What is the Advantage of Having a Toy Hauler?

In the beginning, a toy hauler was a basic trailer for carrying heavy loads of snowmobiles, quads, and other small outdoor recreational vehicles to a place where their owners could enjoy them. Since then, some of them have developed into so much more. You can purchase a toy hauler with just the basics, or you can buy one with all of the space and amenities of a Class A Motorhome, plus the advantage of having a built-in garage to go.

What are some of the uses of a toy hauler?

Beyond the obvious use of carrying around ATVs, jet skis, and dune buggies, these Sport Utility Recreational Vehicles are good for recreational travel on their own. You can take them camping, and use them for temporary housing in an emergency. They are great for families who have different interests. Those who prefer to go somewhere and then stay put have the luxury of the motorhome. Motorsports enthusiasts can take their toys along, and enjoy exploring the great outdoors with like minded enthusiasts.

Getting full use of the garage

The garage of your toy hauler will have an easy to clean floor, and you can utilize it in various ways. You may have utility cabinets for storage and work benches for projects. With chairs and a sofa added, it can serve as a large living area. Hideaway beds transform it into extra sleeping space for larger families or guests. Optional fuel tanks in the garage facilitate refueling your toys.

Things to consider when you are ready to buy a toy hauler

You already know that a toy hauler is a huge investment. It follows then, that you want to go cautiously as you consider your needs. Some dealers offer RV rentals, and this would help you make decisions about what you want. Do you have a vehicle that can pull the weight of a combined RV and toy hauler with a full garage? Will you be using it mostly in the summer, or in the winter? Research the different brands for their reputations. You can save considerable sums of money if you can find good used RV sales. Be sure you go over both new and used trailers to make sure everything works as it should. Thoroughly investigate RV dealers to find someone reputable and dependable.

Now, it’s time to narrow your search; find the best deal for you, and use your recreational time to full advantage. You’ll enjoy the travel and the interaction with other toy hauler owners as well.

Authorized Retailers Vs Unauthorized – What’s the Difference?

You see a brand-name television set or a beauty product for sale online. The price seems like a bargain. Being a smart shopper, you ask yourself, is there is a catch? Is the product legitimate? Is it okay to buy from an “unauthorized” dealer?

Many consumers are confused about the terms “authorized” and “unauthorized” retailers. Partly due to the efforts of manufacturers, who discourage unauthorized retailers, consumers may be reluctant to purchase legitimate products from an unauthorized retailer who is offering a genuine product.

What is an “authorized” retailer?

An authorized retailer has a contractual relationship with a big manufacturer. This benefits both the retailer and the manufacturer. Big corporations like to have as much oversight over their marketing as possible, because more control means bigger profits. They like to operate vertically-that is, with direct control over everything from research to manufacturing to retail sales. This makes it easier to keep retail prices high and generate bigger profits.

Big companies want customers to buy from their authorized dealers because they make a bigger profit. However, many retailers operate outside the corporate system. Why? To offer lower prices. The unauthorized retailer can often purchase and then re-sell products at a lower price than the authorized retailer. Generally, the unauthorized retailer can do this by obtaining genuine products overseas and bringing them back to the U.S. for sale.

Who does this? Surprisingly, not just Internet or regional operations; even some big-box names like Costco, Amazon, and Target have engaged in unauthorized retailing.

Is This Legal?

Yes! In the case of Quality King Distributors v. L’Anza Research International, No. 96-1470, the Supreme Court held unanimously that an American company cannot block the domestic sale of genuine products that the company had originally sold overseas. The Court ruled that once a product had been distributed in an authorized manner (the “first sale,” according to Federal copyright law), the copyright owner had no further control over the product’s fate.

The Supreme Court’s decision overturned a lower court case establishing copyright law as a defense against unauthorized retailers. In 1996 the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, in San Francisco, had ruled that a distributor of genuine beauty products had infringed the copyright on a brand of hair products manufactured in the United States for sale at a discount overseas. In the U.S. market, the products were intended for exclusive sale in salons.

The Supreme Court ruling supports free trade that benefits American consumers. The products in question are authentic American-made goods, not counterfeit or pirated. Trademark law was not at issue in this case because the challenged products were legitimate products authorized by the manufacturer for sale. So big corporations sought to use copyright law as a source of protection.

How Does the Consumer Benefit?

Simple-lower prices! Because unauthorized retailers are free to purchase genuine products from a variety of sources-not just from the manufacturers-they can offer lower prices than other stores. So if you know you are buying a genuine product, …

Brake Pedal Goes Down Further Than Normal

If you press the brake pedal of your car, you will noticed that the brake pedal goes down further than than the usual. This phenomenon happens because of two possible reasons.The first is that the brake fluid is very low and the second is that the brake shoe lining is worn out.

How to determine the cause of the problem?

1. First is to open the hood and locate the brake fluid reservoir, this is usually located on the top of the brake master cylinder. Observe if the fluid level is within the “Max” and “Low” markings on the reservoir. If the fluid is sufficient enough then you can rule out the low brake fluid as the cause of the problem.

