Grazia | 2015 Mercedes Sprinter Conversion by Lexani Motorcars

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Can’t decide between a bench and a bed in your Sprinter? No problem, Lexani Motorcars’ latest Sprinter, the Grazia, has both–and a closet.


Tribute To Harley Earl

Tribute To Harley Earl

One of his crowning achievments…. the 1957 Cadillac convertible.

from Wikipedia:
"He is remembered as the first styling chief in the US automobile industry, the originator of clay modeling of automotive designs, the wraparound windshield, the hardtop sedan, factory two-tone paint, and tail-fins. He said in 1954, "My primary purpose for twenty-eight years has been to lengthen and lower the American automobile, at times in reality and always at least in appearance." The extremely low and long American cars of the 1960s and 1970s show the extent to which Earl influenced an entire industry and culture."

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Adjusting Your Car Headlights – You Can Do it in 7 Easy Steps

You don’t have to bring your car to a repair shop every time you need to adjust your ford car headlights. You will just spend money doing that. The truth is you can do this task on your own. Some little knowledge about adjusting car headlights will be of help to you into the entire process. After all, you need to check on the headlights at least once in every 12 months.

There are four things you will need when you’re adjusting your ford car headlights. The list includes a tape measure, masking tape, screw driver and a carpenter’s level whenever necessary. With all these tools ready, you can now start your job.

7 steps in adjusting car headlights

Remember that you should always adjust your headlights properly as this may have an effect to you whilst you’re driving. This can also affect other drivers who you meet on the road. So better take note of the following steps:

1. Check your car’s trunk. Remove any items found inside it. Excess weight can critically affect the correct alignment of the car headlights. In addition to this, you must also make sure that the tyre’s pressure is according to its manufacturer’s settings.

2. You should also consider the area where you will do all the work. You should park your car preferably 10 to 15 feet from a garage door or wall. The ground should also be even. A paved parking lot is ideal.

3. Turn on your car headlights. This time, you should make a mark on the garage door or wall using the masking tape. Make one horizontal-vertical mark each for the left and right headlight. Each should look more like a letter “t”.

4. Using the carpenter’s level, you may now check if the headlights cast even rays of light. Simply place the level in between the centre lines of each mark. If they are not aligned, use a tape measure to check on how far the lower mark is from the upper part of the wall. Lower down the other marker’s centre line to have the same height with that of the other. Make sure that the centre lines are within 3.5 feet from the ground.

5. Adjust your car’s position to about 10 more feet backward. Turn off the car headlights then start removing the trim rings surrounding them. You should also find the adjusting screws. One screw is found on top of the headlight. This is for making vertical adjustments. The other screw is located at the sides to make horizontal adjustments.

6. Using the screwdriver, you may now adjust the screws. You should turn the upper screw clockwise if you want to raise the headlight and counter clockwise if you want to lower it down. As for side screws, you can turn it from right to left or vice versa.

7. Turn your car headlights on to check if everything’s fine. Make sure that the beam of light is casted just a little lower …

Scrap Mechanic | ГИДРА ИЗ ГТА 5!

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Обзор свежих построек из workshop’a за неделю! Самолет “Гидра” из гта 5, автобус, аттракцион, паровоз и другое!

Scrap Mechanic это креативный симулятор-песочница, в котором вы можете строить различные механизмы: машины, ракеты, самолеты, вездеходы, роботов и т.д.

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used cars (29)

used cars (29)

used cars
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