Used Car Heroes: We search for the UK’s Top 5 Used Cars

We are on a mission to find the best, most interesting, exciting and downright fun cars for under £15,000 – but we need your help to do it. Every week we’ll bring you our top three contenders in each of our five price point categories. All you have to do …

Saddleback Automotive Santa Ana #4 714-558-6002 019

Saddleback Automotive Santa Ana #4 714-558-6002 019

This is a list of specialist manufacturers or marques of modern and classic sports cars. It includes only companies that are devoted exclusively to producing sports cars.

A sports car is an automobile designed for performance driving; however the exact definition is subject to debate. Most automakers have produced, or …

Product Modification – A Winning Strategy to Capture New Markets!

There is a pressing need for business firms to bring about changes in the physical attributes of their existing products periodically, to retain the customer base as well as to tide over the competition in the market. A number of factors may prompt the manufacturer to modify his product.

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