BJ Auto Parts Fire / Downey RAW FOOTAGE

DOWNEY – A call came out around 7:18 am this morning of a fire at a a used auto parts business fire. DNY FD and LACO FD showed up to the back half of BJ Auto Parts well involved. Residence said they could hear small explosions coming from the business. DNY FD fought the blaze from an adjacent vacant lot to the east of the business as well as going right into the business with LACO FD. All fire companies still on scene with DNY PD investigating the fire.


Automobile industry Mailing Addresses

Automobile industry Mailing Addresses

Automobile Industry Email List – Mailing Addresses – AccuDB

AccuDB drives to deliver the most outstanding #Automobile _Industry_ Mailing_ List for its customers. You will be able to target automobile dealers, automobile manufacturing and auto retail sector through our mailing list. AccuDB automobile mailing list has number of executives like automobile dealers, car washes, automotive parts & accessories stores, repair & maintenance services and more. You get an opportunity to choose from different sectors and contact the right target market.

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•Automotive Sales Manager
•Automotive Vehicle Inspector
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•Finance Executives
•Automotive General Finance Manager
•Sales Operations Manager MS/LA/AR
•Maintenance Specialist
•R&D and Others

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Company Name, Contact Name, First Name, Last Name, Contact Title, Street Address, City, State, Zip, Country, Contact Phone Number, Fax Number, Employee Size, Sales, Company Website, NAICS Code, SIC Code, Industry and more.

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At AccuDB, we acknowledge the fact that direct marketing services are the most successful approach while serving an industry like automotive. Here, we strive to bring an all comprehensive list, including major marketing details, so that marketers reach the key decision makers faster than others.

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To make sure your campaign cuts …

How to Fill Out the About Me Section on a Dating Site

Online dating, you may have noticed has become a very popular way to people. Although it is a good forum to chat and get to know someone before making a decision of rather you want to meet them or not. It can still be difficult to even get to an initial online introduction. To increase your chances of meeting the right person, I have laid out some simple steps that will help you in getting more responses and more perspective dates. And lead to that right person you are perfectly matched with.

Your success in finding a good match for you is going to start with how you fill out your profile, in fact this is going to be the most important step, so take the time to make it as compelling but truthful as you possibly can. Start with the photo. Pick a good recent picture of yourself to post. This is very crucial, most profiles without a photo are going to be passed over. If you do not have a recent photo of yourself, have one taken. Make sure the photo reflects who you are not what you think your potential date wants to see. If you are a mechanic, don’t try to deceive anyone by wearing doctor scrubs.

When filling in your profile be honest. If your not honest about who you are or what you do, your going to attract people that you have nothing in common with, and it all becomes a waste of time for both of you. Be sure to fill in as much information about yourself as you possibly can,avoid leaving blank spaces if you don’t have to. When filling in your interest try not to do as a list, ie; I like swimming, backpacking, camping, etc. There are a million profiles out there that say exactly the same thing. Instead engage in a conversation just as you are actually talking to the person reading your profile. Spice it up a little bit bit don’t over do it. Try something like, I enjoy swimming,and go to the beach every chance I can, I also like backpacking and have hiked miles of trails, Love going camping pitching the tent, roasting the marshmallows,and telling ghost stories. This will make you sound more able to engage in a fun conversation.

Be sure to be specific about the type of person you want to meet, but don’t come off as a snob. For example if you do not smoke and you say sometime like, I can’t stand smokers so don’t even bother trying to connect with me. Even a non smoker who otherwise might be interested in you may be turned off with that type of remark. Try something like; I am not a smoker myself and would prefer not to connect with a smoker, sorry. If physical appearance is important to you, relay that without being arrogant or offending. Something like this is not going to work for you; I am a hot stud and …

Best affordable used cars | Consumer Reports

These used cars scored well at the Consumer Reports test track when they were new and have proved reliable. And they’re reasonably priced. See our list of best and worst used cars for every budget:




Remembering Grand Mother’s Classic Automobile.

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