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With amenities rivaling those in yachts and private jets, Lexani Motorcars has taken luxury interiors to the next level. Each vehicle is handcrafted using only the highest quality materials, furnishings, and carpentry, with incomparable attention to detail put into each individual car. The objective to create vehicles tailored to perfection is simple, but the results of this pursuit have been astonishing.


used cars (45)

used cars (45)

used cars
lincoln navigator
hyundai elantra
ford f-150
honda civic-sedan
dodge nitro

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Jobs For Teenagers – Top 10 Jobs For Students and Teens

Are you a teen looking for a great part time job? Collect a regular paycheck with one of these top 10 jobs for teenagers.

1. Office Jobs

Jobs in an office call for good organizational skills. One good example is a doctors office, where you might greet patients, handle their medical records and collect payments. Another example would be working at a law office or accounting firm. Here you will develop computer skills and may learn about handling credit card transactions. This is a great after school job for teens.

2. Restaurants

Restaurant jobs can include waiting or busing tables, working in a fast food window or delivering orders. You can make a good amount of money in cash tips working these kinds of jobs. Casual family restaurants are the best bet, and there are many big chains that regularly hire teenagers. One great benefit to these jobs is they often give you an employee discount. Some may even let you eat for free!

3. Superstore Jobs

Major retailers that sell home improvement supplies or bed and bath items can be a great part time job for teens. These big stores sometimes offer great benefits. If you have any special knowledge or skills, these can lead you in the right direction. Do you enjoy working on projects around the house? Maybe you like to decorate or paint. Superstores can provide teens with the flexibility to work and also go to school.

4. Movie Theaters

If you love going to the movies, what better job that working at your local movie theater? Movie theaters are usually owned by big corporations, and can offer great pay and other benefits. You may get an employee discount and will surely be the first to see the hottest movies! If you have ever thought about getting into the film business, this job will provide you with knowledge of how the businesses run that actually bring in the movie profits.

5. Art & Framing Stores

Art stores and framing jobs can involve helping people select frames for their artwork, or actually creating the finished product. While it may seem simple, there is much thought that goes into framing a valuable piece of art or photograph. You will gain knowledge in the what materials are used and what style of presentation is appropriate for pieces of art. Art supply stores can also be fun and you’ll become an expert on the tools of the trade. If you are considering an art career, learning about different paints, brushes and arts and supplies is good experience. 

6. Shipping & Delivery

Major delivery companies are always looking for part time help. You will find jobs for package handlers as well as delivery assistants. Teens can earn great pay doing these jobs and work flexible hours. The top companies often provide great benefits to their employees. This is a great way to get into the hugely profitable business of shipping. Many top executives at major corporations worked their way up …