Penske Corp. Chairman Roger Penske addresses the 2013 Automotive News World Congress’s Jason Rzucidlo was LIVE inside the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center for the 2013 Automotive News World Congress. In addition, you’ll see the presentation of the 17th Annual Polk Automotive Loyalty Awards. Also, watch for remarks from Roger Penske, Chairman of the Penske Corporation.


BSA Scout Series 1 1935 (9282)

BSA Scout Series 1 1935 (9282)

Manufacturer: Birmingham Small Arms Company (BSA), Birmingham – UK
Type: Scout Series 1
Engine: 1021cc 9HP (RAC) straight-4 water-cooled
Power: 26 bhp / 4.000 rpm
Speed: 105 km/h
Production time: 1935 – 1936
Production time: 1935 – 1940 (all Series 1-6)
Production outlet: unknown
Curb weight: 640 kg

– These sports cars were manufactured and sold by subsidiaries of BSA, launched at April 1935.
– The body is built on a channel section steel frame and the front suspension by 8 quarter elliptic springs, the rear by semi-elliptical springs with a single brake for the front wheels (part of the differential unit) and drum brakes at the rear operated by rods.
– The engine has a so called side-valve high-efficiency detachable head block, a large diameter two bearing crankshaft, short and free from whip, mounted on ball and roller journal bearings.
– The cylinder block and crankcase are in one casting, ensuring greater rigidity and perfect alignment.
– The silent timing gearbox – silent double-helical constant mesh gears – (three forward + 1 reverse) with wide cams on a large diameter camshaft driven from crankshaft by duplex chain.
– This two seater has front wheel drive.
– The multiplate clutch has two alloy discs with cork inserts, running in oil.
– The Scouts had a 6-Volt electric system with dynamo, electric starter, coil ignition and Lucas equipment lights (a five lamp set) with dip and switch control to the head lights.

Photo taken at the Elfsteden Oldtimer Rally 2014 (Eleven Cities Oldtimer Rally 2014) nearby Hindeloopen, Friesland – The Netherlands.

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12 Important Safety Features On Our Cars We Don’t Think About

Well ok, this is kind of a different subject, and probably not the most obvious to some. But I’ll guarantee some of us will be a little bit more informed, folks might even feel safer when they drive to work tomorrow. Whether you’re the consumer or an automotive sales consultant, this article will list a dozen important safety features found on every car on the road. The consumer can benefit knowing what’s on today’s automobiles, just in case he/she meets the salesman who is not the most educated on their product knowledge. And lastly, sales consultants can enhance their presentations with these tasty tid-bits and increase potential commissions. So without fail, here are the main safety features found on the exterior of those cars.

#1-crumple zones-A mainstay in today’s automobiles, this is the harmonic flow of numerous body panels and brackets that absorb the energy normally associated with a crash. Parts like the hood, bumper and fenders are engineered to crumple like an accordion, therefore taking the brunt in any accidental situations.

#2-Wraparound Headlights-Just like its name implies, it’s a one piece headlight design that integrates the low beam, high beam, and turn signals. The headlights wrap around from the front or back of the car to the sides. Not only are the halogen headlights brighter and wider with the use of reflective cuts in the chamber, but folks driving along our blind spots can easily know our lane changing intentions. As a result, causing less accidents.

#3-Breakaway Motor Mounts-These mounts attach the engine to the frame of the car. They’re not noticeable, but the life saving impact is huge. In a front impact collision, they’re specifically designed to break the engine away from the frame and with the forward motion, will make the engine slide underneath the car at a 45 degree angle. Making it less likely to have an engine sitting in your lap when the crash comes to a halt.

#4-steel belted radials-It’s pretty obvious, our tires are very important safety features, it is what keeps the car on the road. Tires are built with steel fibers built right in, how do they help? Well, motorists will have the peace of mind that their tires will hold up in even the most extreme conditions. Those belts will also give these tires a longer lasting life span. Less maintenance in the long run.

#5-ventilated disc brakes-Equally important as the tires are, disc brakes stop the car. Brakes are constructed of a rotor, pads, and calipers for short. The rotors are engineered with internal vanes, to help vent out the heat. And this will help defend against fade and making it less likely to repair the brakes often.

#6-Side Impact Door Beams-Like the crumple zones, this aids in absorbing energy in a side impact collision. They are steel intrusion beams built inside the door for extra reinforcement. Every car and truck have these.

#7-Laminated Windshield-This might be important, it is the very object that keeps bugs out of our …