Vega Conflict NEW Auto-Fleet Tutorial: Tier 1 & 2 Vsec 27-35

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Vega Cargo Tier 3 & 4 Auto Fleet Episode:
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Vsec Tier 1 & 2 Blueprints Auto Farming Fleet – Low-Med Level Tech

6 Rancor Battleships in Box Formation

Mk-1 Rancor Fittings: – Elite Version with Rancors Mk-2
Shockwave Shield II – Elite Version with Meta Shield I
Iridium Magnets II
Strafe Thrusters III
Plasteel Armor I
Gladius Driver I x4 – Elite Version with Gladius I x2 and II x2

Fleet Characteristics:
-Build-Time for one entire fleet: 1d 7h 7m
-Individual Ship Repair: Below 5 min each – Free-Instant-Repair
-Collects 396,000 resources

Module Requirements:
Bridge IV
Fleet Bay VIII – upgrade needs 5d 14h
Ship Factory V
Ship Lab V
Tech Lab VI
Arms Lab VII

Research Required:
BLUEPRINT: Gladius Driver required!
Rail Driver I, II, III
Gauss Driver I, II, III
Rancor Battleship
Iridium Magnets I, II
Strafe Thrusters I, II, III

My Advise:
-Build yourself around 2-4 of those fleets and operate them at the same time
-Have a cargo fleet nearby to pick up the plentiful resources
-Use the “Tag Fleet” function to easily find the fleets you’re looking for.
-share recoures with your alliance members!

Important Next Steps:
ZERO: Complete the Gladius Driver II – First Link in the video description!
1. Mark-Up your rancor battleships by farming plenateary Crafting fleets – rebel blabla –
2. Research Mass Driver I, II for Gladius 2 – Will require higher Module Upgrades –
3. When there’s a chance to get Metaphase Shield I in a Riot – Take it + Equip it!

-Does it work against higher level Vsec fleets like 37 and 40? Not the basic version
-Does it work against crafting fleets? Yes, all planetary fleets but see the first link up here because:
Raider 25 and Anti-Matter Cargo 27 & 30 require two little orders in the beginning.

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