A Luxury Apartment Close to the College

My husband applied for a job at Georgia Tech, and we were both extremely excited when he got it. It did mean we had to move from Maine to Georgia, but this was something I was eagerly looking forward to. I knew we did not have a lot of time to do this since they wanted him to start immediately. That is just one of the advantages of living in an apartment, because we didn’t have to deal with selling a house. I did a search for Midtown West apartments in Atlanta because I wanted to get the process started as quickly as possible.

I wanted to get an apartment that is close to his new job because neither one of us wanted him to have a long commute time. I was very fortunate in finding the 935M apartments on my first try. These are very chic apartments that are nicer than what I thought they would be.…

I Found a New Website That is Fun to Read

I like to learn new things. I like trivia, health tips, food ideas and scientific tidbits of information. Some of the stuff I use in daily life. Some of it is just knowing things to bring up in conversation. I pick up a lot of tips, tricks and trends at Infoboil. It is a really interesting website. It is a website that has panels to choose from that provides info on just about any subject. I saw one this morning about a vegetarian burger that looks like real meat. It is supposed to taste like meat too. Our current protein system is not really sustainable for the number of people on earth, so this could be a viable and tasty alternative.

There is a ton of information like that at the Infoboil website. I admit to spending a little too much time reading tips, tricks and trends at Infoboil. You know how you spend too much time on your social media pages and then feel like you just wasted a big chunk of time? Well, if you hang around reading stuff at Infoboil, you don’t feel like you wasted time. You actually learn stuff.…

Picking a Better Limo Company for a Fun, Clean and Comfortable Ride

You can use a party bus to get you and your group from one place to another such as going to a concert or game. However, you can also use one as a rolling party. You pick a route and your party is contained on the bus and just stays on the move. I would suggest you get the big bus from Diamond Party Bus in Toronto if you are going to do that. It is the one with the bathroom in it. You know that a bathroom is needed for any sort of party. The nice thing about a party bus is that when you rent one it comes with a professional driver, and it is cleaned to feel like you are the first customer to use it.

I have seen some limo companies that do not take excellent care of their fleet. You really need to rent from a place that takes pride in their fleet of limos whether the limo is a big sedan, SUV, stretch limo or a party bus.…

Making My Party Bus Dream a Reality

People take buses all the time. Some people use their smartphones while the riding on the bus. Other people read the newspaper. Other people take in the scenery and daydream. That’s what I love to do while I’m riding the bus. Last night on the way home from work, I found myself daydreaming about being on a party bus rather than the regular city bus. In my daydream, a stranger handed me a business card that had visite our party buses printed on it. I remember that phrase so vividly, because it reminded me of the way some words are spelled differently in Toronto.

My vision stuck with me when I got home. I immediately went online and started looking at party buses in the area.…

Get the Look You Want and Stop Worrying About the Rest

I am happy to have a pretty face. Seriously, I never take it for granted. I’m not being vain. I have smooth skin, a deep brown color to my eyes and good symmetry. Plus, I have great teeth. However, the girls in my family all have very short and thin eyelashes. And all of us have tried various things to get them to look longer and fuller. I have tried every mascara and even tried false eyelashes. I heard about how I could buy Careprost online and how it helps to grow longer and thicker eyelashes.

When you first started to read this, I imagine you might have thought me to be a bit arrogant saying I have a pretty face. Then you saw I have an issue with my looks that troubles me. I say that to point out that I think that all of us girls have things we like and do not like about our looks.…

Started to Look for a House

I have decided that I am going to look for a house, but of necessity it would have to be a small one. Of course this makes a good bit of sense for me, since I could get up the down payment for a small house, especially if it was not in perfect shape. At any rate I realize that this is not that simple of a process and I wonder whether or not you need to enlist the services of a realtor for Denver to make it simpler. Obviously that is going to cost you some money, but if someone really knows what they are doing that is going to make the whole thing a lot easier and in theory they might save you a bit of money. In fact you know that they are going to want to come out of the process with a profit, this is America and we believe in Capitalism with a big C.

