between 1947 and 1953 it was the manufacturer’s top selling automobile.

After the Second World War the W136 became the foundation on which the company rebuilt, because enough of the tooling had survived allied bombing or could be recreated.

1949 saw the arrival of the Mercedes-Benz 170S version of the W136. This model is in retrospect sometimes celebrated as the first S-Class Mercedes-Benz. It was a more luxurious, costlier and, when launched, slightly larger version of the mainstream model and the manufacturer made an effort to maximize the differentiation between the two. The Mercedes-Benz 170 Sb and 170 DS were even given a different works number in 1952, being internally designated between 1952 and 1953 as the Mercedes-Benz W191.

1955 was the car’s last year of production. Its replacement, the W120 had already been on sale since July 1953, after which the older model was repositioned in the market as a lower priced alternative to the new one.

The Mercedes-Benz 170 SV and 170 SD were also built briefly in Argentina from 1952-1955 in sedan, taxi, pick-up and van versions.


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DOKU – Das Leben eines Dealers 33 (Pittsburghs Drogenhölle)

Hey leute hier eine weitere folge der dokureihe Das Leben eines Dealers , wie jedesmal schreibt mir eure Meinung unten in die komentare und sollte euch das Video gefallen lasst doch einen daumen nach oben da .
Danke 😉