Autonomous Vehicles, Powdered Burger Meal, MCM First Cars and Auto News [UNICORN CIRCUIT EP2]

In this episode of The Unicorn Circuit it’s Just Cause 3, Martys first car, epic Fanking, powdered DIY burger meals and latest car news.

Marty and Moog discuss car news, weird stuff from the internet, fanking, random stories pulled from a hairy hat and eat strange snacks bought online. All the while showcasing their rubbish gaming skills.


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Great working condition

Great working condition

I am constantly amazed by the abilities of Cubans to keep old cars on the road. Since the late 50s there have been no American cars..only Russian. The parts must be improvised which they seem to do so well. They are very proud of their beauties..who wouldn’t be. At least I am..except for the LHS windshield.
Does anyone know the year this car would be? A little search seems to indicate 1940.

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How to Run an Auto Mechanic Business From Home

It is very easy to earn money especially for those that have the skills and knowledge. One basic skill that can make you become productive than you are now is the skill and knowledge about machines and automobiles. If you are skillful, have the training and knowledge for these things, then you might want to start learning about how to start your own small business from home that offers auto mechanic services.

With the increase in the demand for cars these days, it is no wonder why there are also lots of auto mechanic shops that have also become in demand. Since most people own cars nowadays, more auto mechanic services are also needed. This should be the perfect motivation for you to start your own auto mechanic shop.

A little knowledge about how to run a business from home that offers this type of service can really get you a long way. Besides the increase in the demand for this type of service, most people prefer home based businesses these days because they charge lesser fees and schedules are more flexible.

Starting an auto mechanic shop business from home is ideal for those that have the skills. It is better if you already have a degree in auto machinery or something like that. It will also be best if you have experience from previous jobs that you had. Besides being able to learn how to start your own small business from home, you must also be able to provide your clients the best service. This means that you must know what you are doing.

Another important thing to know is that this is a legitimate work from home business idea. You won’t have to deal with a lot of legalities in starting and running this business. It will be better of you are a licensed auto mechanic but most clients won’t really go into those kinds of detail.

You will just need to secure a business permit to operate since you will be setting up a shop at home and in a residential area. You can always ask your local authorities for any additional information that you are not sure about how to run a business from home like this.

Make a list of materials and equipments that you need. This includes basic garage tools which most homes already have. You can invest on advanced tools if you have capital but you can always make use of tools that you already have. Just invest on brand new ones if you already have money available.

The type of service that you offer to your clients is also important. You can either focus on a single service like car check up and fixing basic car troubles. If you have the skills and knowledge, you can go as far as the advanced services like customizing cars. These will all depend on how much you know and what you can actually do.

You will need to allocate a space at home as your …