Harlan Automotive – Murray KY Auto Repair Shop – Documentary Film For Businesses

Harlan Automotive – Murray KY Auto Repair Shop – Documentary Film For Businesses

Our Client – HarlanAutomotive.com

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We had a great time filming this short documentary piece on Harlan Automotive in Murray, KY. It was awesome to see how much they care about their cars and the customers. If you’re looking for auto repair and maintenance, look up Harlan Automotive in Murray, Kentucky.


What is the Advantage of Having a Toy Hauler?

In the beginning, a toy hauler was a basic trailer for carrying heavy loads of snowmobiles, quads, and other small outdoor recreational vehicles to a place where their owners could enjoy them. Since then, some of them have developed into so much more. You can purchase a toy hauler with just the basics, or you can buy one with all of the space and amenities of a Class A Motorhome, plus the advantage of having a built-in garage to go.

What are some of the uses of a toy hauler?

Beyond the obvious use of carrying around ATVs, jet skis, and dune buggies, these Sport Utility Recreational Vehicles are good for recreational travel on their own. You can take them camping, and use them for temporary housing in an emergency. They are great for families who have different interests. Those who prefer to go somewhere and then stay put have the luxury of the motorhome. Motorsports enthusiasts can take their toys along, and enjoy exploring the great outdoors with like minded enthusiasts.

Getting full use of the garage

The garage of your toy hauler will have an easy to clean floor, and you can utilize it in various ways. You may have utility cabinets for storage and work benches for projects. With chairs and a sofa added, it can serve as a large living area. Hideaway beds transform it into extra sleeping space for larger families or guests. Optional fuel tanks in the garage facilitate refueling your toys.

Things to consider when you are ready to buy a toy hauler

You already know that a toy hauler is a huge investment. It follows then, that you want to go cautiously as you consider your needs. Some dealers offer RV rentals, and this would help you make decisions about what you want. Do you have a vehicle that can pull the weight of a combined RV and toy hauler with a full garage? Will you be using it mostly in the summer, or in the winter? Research the different brands for their reputations. You can save considerable sums of money if you can find good used RV sales. Be sure you go over both new and used trailers to make sure everything works as it should. Thoroughly investigate RV dealers to find someone reputable and dependable.

Now, it’s time to narrow your search; find the best deal for you, and use your recreational time to full advantage. You’ll enjoy the travel and the interaction with other toy hauler owners as well.…




New Product Concept: Automotive Wind Turbine (Patent Pending)

YouTube Video link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0luo92soi_E
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This invention is related to wind turbines that use the wind to create  energy. The primary application of
this invention will be in charging the batteries of an automobile when it is in motion. The batteries thus charged can be used to run the vehicle and its accessories.
The increased use of gasoline for powering automobiles has raised concern for environmental issues such as pollution, global warming, depletion of ozone layer, and so on. In an effort to address these issues, Prof. Tickoo of Purdue University has invented a device called ‘Tickoo Wind Turbine’ that will be mounted at the top of the vehicle to generate continuous supply of power.

The device is designed such that when the vehicle moves, especially at moderate to high speed, the wind will
enter the turbine with high kinetic energy from the front in the horizontal direction and strike the blades
of the wind turbine. This will make the blades rotate at high RPM. In this device, the blades are mounted on
the rotor coupled with the generator/alternator through a shaft. The power thus generated will charge the

Tickoo Wind Turbine primarily consists of the Bottom Plate, Top Plate, Top Deflector, Front Deflectors, Side
Deflectors, Rear Deflectors, Turbine Blades, and Generator/Alternator. These components, when assembled,
form an enclosure wherein the turbine blades rotate. Also, the Front Deflectors prevent the wind from entering
into the Left Section of the turbine and thus the wind does not create any resistance to the rotation of the
turbine. The Front Deflectors are instrumental in deflecting the wind at an angle that further pushes the
blades in the counterclockwise direction.

Advantages of Tickoo Wind Turbine

This wind turbine contains mechanisms that deflect the wind toward the desired area of the turbine and over a larger angle. Also, the drag component of the wind force is drastically reduced and its design helps maximize the utilization of the wind.

The wind turbine will generate power and charge the batteries even if the vehicle is parked, provided there is sufficient wind to rotate the turbine blades.

If more power is needed, the width of the turbine blades can easily be increased. Any increase in the turbine blade width will create greater torque and therefore more power.
The scaled up version of this wind turbine can be fitted under the trucks that have sufficient ground clearance to accommodate it.

It can also be used to produce the power for home use by mounting the turbine on a tall structure like a turbine tower. Several turbines can be mounted on the same structure to produce more power economically.

The unused power that is accumulated in batteries can be converted into 110V with an inverter and sold to the utility companies or used at home.

As the equipment used in this design are inexpensive, the manufacturing cost will be significantly low.

About the Inventor
This turbine has been invented …