Russia: Medvedev visits AvtoVAZ and test drives new Russian car

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitri Medvedev visited an AvtoVAZ automobile factory in Tolyatti, Friday.

Medvedev arrived to discuss the current condition of the industry and its development strategy till 2025. He also test-drove a Lada XRay and said that it is “comfortable and modern, it is not worse than any …

Austin Metropolitan

Austin Metropolitan

1957 Austin Metropolitan at the 2011 Cromford Steam Fair.

A brief history of the Metropolitan

In 1950, the Nash Motor Corporation, one of the leading independent US auto manufacturers, decided to test public reaction to a new small car they were considering putting into production. This was a revolutionary concept …

Brake Pedal Goes Down Further Than Normal

If you press the brake pedal of your car, you will noticed that the brake pedal goes down further than than the usual. This phenomenon happens because of two possible reasons.The first is that the brake fluid is very low and the second is that the brake shoe lining is …