Abandoned Old Car Dealership Full Of Classics!

So many classic cars just sitting there waiting for the roof to collapse!

The numbers are blurred because the video went viral and they where being called non stop. You can hear me say them because YouTube has no way to bleep out that little bit of audio…


ACP (Touring Club of Portugal) tow (Hanomag, 1959)

ACP (Touring Club of Portugal) tow (Hanomag, 1959)

Lisbon, Portugal

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Hanomag Railway Engine built in 1932
The company dates back to 1835 when Georg Egestorff founded a company called Eisen-Giesserei und Maschinenfabrik Hannover to build small steam engines. They soon started making farm machinery and in 1846 built their first railway locomotive for the Hannover State Railways. By 1870 they had made 500 locomotives and in 1871 changed their name to Hannoversche Maschinenbau AG. Road vehicles followed when in 1905 they received a contract for steam waggons for the German army.
Petrol engined vehicles followed in 1912 with a line of farm tractors.

Hanomag 2/10PS "Kommissbrot"

Hanomag 1.5 Litre "Rekord"
By the 1920s, the market for steam road vehicles was in terminal decline and Hanomag looked to cars as the future, particularly economy models. In 1925, they launched the Hanomag 2/10, a 370 kg (816 lb) open two seater with a rear-mounted 500cc[1] single-cylinder water cooled engine. Named Zweisitzer Limousine (two-seat limousine)[2] by the company, its rounded front and rear gained it the nickname Kommissbrot for its resemblance to a loaf of Army bread. Although made in large numbers, 15,775 in total, it did not make much money for the company and in the late 1920s the railway locomotive division was sold to Henschel & Son of Kassel.
A more conventional car, the 3/16PS, and the first diesel engined tractors, came in 1928, taking the company back into profit. Hanomag were badly hurt by the drop in trade in 1929 and built a large stock of unsold vehicles. Things improved in 1930 and the company got 14 per cent of the domestic car market, second place behind Opel, but in 1931 a new crisis came when the banks called a loan. The factory was mortgaged to Hannover City and the Vereinigte Stahlwerke trust and the company relaunched as Hanomag Automobil und Schlepperbau GmbH.
For 1932, a new small car, the 1.1 Litre, renamed the Garant in 1934, was announced and sold well allowing two shift working to be introduced and it was joined by the larger 1.5 litre Rekord (a name later used by Opel) in 1933 with independent front suspension. A diesel Rekord was shown at the 1936 Berlin Motor Show.
[edit]Military vehicles
During World War II, the car plant made military vehicle engines, a military version of their heavy tractor renamed the SS-100, and half track troop carriers. Hanomag 20 B, a 4-wheel-drive Small Unit-Personnel Carrier was produced 1937-1940 (ca. 2000) under the parentage of Stoewer. Capacity problems by Stoewer resulted in co-production by both BMW and Hanomag. Together the three manufacturers made ca. 10.000 units. The special 4-wheel-steering system was fitted on most models. Operating a "lock-level" between the front seats made the steerable rear axle turn sideways to a certain angle.
The single most important and iconic military vehicle to be designed and built by Hanomag during World War II was the Sd.Kfz. 251 half-track (commonly called simply "the Hanomag") with a total production numbering just over 15,000. Built to …

Understanding Fuel Octane Numbers (RON) and Which Fuel To Use on Your Car

The initials RON refers to Research Octane Number, and this is a standard measure of the fuel’s ability to withstand compression. According to industry standards, every car will have its particular requirement for the fuel, and this will be determined by the use for which the car was made in the first place. If the car was made to be a high performance vehicle, then its octane requirement will be high and if it was made to be a regular convenience car then its octane requirement will be lower. These octane figures, which I will describe in detail shortly, can be found at the back of your vehicle’s fuel lid cover, the car’s manual or by contacting the car’s dealership.

RON 87, RON92, RON95, RON97 – What’s the Difference?

Having understood that the higher the octane rating then the greater the ability to withstand compression, we will first look at what compression means. In a petrol engine, fuel is mixed with air and then ignited together to deliver power, which differs from diesel engines in which only air is compressed and then fuel is injected into the compressed air. Compression therefore is the pressing of air or the fuel/air mixture in an engine’s combustion chamber, and the result is tension and heat. An engine therefore produces power when a spark is delivered to this highly pressurized mixture, the whole process being referred to as combustion and that is how an engine ought to work to propel the vehicle forward or backwards. Sometimes, however, the pressure and heat from the compression is too much that the fuel may self ignite before the piston reaches the end of the compression stroke, (it is only at this point that a spark is issued by the spark plugs to induce combustion) and even if it doesn’t ignite prematurely, a phenomenon technically known as detonating, then it will have undergone so much pressure than when the spark is finally issued, instead of burning normally it is going to explode. When this happens, unfortunately, most of the engine components will get damaged, which might even lead to the engine knocking, and to repair this or replace the entire engine is a costly affair. The numbers indicated by RON therefore mean that the higher the number the more resilient the fuel will be against detonating. But unlike popular belief, it does not mean that fuel with a high octane rating such as RON99 will deliver more power; high performance cars use fuels with higher octane numbers because the compression within their combustion chambers is so much that fuel with a low octane rating, RON87 for instance, will most likely detonate and thus deliver less power as well as damage the engine.

