HOT WHEELS CAR MAKER Playset Review & Demo

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Here is the Hot Wheels Car Maker Playset that I got for Christmas this year. It’s really cool and allows you to create 11 customizable cars using wax sticks. Here are the product details:

This is the ultimate car maker! Boys can make their own vehicles – turning a stick of wax into a fully functioning Hot Wheels car in a matter of minutes! The machine features lights ad sounds to walk kids through the process. Simply heat up the unit, insert the mold and then the wax color of your choice and wait for the cooling phase to complete. In a matter of minutes, you have a Hot Wheels vehicle body that attaches to the included chassis. Decorate the car with decals from the included sticker pack, and it’s off to the races! You have a brand-new custom car in less than 8 minutes! The car maker plugs into the wall and comes with 2 molds, 1 proto shotz wax sticks, 3 chassis and sticker sheets.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Age: 5 Years and Up
Toy Vehicle Features: Detailing
Vehicle Motions: Forward, Reverse
Includes: Vehicle Accessories, Stickers
Material: Plastic
Educational Focus: Creative Thinking
Power Source: Plug-In Electric Powered
Number of Pieces: 15
Dimensions: 15.0 ” H x 5.0 ” W x 11.0 ” L
Product Weight: 5.5 Lb.
Care and Cleaning: Wipe Clean With a Damp Cloth
Warranty Description: 1 Year Limited Warranty
Battery: No battery required

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Alvis Speed 20 Tourer 1932

Alvis Speed 20 Tourer 1932

Belem, Lisbon, Portugal

in Wikipedia

Alvis cars were produced by the manufacturer Alvis Car and Engineering Company Ltd of Coventry, United Kingdom from 1919 to 1967. The company also produced aero-engines and military vehicles, the latter continuing long after car production ceased.


The original company, TG John and Co. Ltd., was founded in 1919. Its first products were stationary engines, carburettor bodies and motorscooters. The company’s founder T.G. John was approached by Geoffrey de Freville with designs for a 4-cylinder engine with aluminium pistons and pressure lubrication, unusual for the period. Some have suggested that de Freville proposed the name Alvis as a compound of the words "aluminium" and "vis" (meaning "strength" in Latin) although de Freville himself vigorously denied this theory. Perhaps the name was derived from the Norse mythological weaponsmith, Alvíss, but the true origin is unknown.

The first car model, the 10/30, using de Freville’s design was an instant success and set the reputation for quality and performance for which the company became famous. Following complaints from the Avro aviation company whose logo bore similarities to the original winged green triangle, the more familiar inverted red triangle incorporating the word ‘Alvis’ evolved. In 1921, the company changed its name and became the Alvis Car and Engineering Company Ltd. and moved production to Holyhead Road, Coventry where from 1922 to 1923 they also made the Buckingham car.

In 1923 Captain GT Smith-Clarke joined from Daimler as Chief Engineer and Works Manager and was soon joined by WM Dunn as Chief Draughtsman. This partnership lasted for 25 years and was responsible for producing some of the most successful products in the company’s history.
The original 10/30 side-valve engine was developed progressively becoming by 1923 the famous overhead-valve 12/50, produced until 1932 and one of the most successful vintage sports cars of all time. Exhilarating performance and rugged reliability meant that around 350 of these 12/50 hp cars and 60 of the later (and latterly concurrent) 12/60 hp survive today representing some 10 percent of total production.

1927 saw the introduction of the six-cylinder 14.75 h.p. and this engine became the basis for the long line of luxurious six-cylinder Alvis cars produced up to the outbreak of war. Not only were these cars extremely elegant but they were full of technical innovations. Independent front suspension and the world’s first all-synchromesh gearbox came in 1933 followed by servo assisted brakes. A front wheel drive model was introduced (from 1928 to 1930), a model bristling with innovation with front wheel drive, in-board brakes, overhead camshaft and, as an option, a Roots type supercharger.

Smith-Clarke designed remarkable models during the 1930s and 1940s — including the handsome, low-slung six-cylinder Speed 20, the Speed 25 (considered by many to be one of the finest cars produced in the 1930s) and the 4.3 Litre model. As with many upmarket engineering companies of the time Alvis did not produce their own coachwork relying instead on the many available Midlands coachbuilders such as Cross and Ellis, …

Can You Extend the Life and Mileage of Your Car’s Exhaust and Muffler System?

Most auto owners do not give the exhaust system of their vehicle one minute though. That is until they hear a loud boom, exhaust hissing or rattling noises coming quite scarily from the rear of their car or truck. On top of that there are health and safety concerns from exhaust gasses. You can almost bet by the time they get to that point that they are going to be recipients of a large muffler or exhaust system repair bill. Is their any way that most motorists can extend the life and driving span of their exhaust and muffler system or systems?

Basically put your car or truck’s exhaust system includes the exhaust manifold, muffler, connecting pipes and in some cases a resonator. Any automobile made in the last 30 years will definitely have a catalytic converter you can bet. Single exhaust setups use an exhaust manifold of a single exhaust pipe, muffler assembly and tail pipe that extends under of just short of the rear bumper whereas on a dual exhaust system arrangement two exhaust pipes and a muffler assembly are used together with two resonators, two tail pipes. Each assembly is connected to it s own exhaust manifold and carries the exhaust gasses to the rear of the vehicle.

