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Vroom Vroom! Kids, we were feeling over generous today. So we took our entire toy car collection from our childhood days, and decided to make a car racing video for you children today. Are you toddlers excited? You should be. Because this kindergarten video is like no other. There are sports cars of all shapes and sizes, racing through all kinds of terrain. smooth race tracks, rocky roads, obstacle courses, and obstacles too, like big monsters trucks, and heavy vehicles. The sports cars have to maintain their speed, while dodging these vehicles on the street. We promise you toddlers, it’s not as easy as it seems. But our cars are pros on the race track, just like you babies are pros at your nursery rhymes. So there’s no need to worry. All we need to do now, is stay at the finish line and see who wins the race. How about you kiddies pick your favorite race car, and we’ll pick our. If you win, we’ll add in a few more wheels, and extend this playtime. Didn’t we say we’re feeling generous!

00:00 Sports Car
03:20 Racing Car
05:50 Sports Monster Truck Car Garage
08:06 Garbage Truck for Kids
09:56 Tow Truck & Car Repairs
12:47 Learn Vehicles With Monster Truck
13:49 Fire Truck
16:49 Sports Bike Car Wash
20:40 Sports Car Finger Family
21:43 Dumpster Truck Car Wash
26:22 Auto Transport Truck
27:46 Crane
30:55 Monster Trucks
33:45 3d Monster Truck
36:29 Army Truck
37:37 Scary Car Garage & Scary Tow Truck
39:44 Incy Wincy Car Rhyme
41:20 Car Garage
44:37 Trucks for Kids
49:30 Road Roller Car Garage
56:35 Tractor Car Wash
01:01:19 Haunted House Monster Truck Car Racing For Kids

Music and Lyrics: Copyright USP Studios™
Video: Copyright USP Studios™


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The Worthless College Degree

Its time that somebody said it loud and clear: a college degree is a waste of time. Remember, you heard it here first.

Everybody “knows” that people with a college degree make more money. The only problem with that fact is that it’s false. It’s easy to make it appear that a college degree will mean more money in your pocket when you balance the salaries of college educated folk against everyone else. That doesn’t make any sense. The guy who doesn’t have an interest in doing anything more challenging than flipping burgers shouldn’t figure into this discussion. The better approach is to compare specific types of work. In other words, the question isn’t whether college grads make more money than those without the sheepskin; the question is do biochemists (for instance), make more money than bricklayers? The answer happens to be no.

The average income for a senior biochemist is just over $59,000 per annum; a bricklayer can expect to earn a little over $54,000 a year. But that isn’t the whole story. The biochemist will spend at least $50,000 to collect his BA from a state school and over $100,000 if he decides to attend a private school. [1]After that he will need to finish a graduate degree and gain “at least 5 years of experience in the field or in a related area” before he can expect to achieve the national median income for his profession. [2] The cost of the graduate degree will be in the neighborhood of an additional $100,000.

We also need to consider lost wages during the four to six years it takes to earn the BA (very few students complete their degree in the “normal” four year time frame). Figure that in and you are looking at an added loss of $60,000 to $160,000. This assumes the loss of a mere $7.50 an hour on the low end and $13 per hour on the high end – with no raises. (We’ll give the biochemist the benefit of the doubt and ignore the fact that he would not be earning a market wage while he finished his graduate program. He may, however, be able to live on the stipends he receives as a grad student. For the sake of making this comparison easy let’s ignore the graduate years and focus on the years spent acquiring the BA.)

In a nut shell the biochemist leaves college at least $110,000 behind the bricklayer. Meanwhile the bricklayer has been working as an apprentice (at a starting wage in the neighborhood of $10-$13 per hour) [3], and if he is reasonably competent he will have achieved journeyman status about the time the biochemistry student collects his BA. This means that he will begin making the $54,000 yearly salary when the biochemist is starting his graduate program. The biochemist will not reach the median salary of a “biochemist III” for another five years or so. Bottom line, the bricklayer is $110,000 to $200,000 ahead of the biochemist – …