At any rate I have decided that renting is just a big waste of money. All of the apartments I see on the market are wildly overpriced to start with.…

Bugatti Greenwich & Miller Motorcars – Supercar Gathering – Bugatti Chiron Debut

Bugatti Greenwich, a division of Miller Motorcars held an exclusive supercar gathering to debut the highly anticipated Bugatti Chiron. In attendance were Bugatti Veyron Chassis 001 as well as three other Veyron 16.4 coupes. Additionally three Porsche 918’s, Ferrari LaFerrari, Ferrari F40, three Pagani Huayra’s, two McLaren’s P1, RUF CTR3, Lamborghini Aventador SV’s and many other special cars made an appearance. Bugatti Greenwich was the top service center for Bugatti worldwide in 2014 & 2015 and is privileged to be a Bugatti Service Partner of Excellence, one of 5 locations around the world.


Motorcar Painting No.8 Remote Controlled Cars

Motorcar Painting No.8 Remote Controlled Cars

A painting produced by only using remote controlled cars with tools attached and without seeing what they was creating. Again created using a strict system of random decisions regarding number of layers, tools, colours etc. Visit my website at www.markchadwick.co.uk or follow me on twitter at www.twitter.com/markchadwickart. Thanks for viewing!

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Scrap Mechanic est un jeu de construction qui vous propose de créer vos véhicules et machines avec comme intérêt principal des mécanismes à base de rotation !

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MG MGB GT Coupé 1969 (7907)

MG MGB GT Coupé 1969 (7907)

Manufacturer: MG Car Company Limited, Abingdon-on-Thames – United Kingdom
Type: MGB GT Mark II Coupé
Production time: mid-year 1967 – mid-year 1969
Production outlet: 15,128 (1967-1971)
Engine: 1799cc straight-4 BMC Austin B-series 1.8-litre OHV pushrod
Power: 95 bhp / 5.400 rpm
Torque: 150 Nm / 3.000 rpm
Drivetrain: rear wheels
Speed: 169 km/h
Curb weight: 1062 kg
Wheelbase: 91 inch
Chassis: all-steel unibody
Steering: cam gears rack-and-pinion
Gearbox: four-speed manual / II, III and IV synchronized / floor shift
Clutch: hydraulic Borg und Beck 8 inch single dry plate disc
Carburettor: twin SU HS4 (1.5-inch / 38-mm)
Fuel tank: 55 liter
Electric system: 12 Volts (two 6-volt batteries) 60 Ah
Ignition system: distributor and coil
Brakes front: Lockheed hydraulic 10.8 inch discs
Brakes rear: Lockheed hydraulic 10 inch drums
Suspension front: independent trapezoidal triangle cross-bar, cross braces, sway bar, coil springs + integrated Armstrong piston shock absorbers
Suspension rear: beam axle, curve stabilizer, longitudinal semi-elliptic leaf springs + Armstrong-piston shock absorbers
Rear axle: live
Differential: hypoid 3.909:1
Wheels: 4Jx14 steel discs
Tires: 5.60 – 14 Pirelli Cinturato (CA67) cross-ply
Options: Laycock-de Normanville electrically engaged overdrive gearboxes operational in third and fourth gears (by a toggle switch located on the dashboard), five-speed manual gearbox, Borg Warner BW 35 three-speed automatic transmission, heater, 4½Jx14 wire wheels

– There is some debate over when MG started. The company itself stated it to be 1924, although the first cars bore both Morris and MG badges and a reference to MG with the octagon badge appears in an Oxford newspaper from November 1923. Others dispute this and believe that MG only properly began trading in 1925.
– The first cars which were rebodied Morris models using coachwork from Carbodies of Coventry and were built in premises in Alfred Lane, Oxford but demand soon caused a move to larger premises in Bainton Road in September 1925 sharing space with the Morris radiator works. Continuing expansion meant another move in 1927 to a separate factory in Edmund Road, Cowley, Oxford, near the main Morris factory and for the first time it was possible to include a production line. In 1928 the company had become large enough to warrant an identity separate from the original Morris Garages and the M.G. Car Company Limited was established in March of that year and in October for the first time a stand was taken at the London Motor Show. Space again soon ran out and a search for a permanent home led to the lease of part an old leather factory in Abingdon, Oxfordshire in 1929, gradually taking over more space until production ended there in 1980.
– Originally owned personally by William Morris, the company was sold to Morris Motors (itself part of the Nuffield Organisation) in 1935. MG was absorbed into the British Motor Corporation in 1952, and latterly British Leyland (BL) in 1968. Under BMC, several MG models were no more than badge-engineered versions of other marques, with the main exception being the small MG sports cars.…

Visiting London’s Best Car Dealerships

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