The life of the mufflers and pipes is dependent largely on the type of service in which the vehicle is used. If it is driven mostly in city type stop and go traffic with few trips exceeding five miles, you can bet that the muffler will soon be rusted out, have a shorter life span and that the automobile owner will be making a visit either to his local mechanic at their garage or to his dealership service center. Since installing mufflers and exhaust systems is a specialized job many garages themselves as well as those auto owners often have the work done at shops and garages that specialize in exhaust system and muffler repair and replacement.

The reason for such short muffler life spans is that on short trips the mufflers and pipes will never get warm never mind hot enough to evaporate moisture in the system – that in the end works to rust out any steel metal components of mufflers and exhaust systems. This moisture not only clings to the metal components and is rust causing by it but wore me highly acidic in nature and most corrosive – mixing with the exhaust gas remnants and left over residuals from the internal combustion engine’s combustion process. As a result the pipes and mufflers are soon corroded and have to be replaced.

If the car is driven mostly on long and longer mileage trips, or mainly at good speeds on freeway travel, then conversely the mufflers and the pipes that it is attached to will soon get hot enough to simply evaporate this moisture, similar to how a hot kettle boils off water. Consequently corrosive action (that is rusting and the formation of rust on the metal …

How I Became An Expert on Investors

Assistance of Property Investment Groups

Property investment groups will be the most recent thing in the subject of real estate investment. It ought to be noted that these investment classes are for small to medium size shareholders. The investors may want to invest or plan on buying a holiday home for their retirement. Property groups can be used as a profit-yielding investment. This is especially for a person who is ambitious on investments.

It should also be noted that property groups do not cater for big-time property investors. They’re made to supply a better advantage by utilizing the ability of their group to deal conditions and terms that are better.

Land investment groups are groups where individuals who wish to begin with property investments can combine and meet their dream as the name suggests. Advantage is one of the occurrences of the group’s purposes. For the team to be sustained occurrence, each member to cover dues is required by the team. Each of the members has control over the funds because the group is directed by every individual and not by a single person. Whatever a job is intended to be carried out, everyone should assess it. The choice of not to invest or to invest lies or investing with the consensus and every member of this group.

The larger the group the more the negotiating capability it will have against property developers. The members who initially join the group have limited capital. The recruiting new members is demanded. The negotiating power that the group has, the greater the benefit for all the members.

The following are advantages of being a member of an investment group. Before a property or apartment is sold, it’s first introduced to the members who first choose the apartments they would need for themselves. Considering that they are the very first to see and the first and to purchase the flat, they are given the prices which are better.

Land investment collections put 20-30 units of flats are put in place instantly. The land groups are given big discounts for buying with terms that are better. Land groups are provided with notices some months prior to the beginning of plans. This allows the property members to go to the site before making any obligations.

If a person decides to join a property investment group they’ve been proven to be a powerful advantage when they are in relation to the independents. They provide a platform for sharing information and a way for investors to bring their resources together. Through this, they can purchase investments properties for a group price. Such a group may give sound suggestions for a person starting a career in commercial real estate investing.

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6 Lessons Learned: Realtors

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It takes time for a business to grow and for you to have a recognized brand. Beware of people of trying to duplicate your business ideas and gain from it. You have to achieve some business goals so that you are successful. Some issues will need your legal attention. You will have to hire a cyber-lawyer to help you. The terms and conditions used in cyber law often guide you on how to run your online business. There are no penalties if you use the correct marketing practices.There are cases of defamation when people use the internet, you can only respond through your lawyer and provide a lot of evidence against the perpetrators.

The legal services offered by internet lawyers.
There are different ways of solving problems in your business. When things go wrong in business, and the negotiations fail then you can go to court. Both business partners must follow the guidelines and rules provided by the court.The attorneys will, therefore, help you by getting back your domain name. If you are employed, and your employer is not following the agreement of your contract, then you can seek these services. When you are fired abruptly you should seek legal actions. You employer is required to pay you for inconveniencing you. You can have your lawyers advise you on how you can safeguard your business ideas. You will find that some competitors will taint the name of your brand just so that your business will fail. Internet lawyers will help you get enough evidence so that you will be able to take them to court. There are advertising rules and policies that need to be filled so that you can build your business. The rules will be explained better by your lawyers.

Internet lawyers give you the business security that you need; your interest will be guarded. You will also get advice on how to grow your business and market your brand better. Internet lawyers act as watchdogs so that your work remains your own.There are many different firms that exist so you will have a variety to choose from. Always enquire about the available service of the lawyer and check their resume. You will be able to find the reviews of the different companies the firm has worked for to guide you make your decision.The services are cheaper, and you won’t have to suffer from cyberbullying. Get different opinions on how to succeed in e-commerce. Do not rush things and be patient so that you offer quality services.

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