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What Makes a Quality Divorce Attorney?

Divorce might be quite awkward and messy, especially if you fail to use the right lawyer. To choose the best attorney, it’s important to understand their most important qualities first. To overcome the craziness in divorce cases, it’s essential to hire a professional Jefferson law attorney.

Educational qualifications

Check out the divorce lawyer’s resume to see what degrees they have and, even more important, where they got the degrees from. Next, find out what states the attorney is licensed to practice in. Your and your ex-spouse might be residing in separate states, so make sure that the attorney can handle issues to do with both states. Qualifications also involve testimonials from clients, practice history, memberships to a variety of law societies, and references from judges and senior counsels.


Apart from academic credentials, your attorney also must be experienced in dealing with a wide array of cases. They should have worked on cases of child custody, distribution of property, alimony, divorce, and other family law areas. The broader and longer their experience, the simpler the process could be for you.

Ability to build cases

Every case heavily depends on how it’s built by the attorney and which aspect of the case the lawyer chooses to focus on. The lawyer can resolve the issue of property distribution via mediation and negotiation or through a trial if that’s not successful. The attorney needs to have several backup strategies and fully understand the circumstances surrounding the case to resolve it.

Communication skills

A divorce lawyer’s ability to communicate properly is essential. During a case, your attorney must communicate your expectations, needs, and concerns to the other party and the judge. For this, your lawyer needs comprehensive information about your case as well as the emotions involved in the case. The lawyer’s ability to effectively communicate with the other party and their partner is also critical as that can result in settlement of several important matters out of court, therefore making the process a little easier.


The attorney needs to always be calm, even in moments of serious crisis. A lawyer who’s easily intimidated can lose their ability to argue and negotiate and hence lose the case. Your attorney must be capable of acting maturely when confronted with astonishing disclosures and be really professional when handling your case.


A divorce lawyer may handle plenty of cases at once, so it’s vital that they’re organized well and spend time on each client. The lawyer should dedicate some time for you and honor scheduled meetings. It is wise to choose an attorney with highly organized support staff you can talk to at any time.

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