Supposing My Car’s Fuel Requirement is RON87. Can I Use RON99? What Will Happen Then?

Yes you can. The only thing that might happen as a result is that your fuel bills will hit the ceiling and you will end up with an emptier wallet because …

What Research About Fabrics Can Teach You

Ways Of Cleaning And Protecting Upholstery

When we discuss upholstery most peoples mind go to sofas, chairs and other furniture but this could not be further from the truth. Stuff like seat covers, curtains, blinds as well as wall covers are also upholstery. For all these items the care we give to maintain them for a long time is almost the same. The need for any padding is care and maintenance.

For someone who owns a home buying furniture and upholstery is a costly venture. The reason for purchasing furniture and upholstery is so that it can look elegant and homely. Now that we have established this fact we should take care of our upholstery in the following ways.

The number one discussion will be how to clean upholstery. Dust is the one thing that put dirty on upholstery. Most of us vacuum to clean our rags on a weekly basis, you will be surprised to know upholstery need twice the attention. If we don’t clean the upholstery regularly we run the risk of it being destroyed by dust and this results to wearing out. Upholstery can be vacuumed cleaned in several ways. Vacuum cleaner come with specialized equipment to reach even those places that are very tight. If your vacuum cleaner does not have the equipment device a way of getting to the dust. When you live dust to settle on you upholstery chances are it will wear and tear.

Upholstery also gets damaged by sinking. Fading can be caused by the sun and also when we clean using very concentrated bleach. It can be prevented but making sure that you don’t live your upholstery too much time under the sun, and also avoiding washing with bleach. Anything that could cause a stain on your upholstery should be prevented. In places where your kids or pets are playing, avoid having upholstery since it can get stained easily.

The job of cleaning upholstery is not easy because you have to take care not to destroy the color as well as the fabric. Internet will be a potent tool to teach you how to clean different upholstery if you are handling it on your own. To prevent damage to your upholstery get professional help to do the cleaning.

Cleaning and maintenance should be something that you do on a day to day basis. When cleaning is often done you avoid costs as well as having permanent staining. Treating your furniture and upholstery in the right way is very important. Always use the correct procedures as well detergents to clean. Upholstery Like cushions should be turned to the opposite side regularly, to prevent wear and tear on side and also to keep them in shape. Getting to understand that when we should maintain and clean our upholstery will make it stays in good shape for many years.

Short Course on Upholstery – Getting to Square 1

Why Furniture Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Getting To The Point – Laundry

Professionals of Laundry and Housekeeping Services

Housekeeping is the process of cleaning your home or office. It involves removal of dirt and grime in a house. To numerous people this can be very tiring. This is on account that it is tedious and devours much time. The most prime highlights of the industry of hospitality are the housekeeping obligations. Housekeeping organizations have ended up being greatly outstanding and being demanded everywhere all through the world. The hospitality business incredibly rely upon housekeeping administrations for smooth working of their business. The housekeeping commitments consolidate dreary activities, for instance, washing dishes, vacuuming, making beds, scouring floors, clearing and cleaning. Housekeeping is imperative as it helps in keeping up cleanliness levels at lodgings, homes, and workplaces.

Due to the increased demand of housekeeping services the providers have developed new ideas of cleaning. Firms that offer this cleaning services for you are referred to as housekeeping providers. Housekeeping services are vital for the success and advancement of places like resorts, travel vessels, and lodgings. To accomplish the achievement and the improvement of their business they employ the housekeeping services providers to fulfill the necessities of their clients.It is to a great degree difficult to get the best quality housekeeping services from the expert associations. There are many housekeeping service providers going from adjacent providers to expanded associations. There are a few things you should mull over while enlisting a housekeeping specialist company.The following are things to consider when employing a housekeeping service.

It is crucial to consider if the cleaner is insured. This is basic since the security may accept obligation of threats, for instance, theft and accidents. To do some individual confirmation of the association is also considerable.Background check ensures safety of your belongings. You can likewise request their permit.You should also consider deciding the areas to be cleaned. It is fundamental to know your cleaning organizations needs before enrolling a provider.Get referrals from friends and relatives for the best cleaning services. The referrals can get you a dependable housekeeping expert association.You should also consider the cost of various services by the providers. It is preferable to Get one that is affordable.

The best convenient methods of having your laundry done by professionals is the wash and fold laundry service. It is open everywhere. The principle favorable position of wash and fold laundry services is that it spares you time. A better than average laundry service consists both of drop off garments services and laundry delivery service.A decent clothing service will incorporate both a clothing conveyance benefit and a drop off clothing service. They manage any temperature necessities for your materials and moreover recognize the shading division of particular types of attire.With professional laundry service your garments are washed, dried and ironed and folded ready for wearing again.

Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Errands? This May Help

Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Errands? This May Help