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Lightning McQueen on the Truck! Spiderman Cars Cartoon for Kids with Nursery Rhymes Songs

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Lightning McQueen on the Truck

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Volkswagen Typ 183 Iltis 1981 (1170467)

Volkswagen Typ 183 Iltis 1981 (1170467)

Manufacturer: Volkswagen AG (VAG), Wolfsburg – Germany
Type: Typ 183 Iltis
Engine: 1714cc straight-4 water-cooled
Power: 75 bhp / 5.000 rpm
Speed: 130 km/h
Production time: 1978 – 1990
Production outlet: 9,547 total
Production outlet army forces: 8,800
Production outlet civil: 747
Curb weight: 1274 kg

– It’s designed by Volkswagen AGs subsidiary Audi to replace the DKW Munga.
– Germany, France and Italy had developed a plan to jointly build a road vehicle; the so-called "European Jeep". But that plan failed (1976).
– The Type 183 Iltis (German for Polecat) is a military terrain vehicle, initially built for the German Bundeswehr.
– It is an evolved (in a hurry) type 181 ("Kurierwagen"), witch technology heavily leaned on the Beetle (Typ 1) and the Kübelwagen (Typ 82) with fully galvanized body work, only one Solex carburetor and all wheel drive (front wheel drive is separately switchable).
– The front differential is integrated in the gearbox.
– The gearbox has four forward gears (later models five-speed) and one reverse gear, and an unsynchronized "off road gear" with a large reduction.
– The four-wheel drive system that Audi developed for this car was the base for the later quattro system on civilian cars of that brand.
– Remarkably, the vehicle employed for the Bundeswehr are equipped with a 24 volt system (2x12V series-connected).
– The batteries were placed under the rear seat and an interesting detail is that the cover of the battery as a kind of barrier for the engine compartmen could be used as a kind of barrier for the engine compartment, while driving trough (deep) waters (a cooling grille was mounted in there).
– The Iltis was partly built by Volkswagen and AUDI.
– After ceasing production at Volkswagen’s, production was sold to the Canadian Bombardier, with minor changes, increased in production under license to the Canadian Forces. Belgium assembled them using the components of the Canadian Iltis for their armed forces.
– In 1987, the German Bundeswehr demand for a diesel version of Iltis (880 units with a turbodieselmotor 1600cc / 70 bhp), so they ordered them in Belgium.

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