As you may not know, when the fluid level is low the brake pedal will travel further before it will stop because the lower the fluid level the lower the pedal will travel. If the fluid is insufficient just simply add the required amount of fluid to correct the problem, however the reason why the fluid level is low is another problem that needs to find out.

2. If for instance the fluid is at a normal level, then the reason why brake pedal travel further than the usual is the brake shoe is worn out. Brake shoe is use on the drum brake which is usually found on the rear brake of the car. This happens because when the brake pedal is press the shoes will press against the drum if the shoe is worn out excessively the pedal will have to press further before the shoe touches the drum.

To solve the issue of brake pedal traveling further because of worn shoe, bring the car to a repair shop. Asks the mechanic to replace the shoe lining, also tell the mechanic to check the brake drum because it might also damage and need to be machined. When replacing the brake shoe lining, consider also to machined the drums before installing a new lining.…

A Review of Ducati 1098 Carbon Fiber Termignoni Exhaust Silencers – Money Well Spent?

One of the first changes that a lot of Ducati owners make to their bikes after being run is to change the stock exhaust silencers for less restrictive aftermarket ones. This has the twofold effect of making the bike louder and also releasing a few extra straining ponies (as if a 1098 really needed it!) – Oh, and they look great as well! Bonus!

There are a dazzling array of manufacturers who are producing both full systems and slip on silencers for the Ducati range, however due to the success of their products in racing, and the fact that they are the weapon of choice for the factory Corse Racing team, Termignoni has arguably edged it’s way into pole position as the number one Ducati exhaust manufacturer.

Termignoni have a wide selection of systems to fit the 1098 family, from slip on silencers to full titanium and carbon fiber race systems at a full 70mm diameter. It is the carbon fiber 1098 silencer kit that we are having a look at today and is the focus of this review.

Contained in the kit is the complete inventory required to fit the less restrictive carbon silencers including an updated race ECU to adjust the fuelling to match the increased airflow, and also a high throughput performance air filter to balance out the additional fuelling. In addition there are the mountings and bands to support the pipes under the seat, so in summary this is an entire turn key solution.

Fitting isn’t beyond the realms of a competent home mechanic, the pipes are precision made and as such fit without the need for any tweaking, the only tricky bit being the installation of the air filter which requires tank removal. Other than that the ECU replacement is exactly that – remove old, insert new (with battery disconnected PLEASE!!), pipes bolt into place and job done.

So how do they work and sound? Well, starting with the easy answer first – they sound awesome, deeper, more boomy but without the muffled sound of the stock pipes. The kit does include a pair of decibel killers in case your neighbors are members of the sound police but it sounds good even with these inserted.

Now to the harder question, do they work? Well, without putting every bike on the dyno it is impossible to comment fully, suffice to say that typically you will see up to an 8% increase in horsepower, impressive given the already high state of tune on the stock engine.

As a conclusion, these are an absolute no brainer, lighter than stock which is always good, sound absolutely fantastic, release a few more horsepower, are easy to install and look like they should be on the grid of a world superbike race. Final bonus is that they are some $700 cheaper than the titanium variant.

My only reservation, and it is a small one, I am not a fan of race ECU’s as there is a massive variance in output of …

Is There Such a Thing As Legal Street Racing?

When you hear the term street racing, most people think of the illegal type of racing that you will see portrayed in Hollywood movies and in amateur videos posted to the web. While there is certainly illegal street racing that goes on, there is also a growing movement of racers committed to legal street racing. It certainly is not as prevalent as the illegal kind, but it's a much safer alternative that may grow as more and more racers understand the benefits. The crowd is still mostly the same-people passionate about cars and racing, but it is not like you have to be so into racing that you're looking for Rent n Roll franchise information. Sure, there may be some shop owners that are doing some racing on the side, but many of the racers and watchers are just regular folks.

Of course, you may be the sort of person that is so into racing and racing parts that you want Wheel Workz franchise information so you can turn your passion into your job. But you also may be the sort of person that does not like to jaywalk because you are worried about doing something illegal. If you're this type of person, legal street racing is just for you. You do not have to worry about being hassled by the cops because the racing is legal. And in some cases the cops are actually racing right along with everyone else. Not only does this give racers a legal outlet for what they love to do, it also fosters a sense of community. What better way to make the police officers seem like regular people when they are doing things just like regular people?

Some may ask what the advantages of legal street racing are, since the fact it is legal and regulated takes some of the fun and excitation out of it. For those types of people, there's not much to say. If the fact that it is illegal is what makes it fun, then that element will never be satisfied. These are probably not the sort of people that should be asking for Discover Rims franchise information. Chances are they will not be opening their own performance rims and tires shop. It is unfortunate that these sections of people would not get behind legal racing, because it's safer for everyone involved. The courses are regulated, there are many times concessions and information booths about performance parts shops. When it comes down to it, there is a lot to like about legal street racing. …